s320 cdi

  1. E

    S320 CDI 2007 ABS / ESP FAULT !!

    hi guys, im struggling with my car. I got some crazy problems with my mercedes. Please if any one can help! I turned my car on and comes up with an esp/ abs fault. I put into D and tried to drive but it was as if it was dieing hardly moving, tried to put it into P but it did not go into P only...
  2. D

    2004 s320 CDI - vibrating / noise from engine (video attached) - advice please!

    Hi everyone First post here - hoping to purchase an S320 very soon! Would really appreciate some advice. I went to see a 2004 s320 cdi today. I havn't driven one before so am not sure what "normal" is. However this example seemed quite noisy in the cabin. I also noted that when I switched...
  3. Brizzle

    W220 wood dash trim removal

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can tell me how to remove the wooden (plastic?) dash trim from a 2000MY S320. Is it just a push fit or do I have to get behind it to undo screws/bolts/etc.? If I do manage to remove the trim will it give me access to the latch for the glove box? Mine won't open :(
  4. Brizzle

    W220 Drivers Door Switches Not Working

    Hi folks, I think I'm in a bit of a pickle :( Whilst working on the drivers door mirror today (it was flapping around in the wind) I rather foolishly decided to pull all the fuses to check them as the electrical adjustment of the mirror wasn't working. So, I pulled, checked and replaced the...
  5. Brizzle

    Scratching an Itch

    Hi folks, Owning another Mercedes (I used to have an E200 Kompressor) has been a bit of an itch that needed scratching so last week I bought a 2000MY (X plate) S320 CDI. I knew it would need some TLC but have been surprised just how much of this superb car doesn't work and it may be that I've...
  6. M

    ecu replacement w220, s320 cdi facelift

    hi i have s s320 cdi, and engine ecu is water damaged during car wash, as unfortunately fusebox lid wasn't locked poperly. mechanic opens the ecu and the ICs on the circuit board are melted, its clear that ecu is not repairable now mechanic says to get Ecu, ignition switch and key from same...
  7. J

    Gear box

    I would like to buy a second hand gearbox on ebay ,the part number is A1402712601 and I would like to ask you if there is any other compatibile gearbox model with my S320 ,2001 Mercedes.(for example I saw a lot of R1402712601 ,the number is the same just the letter is different)Thank you
  8. I

    Hello Everyone. Going to be a proud owner of a w220 s320 cdi

    Going to be a proud owner of a 04/05 s320 cdi this august once im back from a months holiday. Was going to purchase a e65 730d bt the ride quality in the s class is on another level from the beema (from my research). Cant wait to buy one. If any w220 s320 cdi owners/past owners out there...
  9. I

    w220 s320 cdi vs e66 730d?

    Hello people im new to this forum and im on the verge of most likely purchasing an 04/05 s320 cdi. Ive done tonnes of research on this car as well as the e66 730d and im in the middle in what to get. I know that the s class is more of a luxury car compared to its rivals and that the 730d is more...
  10. R

    Costs associated with S320

    Hi all, New to the forum. I am considering buying a second hand S320 for private hire circa 2006/07, no idea regarding maintenance costs. Could somebody please advise on ie servicing, tyres, brakes, etc. Thanks in advance. Roman...
  11. K

    **2002 S320 CDI - Common Faults to Look out For**

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so apologies if it's in the wrong section. I am looking at a 2002 S320 CDI, actually, I'm looking at a few of them. I realise that every individual car is different, and they will all have their own little problems here and there. However, I was wondering...

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