1. T

    M104 fast rattle/clicking under high load

    My e280 s124 generally runs very smoothly. I've put 500 miles on it since I first noticed this issue, without incident. However, there's a peculiar noise that emerges only above 4k RPM and at full (or nearly full) throttle. It's a rapid clicking or maybe rattling sound. It sounds like it could...
  2. R

    E280 Engine Judder

    Hi, My 1995 E280 S124 started juddering from the engine ( I think) at the end of a short journey last week. I have just tried to drive it again. I topped up the oil as it was on the low side (but still above minimum) and drove for 3-5 mins at it seemed completely normal but then the juddering...
  3. Silver 300te

    s124 kombi 300te water pump gasket/seal???

    Hello. What does it looks like, engine to water pump? Anyone know the part number? Is it just an O ring? I'm not buying a whole new water pump, if I can help it. Thanks. Matthew
  4. J

    W124 E280T ('95): Central Locking / Infrared

    Hi all, I've done nearly 55k largely untroubled miles in my '95 (facelift) E-Class having brought it into 100% working order, after buying it in Autumn 2013 - it's now at 185k miles all-in. No real trouble at all over the last couple of years, apart from having to replace a duff after-market...
  5. Silver 300te

    W124 coolant sensor lock clip, code or part, please

    Hiya, I snapped the clip replacing the coolant sensor on my S124 300TE Kombi Estate. Can't find another one, anywhere. Does any one have one of these lying around - or do you know the part code? It's a ring with two eyes at each end. Or, do you know who might have one? Currently using...
  6. R

    Hidden AMG - s124 how can i be sure?

    Hi, I have had my S124 for five or so years now and love it to bits. When I first got it it came totally un- badged. In the first month of having it, I came back to it in the car park and saw someone poking about. Turns out he was an enthusiast who just loved them, he told me it was an E36 and...
  7. Silver 300te

    W124 sunroof motor problem - just one question (yeah right)

    Hiya, My S124 sunroof motor makes a noise like it's working but doesn't have any effect on the sunroof. However, I can open the sunroof manually, from the boot. My question is, that wee bolt you can turn if you have the right gromet - doesn't turn under electric power, nor does that other...
  8. S

    Big ask - W124 estate cover loan

    Hello chaps, #longshot. I am heading off in a few weeks for four months. I am after a cover for my cherished car. I've seen StormForce examples on Ebay for £150. Seems like a great price but after this four-month break, what will I do with it? Therefore, does anyone have one I may borrow...
  9. S

    S124 rear brake light cluster

    Hello, Is it possible to just change the lens on this type of cluster? Was washing my car yesterday and have noticed a small hole in the driver's side rear indicator section. Its going for an MOT and I seem to recall cracked lenses can result in a fail. Wasn't there last year for the...
  10. grahamperrin

    Low budget S124 (300TE) total cost of ownership: reflections

    300TE automatic, petrol, 1988. Purchase May 2008. I can't recall the exact cost, but it was well below £1,000. Let's say: £750. Fuel and road tax I never properly tracked the cost of fuel because at the time of purchase, I simply wanted something similar to my previous Merc (a...
  11. grahamperrin

    estate buying advice (W123, W124, W210, W211), auto diesel preferred

    https://www.diigo.com/list/grahamperrin/list-2014050319222211 there's a list of cars that I have in mind. Mostly Mercedes-Benz. The list will change over time. Overall preferences at the head of the list, to the left. General comments at the foot. My budget for initial purchase is...

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