1. S

    CLK 200 Kompressor Rear Passenger Headrest Back-Cover broken off. Replacements?

    Hi there, My car has leather headrests with abs plastic covers. I've noticed one of them has snapped in multiple locations and now hangs loose on the poles. The part does have a code to identify it, but after searching on Google or other threads I haven't found any place to buy spares from...
  2. J

    Spare key purchase

    Sorry if this is a repeat thread but I've searched and can't find anything similar. I've just bought a 2013 E220 SE CDI S212. It only came with one key and I'm looking to get a spare. I believe main dealer prices are a bit steep, can anyone recommend an alternative and does the car have to go to...
  3. Razor Burns

    rear side window outer aluminium trim removal, any advice appreciated.. 280ce

    I am just about to work on my 280ce specifically any advice on removal of aluminum outer trim rear side window without damage, tips, clues, screws n glues.. would be appreciated.
  4. G

    How do I remove front plate holder? (W205)

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe. The front number plate holder has dented where someone has reversed into the front of my car so I need to replace it. I’ve taken the plate off, removed the screws in the plate holder, but it still won’t remove. I’ve unclipped the parts at the bottom that clip into...
  5. C

    W215 CL500 replacement windscreen

    Hi guys, I have discovered a crack in my front windscreen, down in the black print area below the dash front. I guess I will have to have this repaired through my insurance glass policy. My car has auto wipers fitted (standard I think for this model?) so can anyone please tell me: 1...
  6. B

    Aftermarket Headunit

    Hi Guys, Hope you're all good and well. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition (W219) which has the COMAND system. I am currently looking for the best quality replacement head unit as the current one has always refused to play nicely with my iPhone's even though I am using the ones recommended...
  7. R


    Hi All I am a new member that owns an E32O year 2000 and looking to buy a replacement Merc saloon for between £5k - £10k Can anyone sensibly recommend a model I should focus on and why as the mechanic informed me that the E320 at that age was one of the better engines around???
  8. S

    W124 door seal -

    Hello all, I've noticed when washing my car that its door seals have a few nicks in them. Thankfully they don't leak and are exclusively cosmetic issues. One area on the n/s passenger door has some special looking tape applied. My question is two fold. a) Can anyone recommend a special...
  9. A

    1972 350sl front antenna

    Hi The automatic antenna on my 1972 350sl (R107) has been misbehaving. It continues to try to wind down the aerial after it is fully down - resulting in a flat battery. I've disconnected it from the Becker head unit for now but does anyone know how to get at the antenna? It's situated on the...
  10. T

    R230- Replace Near Side Bonnet Hinge

    Hi, Has anyone changed a bonnet hinge on the R230? I've had one of the arms break on mine and wanted to change myself. May seem an easy fix but does anyone have any instructions on how best to do it. It looks like its riveted together so may need some professional tools. Any pointers happily...
  11. W

    Glow plug control module

    Hi all, My new challenge for October seems to be a lovely fault code that states: "p0670 glow plug control module control circuit/open" A bit of background, I have a 2007 C320 CDI, all seems to be going well for now, starts fine, drives with no loss of power and no smoke or anything...
  12. T

    R230 SL55 Batteries required

    Hi, My SL55 has been parked for months now due to babies! :) Both batteries are now shot. I was looking to replace both as I don't think they are salvageable, and I understand Varta were the original factory fits? Below are the details: Starter Battery: Varta 12V 35Ah 520A(EN) Supply...
  13. A

    Vito W639 body panel replacement

    Hi guys, my dad's Vito/Viano W639 is missing its rear right panel between the wheel and the door (see pics). Does anybody know where to get a replacement for it, or at least contact details? I'm an international student living in Birmingham without a car, and it's really hard for me to go to...
  14. W

    w220 discs n pads

    Hi I am quite new to the forum but really enjoy reading the posts and have had some useful advice and some laughs:p. I bought my first merc, an s320 cdi 2003 (facelift) and really enjoying it despite having a few problems. Today I was out in it and the check brake lining msg came up on the...
  15. A

    Replacement Ignition Key

    My 12 year old CDI 220 suffered unexpected ignition failure which is probably due to incorrect jump-starting by body repair work shop who left boot lid up, courtesy light drained the battery etc. Well-known insurance company have been totally unhelpful and body repair work shop deny any wrong...
  16. G

    Halfords wipers review

    For anyone considering replacing wipers on a w211 I can confirm that halfords own wipers seem to do a good job. If you reserve on line you can put in your reg number and the correct blades are available for collection when you arrive at the store. Total cos £24. Fitting is very easy indeed...
  17. M

    Replacement Key Fob

    Hi All The second key fob for my ML270 is in perfect working order but I can not attach any other keys to it as the loop is broken. I have bought a replacement fob of Ebay for £25. I would have used the old blade in the new fob but it is slightly thinner where it goes in to the fob! Today...
  18. A

    W124 230TE - heater matrix

    Hi all, Apologes for clogging up the boards, but I've just rejoined the Mercedes family with a W124 230TE auto and it has a few foibles that need sorting out, and I've split them into a few threads in an effort to make it all a bit more manageable - this one is for the no heat problem...

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