1. A

    Brake wear sensors

    Evaning all, i am about to replace my pads, disks and wear sensors but have ran into a problem. On some of the popular car part sites i can't seem to find rear brake pad wear sensors. Is this becans the sensor is universal and fits into front and rear or can anyone give me a heads up were to...
  2. B

    Engine oil level, switch off engine

    Hi, I’ve seen a few people on here with this problem, the red warning saying “engine oil level switch off engine” I’ve replaced oil level sensor and it’s still coming up , does anybody know if the voltage for this sensor is 5v or 12v
  3. A

    Boot badge doesnt fit flush with body

    Evening lads and ladies, just bought a gloss black merc back badge to swap out the chrome one and when I stick it in it doesn't curve with the natural curvature of the car. You cant tell fron a distance but I know the first thing the lads are going to do at work it see its hanging and rip it...
  4. N

    The reliability of the A180 2015

    hi guys, I am looking to buy a: Mercedes A180, Manual, 2015, Diesel, 66,112 miles. I am wondering about the reliability of these models for that year. In a article: https://www.whatcar.com/mercedes-benz/a-class/hatchback/used-review/n965/advice, the 2015 models are known for camshaft failures...
  5. P

    A180 CDI 1.5 gear box electrical plate semi auto

    Hi everyone I'm new to this and I've been having some issues with my car changing gears. I've taken it somewhere to be checked over and theyve said I need a new gearbox electrical/conductor plate and it's to be re-coded. Theyve priced it at around £1600 which is fine but I was wondering if...
  6. A

    Android Auto stopped working

    I've recently bought a 2017 A180 and that has smart phone integration. When I first got the car, I connected my phone and the car spotted it and I linked it with Android Auto. However, since that day - only around 3 days ago - I can't get Android Auto to work; I can't see any options for that or...
  7. G

    A180 CDI Alternator causing Transmission problems?

    I have an A180 CDI Avantgarde 2005 (automatic). Have been driving it for 1 1/2 months without any problems. Last weekend I got the alternator error on the dashboard and drove it to the local garage. It appears now that the car won't move at all as there is a transmission problem. Can an...
  8. M

    Navigation Module Not Compatible

    so i have a Mercedes A180 had around 8 months now sat nav has always worked fine until this morning it comes up saying module not connected so i took the module out replaced turned it off and on these kind of things and its tried to load a few times but still results back to not connected it has...
  9. I

    2013 A180 Fan belt or Chain? Which oil?

    I've recently bought a 2013 Mercedes A180 Diesel and I wanna know if it has a timing belt or Chain? And which oil would it take for the engine? Thanks!
  10. R


    I recently went in to my local MB dealership to look in to getting a new A180 Sport model. The salesman who got me a deal up was great and sorted me out a good offer. However I have a question about the special equipment listed on the customer vehicle order, And since the man from my local...
  11. D

    A Class/Ipod Touch

    Hi guys New to this and have just bought a 2015 A180 AMG Line D 1.5, which I love, but Im trying to connect my iPod touch via my iPod cable into the USB port in the centre armrest and cant get it to work. Its an old, original iPod touch and when I plug it in it begins charging but the media...
  12. P

    A180 AMG air vents

    Hi forum, I'm new here (hello) so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I am thinking about purchasing some red air vent inserts for the A180, match the red trim/seat belts etc, but I'm not sure how easy they will be to fit. Has anyone tried them? (Did you like them?) Does anyone...
  13. S

    new service costs. ouch!

    I have just been quoted 503 pounds for my first major service on my (low mileage, 14800 miles) A180 diesel which is just coming up to two years old. This is my second mb so I was aware that service charges were above normal but half a grand seems to be taking the bisquit! This is the cheapest...
  14. Dasauto

    A180 front wiper stop/start problem

    Hi, I have a A180 2006 which seems to have dodgy front window wipers. (fuses checked all ok) I've done a bit of internet research and it seems that proper attachment of the wiper arm to the spline stub if critical, and they do look a bit wonky when in the "rest/off" position. (see attached...
  15. T

    Squeal from A180 right front wheel

    Hi, please help as the MB main dealer said they couldn't hear the very loud squeal/whine from right front wheel! It happens when first setting off from cold, and usually after turning a corner. It's my Husband's car, so I don't know which way he turns lol. After strong braking, the noise...

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