1. Külf

    Hi all!

    Hi everyone, I've been reading various articles here for quite a while to give myself the inside track, and as a result I am now the proud owner of a 2007 S203 1.8 Kompressor classic with 99k on the clock. Saved this car from my boss, who bought it soully to take his giant (and very muddy)...
  2. M

    Hello guys

    Hi all, thought I would join a forum. Just purchased a GLC Coupe 43 amg. Got the car last week (70 plate). loving the car so far. Not owned one since 2014 when I had an e-class convertible. Forgot how easy a merc is to drive. Swapped from a diesel levante as missed a good engine sound.
  3. Lee Edwards

    Hello new

    Hello to all ,new to this
  4. R

    New to owning a Mercedes

    Hi I got my first Mercedes around two years ago. It's a 2014 E class estate 250 CDI. It is a very nice clean car. I am also new to forums and on a strict budget to look after my E class. So hoping the wealth of knowledge on the forum will help me. I am very experienced in electrical and...
  5. C

    New MB owner

    Hello, I got my first Mercedes a few weeks ago, a 2007 E320 Bluetec, so I figured I would join to help with troubleshooting and gain some knowledge about my car.
  6. T

    E63 AMG. newbie

    Hi good people of MBOF Have just purchased E63 AMG 5461cc, W212-Facelift-2016, 22,800 miles from MB dealership and I live in Southampton. Had many Mercedes over the years and always loved the brand but never had an AMG, early days but already blown away by it performance.
  7. R

    Just in

    I´m with Mercedes starting seventies, still keeping w. MB´s now living in Poland, came from Finland. Having some for me and family.
  8. C

    Hi friends just found your forum,and decided to become a member

    hope i'm in the right section for newbies, i am 65 years old so not very computer tech savvy any way i'll take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Chris Haze and i'me on my second merc the first one was a old 207 van I did over 150000 miles in that the most reliable van I've ever owned...
  9. I

    Hello all

    Newbie here, I took ownership of an r129 300sl (1991) last year, and now need to tap into the knowledge of fellow enthusiasts! Seems as these have an array of potential electrical faults, so it will be good to hear what people have encountered and hopefully I feel less bad about my little beauty.
  10. T

    Hey. Just bought my first Mercedes!

    Hi All Just bought a lovely C300h AMG Line (Premium Plus) and would love any suggestions on * What to do next * What to check * Recommended servicing places * Any after-market add on's that will help * Anything you think I should know with being a first time owner and especially in connection...
  11. Jonathan Schofield

    New here and saying Hello...

    Hi I am new to this forum but not new to Mercedes. I have just purchased a C63 Estate of 2008 vintage and this will be my 9th Merc throughout my driving career. This is however the fastest Merc and one of the fastest cars I have owned. I have always loved the marque and keep coming back...
  12. G

    Newbie with a c63 on his mind

    Hi, Im George, from Bath and have hankered after a c63 since their release ! 'm struggling between the saloon / estate at the moment as i need to be able to put my bike in the car with ease and wondered if the rear seats folded down on the saloon to allow a bike to be put in the boot? I'd...
  13. A

    first merc and ready to make mine

    hi I've just bought a 2012 c250 Manuel yes I know but I like manuals :). The beautiful CAR Comes with so much stuff and is not slow. Although my last car was a Astra VXR so feels a lot different. I've already started making it mine by subtle changes wanted to know if any one has a remap as I...
  14. K

    Newbie here!!!

    Hi Everyone, I just bought a 2012 C300 4Matic Sport dressed in all white sitting on 17'' Black Rims! I actually never thought I would own a Benz until I walked into the dealership and test drove it and fell in love (was in need of a new vehicle anyway). My Mother owns a Benz as well and...
  15. th3h1ghlander

    New member (newbie) looking for a W203

    Hi all, I am looking to be a first time C-Class owner, primarily looking for CDI C-Class W203 from £2-3k. I thought it would be great to join the community, get a few tips of what to look for and use my experience with the car I get to drive my contributions to the community. :cool: Any...
  16. B

    Good evening!!

    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd introduce myself to the forum. I'm Mike, 30y/o, from Liverpool. Recently bought a Mercedes after wanting to own one since i was little. Bought myself a lovely Silver 52plate w211 E270 Cdi Avantgarde. Absolutely love the car :) Drives nice and smooth...
  17. B

    C180 W203 indicator mystery

    Hi All, Just beginning to try and resolve a few issues with my Mercedes C180 Wondering if anyone has had issues similar to mine. And could venture a guess as to what might be going on. Recently I had one front indicator not working, then both stopped working which the substitute...
  18. B

    A novice novel introduction...

    Hi all, The story so far, I have had my Mercedes C180 W203 for just under a year. A replacement for my ford Ka. I found one which I liked and could afford. I had never worked on a car before, not even a bulb change and knew I was to learn a lot as everything was my first time doing it...
  19. S

    Hello, Fellows! It Is Nice to have JOINED here!

    Forums, Blogs, any Write-Up´s are really important to a wise consumer, I believe. Looking forward to share ideas with all of you. Gracias! Danke! Thanks! ;)
  20. R

    Newbie in need of help plse, ML270 cutting out

    Hello all, I'm getting a very frustrated with my 54 plate ML270 now, I had injector failure, so I have replaced all 5 of them(well an injector specialist did) and a specialist Merc technician has fitted a new MAF and given it a thorough service, however the car still cuts out, when I then go...

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