1. S

    1998 SLK 200 (R170) Lambda sensors?

    Hello! I have travelled across the internet in search for answers but cant seem to find the right one (or even a person who has the same car as me) so I wanted to check here. I just bought a 1998 SLK 200 (R170, M111.943) with high CO emissions and high Lambda score. I changed the MAF which...
  2. A

    New SLK200 owner

    Good afternoon all, I have recently bought a 2000 SLK200 with a decent history. I have wanted one for a good few years and I have take the plunge and bought one. The one I have is a little rough on the body but the engine and 6 speed manual are strong and positive. I am an able DIY kind of blike...
  3. TechnoWhizz

    SLK R170 Window Stop issue

    Hi all, This is my second SLK 230 1998 R170 with window problems. The first's stop that is onglass came off and had to be reglued -and worked fine. With my current mischievous Millie, the problem is that the window goes up and down fine, but it overshoots the top window stop (towards the door...
  4. T

    SLK 320 R170 Alarm disable

    Hi folks - my alarm has decided to play up, likely as a result of being left out in the rain whilst I was visiting over the holidays (she is normally cuddled up nice and dry in my garage!). I have searched the interweb and found information on how to temporarily disable my alarm by removing fuse...
  5. T

    Steering problem on second hand R170 SLK....

    I apologise. This is a lengthy one: I bought a 2001 R170 from a dealer in Esssex almost a month ago and have run into problems, I have as yet been unable to sort. A few stone chips and beginning of rust spots on the arches but nowhere near as bad as others I had seen. It has only done 55k and...
  6. T

    R170 second hand buy, serial numbers and hidden crash

    Hi everyone, So have posted on here a few times when looking for advice on searching for a second hand r170 SLK. I found what I thought was a good one, blokes wife's runaround. 2001. 55k miles (all added up in HPI check and in the service history) and from a dealer out in Essex. Haggled to a...
  7. T

    R170 mudflaps?

    Hi All, Going to look tomorrow at an R170 SLK, looks like might be a well kept second car and I am hoping good bodywork. It has mudflaps which makes me wonder if there is any rust underneath but they look fitted. Here are pics: https://flic.kr/p/EDnwyt https://flic.kr/p/EDnwsB Got me...
  8. S

    LHD headlamps for an SLK R170

    I am planning to permanently take my SLK to France this year and want to replace the RHD headlamps. Can anyone advise me a vendor for good quality LHD headlamps? Thanks Steve
  9. T

    Beginner SLK R170 pre and post rust maintenance

    Really appreciating the benefit of the wisdom on here regarding buying an R170 SLK, what to be wary off etc. It seems as likely as anything I may buy a cheaper car with the seemingly very common wheel arch rust and get the body work done or keep searching for a mint one. More likely the former...
  10. T

    Anyone online for quick buying advice from the experts?

    Hi, You guys have been the oracle when it comes to researching buying an old R170 I've found a 200k manual 6 speed 2002 special edition with 74,000 miles from a dealer. He's doing a new MOT and dealing with a tiny bit of badly treated bubbling. Checked the jack tubes for rust and the...
  11. O

    SLK 230 R170 jumpy sluggish

    Hi All, SLK 230 Kompressor Auto, R170, 1999 (V), 97k. I've had the K40 relay soldered every single solder, cleaned the MAF (it was oily), cleaned the crank sensor, cleaned air flap sensor. Car had just been serviced new air filter, plugs, oil & coolant. The problem I have is once...
  12. G

    1997 SLK 230 PSE Query

    Hi, I've just bought a 1997 SLK 230 last weekend and I have to say I'm over the moon with it! I've had a few Mercedes in the past, 1984 500SE, 1991 300SE, 1984 230E etc but this is my first convertible and I'm genuinely really astounded by the build quality compared to my 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV...
  13. S

    SLK 230 R170 Electric Seat Fault

    The seat controls on my SLK230 R170 have intermittent fault Sometimes none of seat controls on either seat work ie seats cannot be moved backwards and forwards or any of the other adjustments when car used first thing in morning Sometimes they work when engine as been running for 5 or 10...
  14. S

    SLK230 R170 Roof Leaks

    Have problem with water dripping on to passenger seat of my 2002 SLK230 I can collect over a pint of water overnight! Does anyone have a solution to this problem?.
  15. D

    R170 SLK 2000 Face Lift

    Hi, I want to get some kind of diagnostic tool for the above SLK. I'm aware that this model and age might be before the current OBD2 and I'm not really sure what ports are available on the car and the sort of stuff I can do? Can anyone help? Dave
  16. D

    Dropping in to say hello

    Have been looking around the forum for a couple of weeks now on and off. Thought I'd better get my coat off and say hello! All the advice is great. I can see being an old SLK owner is a labour of love. First problem solved was intermittent ESP/ BAS light. Turned out to be dying pre CAT. O2...
  17. T

    Buying early 2000s SLK. Looking for Rust. Tips please.

    Dear Mercedes All-knowing/All-seeing forum members, I stumbled across some very helpful and interesting forum posts on here regarding Mk1 SLKs and problems with rust. I was hoping for some advice on approaching buying a second hand mk1 (06-2004) SLK. Specifically the facelift version. I'm...
  18. B

    Forum newbie: Excited!

    I've been reading and enjoying this excellent forum for quite a while, so I figure it's time I made a contribution... My late father always wanted a W113 Pagoda (silver, red seats) but never quite managed it, nor did his father realise his own dream of an SL190 (silver, red seats). So, I...
  19. DJC013

    R171 wheels on a R170 SLK320 ?

    Hello, currently have a 2001 SLK320 with 16" wheels 16x7 et37 & 16x8 et30, and am looking at 17" wheels 17x7.5 et 37 & 17x8.5 et 30 with 225/245 tyres. I think that these should fit OK with no issues, just wondered if anyone runs the same size on their SLK ? Many thanks in advance, regards...
  20. J

    1998 230SLK Roof Unreliable

    Hi Folks I've had my 230SLK (R170) machine for over 2 years and the roof has always been unreliable. Whilst under warranty it was apparently re-trained and switches changed by MB main dealer. I though that may be it. Now out of warranty roof is still unreliable. Latest issue - as the...

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