1. A

    New to MB and the forum

    Hi I have recently gotten myself a '08 MB C220, and have enjoyed the car a lot. Recently, when the temperatures have dropped below 0°C, I have had some troubles with my coupe fan not working. I have tried opening the hood and turning the fan manually, wich seemed to work the first time. Tried...
  2. P

    No Air Con

    Mercedes ML280 W165 08-plate After having a fault with my heater/air con blower/fan pcb, I replaced the blower motor, now my air con is not working, not sure if this is just coincidental! any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. M

    2010 E350 CDI Cooling Fan Issue

    Hi all. Apologies for my first post being such a long one but I am hoping somebody on here may be able to help me with the latest problem on my car. It is a 2010 E350 CDi Estate and i have an issue with the cooling fan. I have been through all the other cooling fan posts on here but can’t find...
  4. J

    e320cdi drive belt

    I'm trying to replace the serpentine drive belt on e320cdi estate but am not sure of the belt route and find access difficult. Also cannot remove fan. can anyone help?
  5. zedmeister

    SL55 overheating

    Noticed my car running a little hotter over the last month or so. It used to warm up to just over 80C and then it started running at 90C. Then it started creeping up but the other day, I had the red dash warning about coolant temp and when I looked it was as 120C. Had to park up for 1.5 hours...
  6. jeremy156

    2010 W212 E350 CDI OM642 - cooling fan running

    Hi all, I'm sometimes noticing that the radiator cooling fan is running at the end of a run when I wouldn't expect it. I don't know whether it's running throughout - I just notice it as I slow enough to hear/notice it. This has been on perfectly normal warm-ish days (16-18 degrees C) with...
  7. C

    Towing - Cooling confusion!

    Hi I've a W212 2012 E220CDI Automatic Estate , and we're looking to tow a caravan max laden weight of 1500kg (just under the 85% kerbweight). Max towing limit for this car is 2100kg according to the manual. I'm getting an aftermarket towbar, but asked Merc if any additional cooling was...
  8. Smaltze

    w210 fan loose

    Tried searching about and cant get the info i want. Im not sure what this fan is actually called, its the fan between the engine and the radiator that spins off the pulley system. Somehow, im not sure how the fan has been damaged, two of the blades have corners broken off. i actually believe...
  9. A

    Viscous fan coupling on my 220ce

    Can anybody confirm which way un-tightens the viscous fan coupling and fan from the engine in my 220ce 1993, its a 36mm spanner, but can't seem to get it loose, any advice for clamping the pulleys? Thanks
  10. T

    Roaring fan noise coming from engine bay

    I have a 2004 C Class Coupe and I have just noticed today, when stationary and turn the car on, after about 30 seconds you can hear loud fan noise coming from the engine bay. The vehicle has been recently MOT'd and serviced, what can the problem be :confused: Hope someone can shed some light...
  11. K

    W124 230CE M102.982 over heating

    I am having trouble with over heating when stalled. I have read some post regarding the same problem, and the solution seems to be the thermo switch on top of the engine (2 pin red connector). My problem is that when I short the wires (to test if the magnet fan is working ) the fuse blows. Is...
  12. R

    Intermittent Climate Control/Air Conditioning

    Hi there, I have a 1999 E320 (petrol) estate which has been displaying unusual behaviours from the climate control..... The fans seem to have a life of their own and their speed/performance bears no relation to the digital fan readout in the climate control unit. An example would be when...
  13. W

    w124 230TE Aux Fan not Cutting In

    Hi there, My 230TE overheated the oher day (lots of steam - and yes I am aware the antifreeze level needs checking:)!) and today I finally got round to checking the reason. This is proving harder than I thought - I've checked the forums and cannot find anything similar given what I have...
  14. rx6180

    Any way to test out the cooling fan module?

    My car is a 1999 W202 C200 and I'm confused as to whether my radiator cooling fan module is working properly or not. Last week on a warm sunny day, stuck in town traffic I got the feeling that my temp gauge needle had crept a little higher than normal with no effort from my cooling fan. Back...
  15. S

    w126 300 SE AC Fan

    Hello, Please see see picture of my AC Fan, I have tested it with 12V external power source and its working well, but when connected to the cables inside the car it doesn't work when AC is ON/OFF. Could you tell me please when this fan goes ON?
  16. G

    Clicking fan actuators

    My 2002 W209 CLK 320 has started making the dreaded clicking noise from within the dashboard when you turn on the ignition. I've read on the forums that this a either a broken or jammed actuator (and therefore a big job) but I was wondering if: 1) you can tell if the actuators are broken or...
  17. balge59

    Viscous fan clutch -overcooling?

    Hi bit confused about my 300TD cooling.... never had a Diesel before so not sure what's normal! Car seems to take forever to warm up compared to my 230TE! Tested the coolant sensor, seems fine so I'm going to replace the thermostat, although apparently it was replaced a couple of years...
  18. M

    Electric Fan Problem

    HI, I have a WDB2200632A S280 Yr 2000 The car is over heating, so I had a look at the vehicle and found that the fan, which is belt driven, motor or the top of the fan fixing was running at one speed and never reaches the point where it use to really spin up. If I turn on the Aircon...
  19. H

    S-500, AC/Heat not working!

    I have a 95' S-500. The AC/Heat does not work. It does not even blow any air. Can anybody help please? Thank you.
  20. E

    A/C Heater blower works only sometimes...

    The heater blower of my W124 E280 T works at times. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but then when I turn off the ignition switch and back on again it blows fine (mostly on max speed). I have the EC type of heating so there is only a slow and fast mode and a button for AUTOMATIC mode. When it...
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