engine and gearbox

  1. S

    C350 2013 limp mode no engine lights, no boost/turbo

    Hi, I’ve got a 2013 Mercedes c350, when I bought it it was already remapped. The problem I have is when I go on motorway drives, after about 30 mins it goes into a limp mode, but no engine lights come up, i feel as though it has cut the turbo out as the mpg and the boost decreases, i can still...
  2. T

    W123 2.8 swap to 2.0

    Hey there! I currently drive a w124 200D auto (first car) which I’ve had for a year, I do thoroughly enjoy the car, but can’t help lusting over a dream w123 car I have wanted since I was a child. My issue is this - where I am located, it is near impossible to find any w123’s under 2.5 and 2.8...
  3. J

    engine light

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. My car is a 2001 CLK 230 kompressor. About 3 months ago the engine light came on but I kept driving the car until one day I noticed a loss of power, I restarted the car and the problem went away but I felt we should get it checked out so I took it to...
  4. P

    E250 Coupe 2010 W207 no kickdown power

    Hi yesterday i noticed that the step-down power increase was not working & also used the paddle change option to drop a gear without the usual increase or turbo kick as i'm used to & expect. The car accelerates smoothly still & there are no warning lights on the dashboard. I tried the auto...
  5. B

    W203 Engine Rattle at Idle

    Hi All, This is my first post, so not sure where to post it. I have a 2006 W203 CDI. Yesterday I noticed that when I come to a stop the engine seems to be vibrating much harder than usual, causing a buzzing/rattling sound inside the car. It sounds much like the engine is shaking and rubbing...
  6. M

    W204 2011 OM651 Engine Mounts Question

    Hey Guys, I got all brand new engine mounts and gearbox mount from my dealer. I was reading over WIS document explaining the whole procedure of what needs to be taken out etc. It looks like there is a lot to do it. You have to unbolt alternator and also A/C compressor and also document is...
  7. T

    V280 Ambient won't select drive.

    Hello Folks. I'm in Belfast with my automatic ambient that I can't improve on. It's a can during the week and a Granda car at weekends. The story. It stuck in 3rd gear. I replaced the valve body and refilled with oil. Now it won't select drive. It will move through the gears to 3rd smoothly...
  8. D

    E220 CDI 220k FMBSH 2014

    Considering going to look at this car, it is very reasonably priced, interior looks in excellent condition. Would it be crazy to buy this car with such mileage? I do around 12k per year. Daily trip to work is around 15miles each way, 20 min mostly dual carriageway. How much more mileage can I...
  9. I

    Practical maintenance manuals

    I am looking for a practical maintenance manual for a Mercedes S 320 cdi w220 2002 era. I especially want to be able to understand the contents of the engine compartment as it is a bit of a mystery to me. I have searched high and low but cannot find anything that seems to do what a good...
  10. M

    Engine Sludge/Flushing

    Hi I purchase an 11 plate E200 SE CGI Blue-efficiency Convertible (Auto) 4 months ago from a dealer as approved used. I was told it was fully serviced, although not shown records as they are held centrally on MB's computer (practice I don't agree with as it's just an attempt to tie you to a...

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