1. W

    218 CLS coupe - remove rear seat back support, requesting help please

    Hi All, Long time lurker on here. I'm hoping a generous and kind member here with WIS would be able to share the relevant pages for removing the rear seat back cushion. Car is a 2014 CLS350 diesel coupe, facelift, without the optional split-folding seats. I have found how to remove the rear seat...
  2. Lallyrs

    CLS AMG63s 2018 Air-conditioning Compressor Replacement

    Hi, has anyone experience of issues with the Air-conditioning on CLS AMG63s 2015 model? The garage serviced it and refilled the gas as there was no gas, but its still not working. They say that it could be a faulty Compressor and a genuine replacement part is £750.00. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. AEZ Panama advert jpeg.jpg

    AEZ Panama advert jpeg.jpg

    AEZ Wheels Panama advert with the CLS
  4. D

    Seeking CLS350 (C219) buying advice

    I'm new to the forum and looking to buy my first MB – a petrol CLS350, ideally a facelift model. Budget dictates that it will probably not be any newer than 2008, so what should I look for (good/bad)? There don't seem to be that many around, so I realise I can't be too choosy - however, any...
  5. A

    Won't start when warm 2014 CLS250 CDI

    Hi, My CLS started to have issues starting when warm so after searching I went with the most common fault and replaced the CPS. Car started after this but the next day the car won't start at all. (Cranks but no start). So I was going to move on and try replacing the fuel pump relay but when I...
  6. K

    W219 facelift vs w221 facelift 5.4 V8

    Hi all , I am new to the forum. First thing is first , little background. I had CLK 270cdi , which I sold due to London ULEZ. Then bought another brand which turned to be not reliable . Now I am at a point where I am about to go back to beloved MB . Within my budget I am split between buying...
  7. S

    CLS quandary Facelift 350cdi grand edition or 2005 500amg

    I'm looking at getting a w219 CLS. I've got 2 in mind at the moment. A 350cdi grand edition or a 2005 500AMG. Both are similar mileage but the 500 has air suspension and a V8 and is £2500 cheaper than the 350 which is obviously newer and the facelift model. Is the 350 worth an extra £2500 or...
  8. s5tuart

    CLS 400 Shooting Brake

    I think I may be fishing in a dead river! I’ve finally decided what I’d like to buy once my flat has sold but I’m wondering if I’ve overreached I’d like a 2015 on model (facelift?)but I would really like the following; Premium Plus (If that’s an option) Distronic Airmatic Sunroof (or Pano if...
  9. s5tuart

    I’ve made a decision

    It’s definitely the CLS Shooting Brake I want. However, I’ve also decided that used car prices are going to fall due to the lockdown etc., so in the meantime I’ll be doing all the research I can. I’m also in the process of selling an apartment so the profit from that will ease the paying for...
  10. G

    MB CLS350d 2019 Park Assist Inoperative being erratic.

    Hi there, Looking for some understanding of how the park assist system starts to work. I have noticed it being extremely erratic in my case: sometimes after driving for a bit, and upon slowing down, the park assist option pops-up and the car parks itself perfectly. However, sometimes the park...
  11. J

    W219 CLS 320 CDI Errors / Warnings / Problems

    Hi guys recently bought a faulty w219 that wouldnt start. Diagnosed it as the crank sensor, popped the new one in and it fired straight up. The car hadnt been driven for months before I bought it, todays the first day i got chance to take it on a quick test drive. After the first couple of...
  12. S

    Which CLS have Ambient Lighting

    My question is which Merceds CLS models have the ambient lighting in them or is it an extra option in all of the models. For example the CLS220 2014 is it an option or not even an option as I might get that car but without ambient lighting I won't get it.
  13. Daniel Sadjadian

    Left Daytime Running Light not working - CLS63 W218 2013

    Hi, I turned on my Mercedes this morning and noticed that a message appeared on the driver dashboard: "Check front left daytime running light". So I got out of the car, had a look and saw saw that only the right side was on. Does anyone know how I can replace the light myself (preferably...
  14. 6

    C219 CLS headlamps changing the bulbs

    I have a 2009 CLS with OE HID. I'd like to change the D2S bulbs. I've taken a look, got the large cap off, but haven't worked out how it's supposed to come out. Any one offer any hints ? Any online guides ? I've looked at the usual places etc. Do the headlight housing need to be removed ?
  15. MaxPallas

    Ex SAAB enthusiast now hoping to enjoy my new CLS just as much

    I had a SAAB 9-5 Aero estate for 12 years, great car to drive, incredible performance in its manual guise, but age took its toll, after almost 200,000 miles it was time for a change, but what will fit the bill? No more SAAB, so I'll "upgrade" I hope that is the correct term without insulting...
  16. T


    Hi all The other day I was traveling along a motorway when I realised I had no turbo power. I had to reduce speed to pass a toll plaza and it took ages to get back up to speed gearing up at low revs, iif I accelerate it would not kick down and engine didn't rev, but once up to speed it was ok...
  17. J

    Where can i fix the reverse camera for CLS

    Hi, Is anyone can recommend me where to fix the reverse camera for CLS 2010 model? My budget is less than £200. I stay near Shoreditch, London. Thanks in advance.
  18. G

    Owning CLS W219

    Hello everyone Just wanted to ask you for your experience and opinion about owning CLS W219. I own 320CDi 2006 75k millage for last 3 years and are at the point when I find myself with two options. First make a long term commitment and stay with a car (as i love the look and can forgive...
  19. N

    Buying CLS 2011 -2014

    We are looking seriously into buying a CLS 350 CDI 2011-14. This is my first car purchase in 10 years following living in cities and no need for a car full time we tended to rent one when we needed it. We love the look of the CLS and think as a younger couple we can live with 4 seats yet...
  20. B

    CLS Airmatic issue - advice please

    Hi All, I have a 2006 320cdi with airmatic, has had the front suspension refreshed about 3000 miles ago, last night the drivers front suspension went down....i started the car and it lifted as normal. Drove about 100 feet and the red "car too low warning" flashed up. Its completely down now...

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