instrument cluster

  1. E

    CLS C218 Instrument Cluster LED's flickering / dim

    Hi everyone, I need some help with my CLS 350 CDI C218 Shooting Brake. Some parts of my backlight on the instrument cluster are dimmed and some parts seem to flicker mainly when I turn the lights on / light on the instrument cluster. Looks like backlight LED's or I2C module problem /...
  2. J

    Pre-Glow Instrument Cluster Light

    Hi, My A180d Sport Pre-Glow light appeared on the dash and has stayed on for every journey I’ve made in the last week. I took my car to an independent garage this morning and they’ve run some diagnostics for me and said that the error is showing as an internal electrical fault with one of the...
  3. Grotbag

    Help Please CLK Instrument Cluster Dead

    Hi all My 2005 CLK 200 Convertible has a major problem. The instrument cluster is completely dead and so is the switch for the roof. Central console with satnav is fine and the car drives. My local non merc indi ( a friend) has looked at it. The car did not have a fuse map so we downloaded one...
  4. D

    E220 CDI - Missing Clock settings on the Instrument Cluster

    Dear Fellow Enthusiasts, I was wondering if someone could help me decipher a very strange phenomenon please...! I am a proud owner of a C180 W203 (Almost Classic - I know). I somehow managed to convince a very good old friend to ditch his standard (Ford - Mondeo) for prestige - hence the E220...
  5. B

    W220 instrument cluster flicker

    Hi all, Hi all, I saw from previous forum discussions about repairs to the back light of the W220 instrument cluster (seems like a common issue on the W220). Willlow123 has been mentioned couple of times. Can anyone provide a contact for Willow123 or anyone else that might be able to...
  6. H

    Instrument cluster dies when using key fob

    W203 2001 has a very peculiar problem, the key fob has started developing a problem and I am unable to unlock steering wheel and turn the ignition at times. When I do manage, the entire instrument cluster and the electrics stop working, like radio, indicators, electric windows, but the car runs...
  7. P

    SL55 AMG instrument binnacle

    Hi all, Someone must know how to remove the binnacle/cowl over the instrument cluster? On mine the alcantara has started to lift bewteen the two 'humps' and I want to take it off to see if I can repair it. Regards, Peter
  8. nicensleazy

    Advice Re: Speedo and Heater Dial Swap

    I am wanting to change the instrument cluster and heater controls on my W208 from the original black to white dials. I’ve obtained a reasonably priced instrument cluster from a 230 sport and I’m still looking to find a white dialled heater control. A couple of questions about both changes...
  9. M

    W220 Speedometer cluster is dead, Save me!

    Hello Everyone Ive been having problems with my Speedometer for my 2000 S500 W220, nothing lights exept for the SRS light and none of the gauges work, i swapt it out about 3 times now and the clusters worked in other cars, is there maybe a fuse or a could it be electricle problem, or is the...
  10. I

    2006 c180 coupe INSTRUMENT CLUSTER fault

    Hi everyone Got into the car yesterday - instrument cluster - DEAD! Indicators work, but no "tick tock" sound etc. No speedo/rev counter/temp/fuel gauge etc. Headlights wont switch off with the key in the ignition. They turn off when taking the key out. After about 10 mins, some lights...

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