1. J

    Entertainment Unit

    Hi All, Recently bagged myself a 67 Plate GLA for a great price and it's in great condition and under mileage. However ive had to give up a few features and wondering if there is a way I can get them installed/ is it possible? 1) DAB Radio - I don't have this any more. Just FM/AM radio...
  2. Mercmebaby

    Map update/version/type

    Hello I’m relatively new to the Mercedes world I’m wanting to know if the pictures I’ve posted of my system is a COMAND NTG5*2, or Garmin Map Pilot? How do I know? Car is a 2016 220d C-Class W205 Reason I ask is because the system runs relatively slow when selecting functions from the...
  3. W


    Hello All, im new on the forum and have just bought a 2012 E220 CDI RHD. From what ive read it appears to have an NTG 4 unit though im not entirely sure. I would like to get and Android screen that will integrate with the existing head unit so that i dont loose any of the other features i have...
  4. anyweb

    weird navigation glitch... what to do ?

    ok, so i've only had this car a couple of months and in the last week i've noticed that it has no clue where it is, also to note that i did see an update being downloaded (and then installed) and that's completed, so i don't know if it's related to the current problem. Essentially the...
  5. G

    Becker Harman Sat Nav for SLK 250

    I am having a problem updating the Becker Sat Nav used in our SLK 250. I have download "Content Manager" but am getting error message: "Packages size limit exceeded max size". Any advice welcome! Thanks.
  6. S

    Postcode navigation functionality compromised upon update to comand APS 2018/19 version 19

    Hi, I own a 350 SL (R230) 2006 model and have just updated the Comand APS Navigation for Europe from Version 5.0 to version 19.0. Upon first use I was horrified to discover that the postcode search functionality has been compromised. Upon selection of the Post Code option, one progresses...
  7. H

    W212 GPS Antenna (Convertible)

    Hello, New to this forum so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. A month ago my W212 cabriolet's Satnav showed my location way off. I'm in Essex and it was showing up somewhere in wales so a good 300 miles off. Doing some research it looks like the GPS antenna has gone maybe? I've...
  8. S

    Command Nav Roundabout issue

    I have a 2016 c300h with a command nav system. I have a problem at large roundabouts as the system does not recognise them as such and just tells me to prepare to turn left even if I need to take the 3rd or 4th exit and therefore I need to be in the right hand lane. The screen is late to show...
  9. davsop

    rear camera u/s

    Hi all Just a couple of questions. On my 2011 S350 the rear camera has gone u/s. Can you recommend a solution? I'm in the west midland. Also, noticed my sat nav wasn't displaying up to date roads. Does mercedes charge to update the navigation when in goes in for servicing or do you have to ask...
  10. P

    Navigator firt for W220 1999

    Good day to all! I have a problem trying to buy a new navigation system that fits in my W220 1999. I actually bought a couple of the in the Internet and the advertising was saying that would exactly fit my car but once I got them they did not fit at all. Laterally, and especially on the upper...
  11. G

    HRS To Wiclic

    Hi Anybody know the part number or the adapter cable from HRS to Wiclic. Fitting a GPS antenna it has a WICLIC plug and my comand has a HRS connection. Regards
  12. T

    C200 (04 Plate) Navigation CD

    Hi all - I am so sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, but although I can see some discussions on the subject, I can't find the answer to my question. Please help if you can. I have a C200 that, I guess, has the orginal TeleAtlas GB & Belfast 2003/2004 Navigation CD. Last week...
  13. N

    Comand Navigation does not work - insert DX disk/disc read error

    Hello, I am a fairly new member, and very much enjoying the forum. This is my first attempt at posting a new thread, and hope I am not duplicating an issue already addressed somewhere else (although I have done my best to check, and have not found anything). My CLK W209 does not allow me...
  14. G

    C200 2005 New Owner - Please help

    Guys and Gals First of all, I am glad to find this forum. At least for some things for the Merc comes free of cost and the same quality... like the advice on this forum. Well... I bought a used C200 CDi 2005. I have some questions. Infact, I was so excited while buying the car that I...

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