1. L

    Sudden drop in MPG

    Hi everyone. First time posting as I’ve recently bought a 2020 CLA 220d. I’ve noticed a few times that when I’m driving the MPG will just suddenly tank. It’ll drop from 60-65 on the motorway to about 30. I’ve also noticed that during these times, the fuel consumption meter won’t read ‘charging’...
  2. M

    CLA Rattle

    Hi all anew member as I have just purchased a CLA 200 2016 AMG line from an Approved Mercedes Garage. Since getting the car home I can hear a rattle from the passenger side window is open and traveling 30mph or below on certain road surfaces (not rough but say something that has a new surface...
  3. X

    2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d Noise When Accelerating

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d has 30k miles on it and iv just noticed that when I accelerate more than normal such as putting my foot down to the floor or maybe 75% the car makes a noise similar to that of having a small hole in the exhaust but if I dont accelerate...
  4. H

    Tyre Wear and Handling Question (CLA220d 2018 ShootingBreak)

    Hello, CLA220d AMG PLUS Night (68) I've had my vehicle for over a year now, still factory Tyres but my nearside front (over 20k miles). My offside front Tyre seems to be scrubbing the outer shoulder bald, there is still quite a bit of meat left on the rest of the tyre (see images). I did...
  5. A

    Mercedes CLA, 2013 W117 Push Start Button

    Guys/girls I have a Mercedes CLA 2013, it didn’t come with a push start button, however does have the feature as far as I can tell, I ordered one online but doesn’t seem to work, is there a specific button for the exact model of car that would would as an aftermarket
  6. S

    Eco 0n CLA 250 Start-Stop rarely works

    I have a 2015 250 CLA AMG Line and I have noticed that my Eco Stop Start rarely works. Now I know I do not drive very far every day but when I first got the car it worked on 90% of my journeys even my short ones. Now even after a 100 mile journey it does not always work. Wondering if the...
  7. M

    Sat Nav SD card CLA 220

    I’m am currently buying a 2015 CLA 220 AMG and when test driving I noticed the sat nav SD card is missing. Can anyone tell me where to get one on the cheap with the latest update rather than going to Mercedes themselves which costs a lot more. I am in the UK. Thanks.
  8. cheesyboofs

    CLA Warranty Exhaust Repair Hell

    Hi Chaps, I'm after some advice for those more experienced with Mercedez than me. My automatic CLA still under warranty, would randomly not change gear after just over an hours worth of driving. Basically if you pull out at a junction or roundabout it would rev to 3000rpm in 1st then...
  9. C

    CLA Shooting Brake or C Class Saloon

    So I got invited down to a 'VIP' sales event at my local MB dealership recently. Whilst I've had my eye on a few newer models recently, I had no real intentions of upgrading at this time, but thought I'd head down to the dealer anyway to get some early ideas for my next car. Big mistake...I now...
  10. M

    Possible Mercedes Arrival

    Hi Guys and Gals Bit of history about my cars. Had a couple of Porsches, BMW's, Impreza's, etc Only last week I received such a good cash offer on my 2015 Cayman GTS that it would have been foolish to turn down. I had been with the car from new, nearly 2 years and was ruminating about...
  11. M

    Changing factory order - reasonable expectations?

    Hi All, My first post - hopefully one of many - nice to meet you all. On May 5th I ordered a new CLA 220, with estimated delivery date of 25th July. After deliberating my chosen spec, I decided to change the wheels I'd selected - originally I ordered the upgraded black spoke ones (+£360)...
  12. G

    CLA disaster

    So i worked hard all year to be given a contract hire vehicle from work as a reward!!! I got a CLA 180 AMG Sport in white, fantastic car to drive, just the right amount of poke mixed with style and have driven around 1100 miles in total. On my way to work the car lost all engine power and...

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