1. H

    Looking to buy S211 Estate, E280 or upwards, Full Beige Interior

    Hi I rencently sold my s211 e200 estate and want to replace it with one with a bigger engine and full beige interior. E280 or upwards, ideally E320, petrol or diesel is fine, but I am quite insistent on a full beige leather interior, not black or grey. If anyone has one they might want to...
  2. P

    Concerning issues with 2019 e-class just bought yesterday

    Hi all Hoping for some advice about the wife's new car. She just bought a 2019 e-Class from a dealer yesterday, it was a couple of hours of almost entirely motorway driving home and all seemed fine. But yesterday evening and today we've been driving around town and started to notice some...
  3. PaulG

    E-Class E320 3.2 - advice and opinions welcomed

    Hi I'm going to have a look at a 2003 E-Class E320 Elegance (petrol) for sale this weekend. I was wondering if any owners have advice on what to look out for as I am new to Mercedes. Much appreciated.
  4. R

    Questions before buying V8 and choosing model - W212 / C218

    Hello, I am currently driving a 100 horsepower diesel of another brand and I want to feel a little alive, time passes, life goes on, I will soon turn 30 and I want a little more emotion and pleasure from my car. I have driven several different Mercedes models (190, 124, ML, CLS, CL, R, E, S) I...
  5. Janchee

    S213 Alarm Siren E-class

    Car is in at Mercedes today and they've rung to say the Alarm siren has come up faulty on the system. They've also 'tested' it and it didn't sound... Quoted a crazy 383.70 to replace it. Anyone saw this part go on the model before? Also had another door LED fail. :( (6th LED to fail on the car...
  6. Janchee

    E-class pan roof glue?

    All, Can members please advise on some glue to re-attach the seal that has come lose. Thanks in adv, Jan
  7. Andymerc UFO

    Self Levelling air suspension problems

    Can anyone help me diagnose a problem with my self levelling suspension on my s211? The rear drivers side had dropped this evening and when i started and drove the car a short distance i could hear the compressor working away periodically. Then when i stopped the car to check ride height i...
  8. M

    2018 E-class AMG Estate advice needed

    So, I'd planned to replace my Skoda Octavia estate DSG with something a little bit more flash and had originally planned on getting a 5 Series Touring. After a significant mess about by one BMW dealer, when a deal that proved to be too good to be true - proved to be just that - I decided to look...
  9. S

    Eclass e300 bluetech hybrid 2013 fuse box diagram chart

    hey there im new to this place i recently got my Mercedes and replaced a few fuses in it already i was wondering if someone can help me with a fuse diagram chart that tells you where all the fuses go and what number they are my car is Eclass Mercedes e300 bluetech hybrid 2013 S212 model many thanks
  10. SmoothBall

    Between Front Seats Storage Bin Handles

    Hi, In a 2003 W211, the storage bin between the two front seats has two trim-coloured 'handles', one that open the upper storage bin and one that opens lower. Mine have broken—the little plastic tabs underneath that holds them onto the lock mechanism have broken off. Exterior colour: 693...
  11. F

    Correct wheel nuts - 2002 E-Class

    Hello, Could anyone tell me: what the correct wheel nuts are for my car (52-reg 320 Diesel estate; 235/45 R17, 8J x 17) I don't seem to be able to find ones with the right length; most offered on, for example, E-Bay mention a thread length of 20mm or so but mine are about twice as long In...
  12. G

    Quick hello from Ireland

    Hi folks, My name is Gary Just took the plunge last week and picked up a 2012 E250 diesel, Blue-Efficiency with the AMG pack My first expensive car purchase (all relative, I know) but I decided recently that I wasn't going back to motorbikes so this was my treat to myself. Loving the car...
  13. Alex240

    2008 E300 avantgarde S

    Hello MB owners. It's been a long time since I've dropped in, you know, life happens and all that. Anyway, I happen to be in Japan at the moment, have been for a while actually. So I'll get to the point. I'm considering buying this car :- http://s.kakaku.com/kuruma/used/item/13780059/ (if...
  14. M

    722.699 W211 E220 Automatic Transmission Comparison (2002 vs 2005)

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and I need your professional advice and feedback about replacing and fitting the automatic transmission and torque converter with flywheel from a 2005 W211 E220 (110 kW/150 Hp) CDi (please see picture) into my 2002 W211 E220 (110 kW/150 Hp) CDi. Please take...
  15. P

    E-Class - Last Factory orders? End May 2015?

    Hi All, I have had my eye on an E class ever since they put the same driver assistance pack as the S Class with the steer assist in 2013. So in early June 2015 I finally put an order in for one. E220 BlueTEC SE - Estate aka S212 360° camera - P44 Multi-contour seat for driver - 405...
  16. 5

    Approved User car Service interval

    Hello all, First post, so please be gentle! (- mods please move if in wrong place) To cut a long story short, dad bought a 2010 E250 about 6 months ago from MB dealer with the usual AU benefits. An 'A' service is now apparently due (according to OBC) and the stealer quoted £600 at...
  17. A

    W212 Seatbelt Failure

    I had a recent failure of front seatbelt inertia release - requiring complete replacement (apparently). Naturally this happened just before MOT was due. Has anyone else had a seatbelt failure on a 5 year old, low mileage car? It seems to me to be unusual to happen so early in the life of...
  18. E

    e-class to c-class and back again...

    I had a e-class estate for about 9 years until last year. I loved everything about it apart from, latterly, the rust, the fuel economy and the running costs. I turfed it in for an 08 c-class estate 220 sport. Lovely car, however I really miss the space in the old e-class. Also my parents aren't...
  19. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E350 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hello again guys, So right after the C350 CDI was completed and on its way the Mercedes E350 CDI pulled in for the GAD magic!!! This has exactly the same engine and management system as the C350 CDI from earlier however the software variation and Software update numbers are completely...
  20. E

    Hi guys! 2013 E-class saloon. 220CDI.

    Hi guys, I got my first Mercedes-Benz. It's actually for work purposes but hey. Its a 220CDI 2013 model (New shape). Only had it for a day. Loving every second of it so far; especially as I'm 23 so its a big achievement for me. Hope to gain a lot of Mercedes knowledge and German car...

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