1. S

    Indicators Problems

    I have been having problem with what I thought was the battery. I was told it is the battery, not realizing the car has two battery's. Problems CD going blank whilst driving comes back on after a second or two. Air conditioner doing the same. Gear stuck in first, everything is fine then bam...

    Rear indicator lights are stuck on

    2005 sl350. My rear indicator lights are always on. Even when the car is turned off. Sometimes the drivers side brake light flashes too. I have to disconnect the boot battery to turn the lights off. Background is my PSE died and boot and roof was stuck open for 2 weeks with a tarp over the car...
  3. zedmeister

    R107 wipers won't turn off!!!!

    I bought a R107 1985 280SL recently. The wipers used to run on "0" but off on "1". They also used to turn on when indicating - very annoying! So I figured it was the stalk. I purchased a brand new stalk and I have just fitted it - now the wipers run on every setting when the ignition is on! I...
  4. ptruswell

    E280 (2005) estate W211 indicators not cancelling

    Hello - please could someone advise... Driving up the motorway the other day was more nerve wracking than usual because on a few occasions when indicating to change lane I could not cancel the indicators - moving the stalk central didn't work, worse still quickly moving the stalk to the opposite...
  5. J

    E280 (W124) Auto Est (96) Indicator lamps (cluster)

    So, I have this tiny niggle... All my cluster warning lamps work, but those for the indicators just don't show in the daytime and it is a little irritating. They are fine after dusk. I've read all the stuff warning against over-powered lamps, but it seems odd to me that MB would have thought...
  6. M

    Please help...newbie with a problem!

    This is my first post here and I'm hoping someone might be able offer some help. Here's what happened this week with my CLK... On Wednesday I got in the car and noticed the Comand system wasn't working. I checked the fuse but it was fine. Then things got worse... Later that day...
  7. J

    Direction indicators have suddenly malfunctioned, hazards working fine.

    1999 C230K Sport Hi, my direction indicators have suddenly malfunctioned, hazards working fine. but direction indicators are dead.:( When the indicators stopped working at first if I put the right indicator on then the nearside would flash then they stop working altogether. fuses ok...
  8. R

    Wing mirror indicator lens on C180

    The wing mirror indicator lens on my lovely 2008 C180 Kompressor is broken and needs replacing. Can anyone help?
  9. T

    Relay making noise on the trunk after driving for an hours.

    Hello, this is my first time to use this site, I realy wish someone could help me sort this problem out. I've been to the dealer they can't find the problem. Everythings is working fine after one hour of driving, I starting noticing that, the fuel gauge running low fast then normal to empty...
  10. G

    310D Camper - Indicators Not Working

    Hello, So my first venture into the world of Mercedes! The indicators and hazards have packed up on my 310D motorhome. I havn't had it long and recently I had the alarm/immobilizer upgraded. The indicators did work find for a while after this work, but they have recently stopped working...
  11. L

    Odd electrical faults W123 230E

    :confused: A strange series of electrical faults have developed overnight with a number of seemingly connected things working or not working, previously everything worked perfectly Indicators not working Hazard lights working Rev counter not working speedo working fuel guage not...
  12. G

    Mercedes CLK 200 (1999) - indicators and hazards and rear demist all not working

    My indicators do not work and nor do the hazards or rear heated window (latter two on same central consol one above the other) - does anyone have any ideas what is not working, and whether the heated rear window :(could be a related problem - they do seem to share fuses, which I have checked and...
  13. B

    Bob Fair

    :DHi, My name is Bob Fair and i own and run a one man Garage/Service Station in rural New Zealand. I am the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz C250D. I really love this car, but have a few annoying faults that i hope someone can help me with. The first fault is that sometimes when reversing it feels...
  14. B

    w124 Indicator Problems

    Hi, First time on the forum but looks like a great source of info. I recently started having problems with my wipers going every time I touched the Indicator stalk in order to indicate. Then a couple of days ago the indicators just stopped working, the hazards work fine but I get no...
  15. M

    fuse 41 location w210

    Hi all, No indicators or hazard lights on 1996 w210 e230. Have fuse list from 99 e220cdi. Says 41 for turn signals. Cant find fuse 41. fuse box under bonnet only goes up to 18. Fuse box beside lights swithes under cover have no numbers at all. Fuse box behind battery under bench seat...

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