central locking

  1. J

    New Member HELP on CL55 2001

    Car was fine when picked up in February, everything was working on the journey home. Have had it parked up for 4 months, the battery went flat from not being used. Put a new battery on yesterday 1/6/20 and have now lost, radiator fan, central locking, key chip not recognised, no movement on...
  2. Anthony Salvatore

    Mercedes CLC 180k RF ariel / Central locking issue

    Hi all, I've seen similar threads where people have their rear window tinted & they eventually lose the ability to lock their car via RF, I have had the issue for several months now, I first checked the fuse 8 I think it was which was fine, changed the batteries on the key which didn't help...
  3. A

    W203 C220 cdi coupe central locking

    Hi all, I am wondering if there is any way of getting around the irksome job of replacing antenna modulator ( located in the subframe of the tailgate, where the glass HAS to be removed to get at it.) I've looked at second hand tailgate, but, they have no guarantees, plus, need respray to match...
  4. A

    Remote key.

    Hi all, right, I have replaced batteries several times now. Stripped down the circuit board in the key fob cleaned, and rebuilt. It only unlocks, if I hold end right over sensor in drivers door handle. A neighbours friend did a test, and apparently, my key is constantly transmitting, hence...
  5. D

    Storage compartments back and centre and central locking not working

    Hi, Just wondering if there’s anyone has had this problem with any SL’s ? I can only get into my car with the key, same for unlocking the boot. The lights flash when I depress the key for lock and unlock but nothing happens? Saw on-line about fuses in the storage compartment in the rear...
  6. M

    Central locking/key fob fault

    Good morning, I have just purchased my first Mercedes. A 2004 w211 320cdi estate, it has some issues. 1. Key fobs do not lock/unlock car. 2. Interior courtesy lights do not operate automatically but do manually. 3. Fuel gauge doesn't work. Other than that it's a pleasure to drive. Any advice...
  7. T

    C200 central locking

    Hi All, when using remote, the drivers door fails to lock and unlock, yet the other three door locks function properly. When inside the car opening the drivers door using the interior door release handle, when all doors are locked opens the drivers door and unlocks the other three. I don't have...
  8. JensH

    W124 E280T ('95): Central Locking / Infrared

    Hi all, I've done nearly 55k largely untroubled miles in my '95 (facelift) E-Class having brought it into 100% working order, after buying it in Autumn 2013 - it's now at 185k miles all-in. No real trouble at all over the last couple of years, apart from having to replace a duff after-market...
  9. C A R S E

    R230 (2003) RF Central Locking + Keyless Issue

    Hi, Hope someone can give me some needed help, please :( Symtoms: Keyless Entry/Start (KG) NOT Working - 'Key Not Recognised' appears on dashboard Remote Locking (RF) NOT Working - Cannot Lock/Unlock car at any distance Infrared Locking (IR) is Working, I am able to Lock/Unlock the car if I...
  10. B

    Mercedes v230 98 central locking/ alarm

    Hi all, I have brought a 1998 v230 and have been restoring to get her back on the road, i have done alot of work on her and im nearly ready to put in for MOT. I am having a lot of trouble trying work out whats going on with the alarm/central locking. When i first unlock the van the for the...
  11. M

    ML 320 99 W163 central locking

    Hi, I have a Mercedes ML320 W263 year 99 model. The central locking is not working remotely via the key fob and the central locking only lock and unlock the drivers door, if I need to lock all the doors I have to push the button on the centre console which locks all the doors, then lock the...
  12. zedmeister

    R230 SL55 central locking radio receiver amplifier

    Hi I've just got myself a SL55. One small problem is that the key only locks and unlocks the car when it is close to the handles using IR. MBS Southampton have said that the key is transmitting radio but the receiver amplifier on the car needs changing. Any idea where that is and the part...
  13. MackScania

    C209 CLK Machine Gun Passenger Door Lock

    Hi Everyone, I've had the car for just over a weeks. It's a 2002 CLK270 Avantgarde - I was aware of the issue when I bought the car. I'm unsure if my issue is a common problem but I hope someone has had the same issue previously and may be able to steer me in the right direction. When the...
  14. 0

    Central Locking 230 800 00 48

    I am looking for the central locking unit for my SL350 The part number is 230 800 00 48 Any help appreciated.
  15. C

    SLK230 R170 Alarm and CL problem

    I left the SLK to stand for about a year, when I came back and charged the car up, I noticed that the indicators continually flashed until I put the key on the ignition and turned to position 2 Everything work fine when the car was put away, stored in a dry garage. Opened up the alarm...
  16. T

    W124 E200 1995 failed central locking and windows query

    Hi all, posted the query in the intro section but adding it here in case anyone with w124 experience sees it. On the above car the central locking and windows suddenly went - started with windows randomly winding themselves down when parked; it has ended with no central locking working, windows...
  17. T

    Hi from London and Bristol. W124 electrics query.

    Hi all, been signed up for a while and trying to educate myself about my car. W124 1995 E200, all running fairly smoothly, 170k, quite a bit thirstier than my previous E220 unfortunately but that's not the priority issue. The central locking and window electrics have suddenly gone nuts: started...
  18. TechnoWhizz

    Central Locking ML500 W163 2003

    Hi Everyone. I have a recently developed fault which I hope you can help with. When trying to lock the ML, or when the ML tries to safety lock the doors when moving off, all the doors lock successfully except the drivers door. It seems to try and lock, then unlock, retry, unlock then stop...
  19. R

    W124 Doors re-lock themselves

    My 1996 E320 Cabriolet has developed an issue where, having unlocked the doors with either the remote or key, the doors re-lock themselves after a short period. My local independent has checked the vacuum pump and hoses and can't find a leak. I'm wondering if a faulty door/boot/fuel cap...
  20. D

    C200 57 Plate unable to start

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping there are people on here who have an idea on the current issues I'm having with my C200 Coupe. The problem (or problems!) have been ongoing for a while. The first issue was that on occasion the car would appear to be empty of fuel and the central locking and...

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