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    Can seat belt sensor fault cause starting problems ?

    My A180 has been giving me intermittent starting/cutting out problems for some weeks now and the MB garage is unable to pinpoint the fault. I now find that a friend attempted to fix a jammed rear seat belt buckle and replaced the fixed part of the mechanism between the rear seat squabs. I had...
  2. E

    Hi, I'm new and need HELP!!

    Hi, I have just signed up to this because I have recently occurred a problem with my 1994 Mercedes E300 Diesel Estate. My problem... My car is a 4 gear auto with the option to select 2nd gear and 3rd gear. Randomly one day the car cut out and lost all power. All the dashboard lights...
  3. C


    Hi everyone I'm new here so can anyone help me I have a clc 220 cdi sport and it cuts out whilst I'm driving and even when it's standing also sometimes when I turn the ignition on it seems to switch on and off like someone's turning the key off and on anyone had this problem or have any idea ...
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    C180 1998 Cutting out .. can you help?

    Hi I am new to the forum and look forward to hearing from you all! Can anyone help. My wife's C180 Auto 1998 has developed a strange problem. It has started cutting out while driving after about 30 min or so. It is running slightly hot but not overheating. The car engine stops and when you...
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    2007 (57) Mercedes Benz C220 CDI SPORT AUTO

    HI Guys looking for some advice! My car has been playing up for a while now, symptoms, keeps cutting out After taking it to a Mercedes dealer the first time they changed the fuel temp sensor costing me £380, drove it out the garage and within a day the same symptoms returned! Took it...
  6. D

    Mercedes 190E cuts out and won't restart

    When driving normally the engine can abruptly cut out. The dash warning lights come on. The engine cannot be restarted immediately, but after standing for 10 minutes or so, it will restart and then drives normally. The interval between these incidents may be weeks. Can happen at any...
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    C250 Engine cutting out

    I have had a problem with my S reg C250 cutting out while driving, all speeds towing and not towing, then not restarting. After about 2 hours or just when the recovery people are on their way hey presto it starts !!! Royal PITA !! Also had problems trying to start it from cold but not with it...
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    R107 300SL Engine cutting out

    Any assistance would be useful - my 1987 300 SL has recently started to cut out after a period once the engine has warmed up. It starts up again but then the frequency of it cutting out increases to the point that it is not driveable. At first the concensus was that it was dampness in the...
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    Engine Keeps Cutting out

    I have a Mercedes V Class 220i. I have a major problem with it. While I am driving it cuts out, there is no regular pattern to this happening, it does it when it feels like it. When it happens the EDC light comes on the dash, no engine management light comes on. You wait 30 - 60 seconds and it...
  10. S

    1993 300sl cutting out ?

    Hi i have a 1993 300sl 24v which i have owned for 4 years, i only do 100 miles a year so not much use. in the last six months when i start the car it runs perfectly for 5-10 minutes and then cuts out and will not start again until it has cooled down. There is fuel getting through and a spark...

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