1. shankar

    E350e Charging Issues

    Hi There, I have been driving my E350e for the past 5 days and noticed that the battery charge gets depleted very quickly when I drive on the ECO and Comfort modes. Eg. I charged the battery to 100% and then switched on the ignition on the ECO mode and within 30 mins the charge dropped to 80%...
  2. shankar

    E350e Home charging cable

    Hi There, I am a new owner to the E350e plugin hybrid club. The 3 pin charger is not long enough to each my car. Is there any extension I can buy to extend the charging cable or do I need to need to buy a new longer one? If yes, could someone point me to the right place pls?
  3. L

    Electrical Noise Feedback

    Hello, i'm getting a constant electrical noise coming from the driver side of my car,i thought it was the accelerator at first because it changes frequency when pressed but it also happens when stationary and in Park. Its been back in the garage i bought it from three times for various...
  4. J

    W203 Electrical Malfunctions

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone could advise on the following issue I'm having on my 03 C Class Coupe. Recently when starting the car I'll be presented with various electrical malfunctions such as SRS, ESP or Automatic light sensors on the dashboard. These will usually disappear after a few...
  5. S

    2004 CLK 200 Kompressor Horn Activates when Cornering!

    I've had my car for a couple of years now, and I love driving it. But about a year ago I started to get this issue where turning the wheel a certain amount activates the horn! Which I'm sure you can imagine makes for seriously anxious driving, not knowing when it will happen. At the time, I...
  6. C

    Active Brake Assist Limited Functions

    I’ve just bought a write off A-Class A160 AMG Line and it only has fairly light damage, however, the emergency braking radar looks knackered. Does anyone have any idea if I can just buy a new/second hand one and just plug it in and it’d work, or would it have to be programmed to the car. Cheers.
  7. A

    C350e sport hybrid query

    Hi, is it possible to "bank" the electric charge on a c350e sport hybrid, ie charge it, drive it, then put it on electric 100 miles later? My guess is that I can do this by changing the drive setting, e.g. to sport, then put it back to hybrid when I want to drive it on electric? Any advice...
  8. G

    Brake lights stay on when wet or cold??

    Sometimes my car brake lights stay on and won't go off. I've noticed this only happens when it's wet or cold. For example over summer it happened when I'd just washed my car, then was fine later that day. Now we're in November and it's wet and cold, I noticed when I got to work they were stuck...
  9. SmoothBall

    W211: Which Fuse For Boot Convenience Lights?

    Hi folks, The two convenience lights on either side of the boot on my W211 no longer come on when I open the boot. I suspect a blown fuse. Does anyone know which fuse protects that circuit? Is it located in the engine bay box, dashboard compartment or boot compartment? The other thing that...
  10. G

    Brake light wont go off. Switch replaced

    I posted about this previously. My brake light will sometimes stay on without the pedal being pressed. I've replaced the switch and the problem still persists. It's so odd. Sometimes it's fine, but then sometimes I'll turn on the engine and the brake light will be on. It will either go off when...
  11. T

    E300 Hybrid battery malfunction

    Good evening, First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place as I am very new to the forum. To cut things short, I have a Mercedes e300 hybrid bluetec. It's a 63 plate and I've had it for 4 months and 2 months out of those were brilliant. The problems started around 2 months ago. The...
  12. J

    Fitting C class seats

    Hi I have a Mercedes citan van, I intend on fitting some c class seats w204. I'm trying to work out the wiring using common sense. Yellow plug is for safety stuff like airbags and seat belt alarm etc. Thicker wires for heated seats, wires going to motors are obviously for the electric movement...
  13. M

    Hello and a Merc Electrical problem

    Hi there. Im a long term merc user thats never really had an issue with his car, a Merc C270 CDI Avantgarde with sports pack, 2003 (53) . Never posted on this forum or even visted much so I apologise in advance for jumping on asking for stuff! I have a major electrical issue as the car has...
  14. S

    Help to diagnose bizarre electrical faults

    Hi. I'm a new forum member and would really appreciate any help with an odd collection of intermittent electrical failures on my car. The car is a Feb 2008 W204 estate, C220 Diesel. This winter it has suddenly developed a fault on cold mornings, especially after being unused for a few days...
  15. C

    W203 Electrical Problems

    Hi All, Long time Lurker here, but now posting to ask about some electrical issues I've been having. On Friday evening, my rear indicators went off (just them, flashing as though the alarm was triggered), and I was unable to turn them off with my key fob, I had to open the driver's door...
  16. F

    Guess what these keys do?

    Guys, This may be one of the most remarkable questions asked on this forum but lets see the return. I have attached a picture of two key looking fobs that came with my Mercedes A class few years ago. I literally have no ****** idea of what these are? I welcome your suggestions.
  17. Wheel


    Hi folks, Sorry it's been a while since I posted here. I'm looking at a new car. I used to own a B160 (old shape) and it was a great little car. I sold it a year ago basically because I needed the money at the time. I know there aren't many fans of the B-Class on this forum, but I have a soft...
  18. SmoothBall

    W211 Cigarette Lighter Not Working

    Hi there, I have a 2003 W211. The cigarette lighter has recently stopped working. I suspect it's a fuse. I've checked the fuses in the boot, and they're all fine. User's manual says there's another fuse panel at the left end of the dashboard. Firstly, I'm wondering if that should be the...
  19. C

    CLS320 Diesel Auto Comfort windows issue

    Model: CLS320 Body: C219 (I think) Year: 2007 Transmission: Auto Hi Guys. Got a problem. A friend bought a CLS not so long ago. I suspected it had rear end damage, but he loved it so bought it. Immediately after buying it he had it serviced by mercedes. Over the past few months he noticed it...
  20. N

    W209 CLK 220CDI Remote window closure

    Hi, I just got a 2006 CLK220 CDI and have a small problem with the electrics. The side windows open remotely but for some reason don't close when locking the car. I press and hold the lock button without releasing but no joy. They work perfectly from the interior switches. I just replaced...

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