1. Irresistance

    W203/W209 M271 Alternator Pulley Stuck...

    Right so... the pulley of the alternator in missus' car has started to have a bad attitude and decided to create problems. Red battery light on dash came on, wife pulled over. I open the hood, and the power steering fluid from the pump had leaked out. So I replaced the pump, thinking that maybe...
  2. C

    W204 M271 engine coolant temperature on motorway

    Hi all, My 2012 C250 CGI coolant temps sits at 90 degree's when in town driving, however drops and stays constant at 80 degree's when I'm on a motorway doing 70mph. Is this normal behaviour?
  3. C

    Choosing W204 C250, help needed :)

    Hi all, I'm very interested in buying a c250, after driving one and reading lots of reviews - I'm hooked. I've narrowed it down to two cars: 1) 2012 C250 1.8 BlueEFF AMG Sport, 23k (auto) 2) 2010 C250 1.8 CGI BlueEFF Sport 44k (auto) I did a little reading RE the cosmetic...
  4. T

    Engine Temperature reading going up and down

    Hi, I have a CLK(C209)-2006 with 200 Krompressor engine(M271). I've noticed that the engine temperature display in the console can vary from around 45C to 85C within a couple of minutes when driving. This is when I've been driving for quite a bit, so temp should be static at 85C. Can't...
  5. Y

    w203 C200k engine hesitaes and jerk

    I need some help here. My 2006 C200k with 47k miles is not performing well most of the time. The car hesitates and jerks alot when accelerating from a stop but after reaching the 3rd gear it drives normal the symptoms are more noticeable when going up a hill. I checked the computer for codes and...
  6. Y

    Do i need to replace wiring harness after chaning camshaft magnets

    I replaced the front camshaft magnets after they started leaking oil, i cleaned the adapters and found some oil in ecu adapter and cleaned it. Do i need to replace the wires? I checked the car for codes and nothing came on. The car sometimes hesitates. 2006 c200k 47000 miles
  7. M

    C180K squealing noise

    Hi, I have a problem locating where a squealing noise is coming from on my 2004 C180 1.8L Kompressor, M271 engine. I've added 3 videos to show my problem: 1st whilst idling without squeal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kkaous--U3g 2nd with squeal when accelerator applied...
  8. S

    2007 C180K W204 Timing Chain / Worn Sprockets Issue

    Hi all, Apologies for another thread about this issue but I just want to know if there are likely to be future problems once this is fixed..... I have a problem with my timing chain. The car wouldn't start one morning and after having it towed to an garage, it was diagnosed as having a...
  9. K

    M271 Horror story

    Hi all I'm new to the forum. I'm having a horror story with my 03 reg C180K and having looked through plenty of threads on timing/cams I haven't found the answer I need! Sorry in advance about the length of this post... To cut a very long story short, I bought the car in August 2010 and it...
  10. A

    Cam sensor leaking on C180K W203

    Hello , I have a 2006 C180 kompressor (W203.046 type) , with 271.946 engine. I noticed the cam sensors were leaking oil and their electric connectors got oily (see attached pics). I've read somewhere that this is serious as eventually the oil makes it all the way into the ECU and O2 sensor...
  11. M

    Do You Need: 271 ECU De-coding

    Hi all, A few of my trade customers have shown me a very very common problem with the 271 engine (all the way up to 2009) where the loom somehow transports oil up to the ECU mounted on the side of the block! This damages different circuits on the ECU, I have seen a number of vehicles that...
  12. colifecape

    Cam adjusters.

    A quick question, Thers is a lot of mentions around forums of worn cam adjusters causing chain slip on M271`s. ( although to be fair it is the crap chain ) I`ve got the top half of my engine stripped at present, what should I look for regarding the cams? I`ve not stripped the cam sprockets...
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