1. D

    Phoenix Car Works, Ashford

    Has anyone had any experience of using Phoenix Car Works near Ashford ( They say they're classic car and MB specialists. They seem like a relatively new indie in the Kent area and their website doesn't have an address or telephone number (although this can be...
  2. Dan Tanna

    Servicing - Garage Recommendation needed in Hampshire PO Area

    I have a B Service due on my C Class Coupe 250 AMG Line Premium Plus (2016) and the main dealers in Portsmouth and Chichester want well over £500 to do it. Can anyone recommend a good garage around the Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Horndean, Petersfield, Chichester and surrounding areas who I can...
  3. Ted Schrecker

    Experience with Wearside Mercedes-Benz or M-B Darlington

    Hello all, Further to my previous posts about servicing in the North-East, I am wondering whether Forum readers have any experience with Wearside Mercedes-Benz or M-B Darlington. Looking for the best possible care for my recently acquired 2003 SL500. I am actually in Newcastle upon Tyne, but...
  4. T

    W124 servicing and maintenance

    I'm moving from the Guildford (Surrey) area to the Great Malvern (Worcs) area and will need to find a garage in the new location that's as good as the one I currently use. I want somewhere that genuinely knows about the W124 range (mine is a 1995 E280 estate, 157k) and knows how to locate and...
  5. S

    Next Service: Digital Service Report vs Assyst

    Hi, I’ve just bought my first MB - 2013 C-Class Coupe 250 AMG Sport Blue-Efficiency AUTO, 31500 miles. The last Digital Service Report (at 17256 miles) says the next service is due at 32250 miles but the Assyst Service indicator says the next service (A7) is due in 7100 miles so, 38600. Which...
  6. T

    Hey. Just bought my first Mercedes!

    Hi All Just bought a lovely C300h AMG Line (Premium Plus) and would love any suggestions on * What to do next * What to check * Recommended servicing places * Any after-market add on's that will help * Anything you think I should know with being a first time owner and especially in connection...
  7. L

    Slight play on front tyres

    C class 2012 coupe Had MOT done today. Have slight play on both from wheel bearings. Is the cheap to rectify? Do Mercedes look at this and repair when servicing? Thanks Luke
  8. Chrishazle

    Possible New Specialist In Chatham, Kent

    This was recently posted by an aquaintance on the 968uk forum: "My wife's 09 Golf with 53k miles was diagnosed by VW dealer as requiring replacement dual mass fly wheel + obviously new clutch, and replacement for broken rear spring. The proposed work + parts was eye watering, almost £2,000...
  9. W

    Advice on buying a used E/C class

    Hello, We would like to buy a E/C class after being frustrated with our recent cars. We are looking to spend around £5000 on a used E class or C class. One thing that we are worried about (apart from some rare but pricey repairs) is the servicing. We used to own two 190s in Diesel back in...
  10. 5

    Approved User car Service interval

    Hello all, First post, so please be gentle! (- mods please move if in wrong place) To cut a long story short, dad bought a 2010 E250 about 6 months ago from MB dealer with the usual AU benefits. An 'A' service is now apparently due (according to OBC) and the stealer quoted £600 at...
  11. J

    Question for the indies

    How do you guys feel if a customer wants to watch you servicing/repairing their car and maybe assisting (when I say assisting, I mean passing the spanner)? Not to check that all the work is done but as means to learning a little more about my car. Would you consider it a pain in the arse and...
  12. B

    Independent Garage - Cambridge?

    Hello forum, I've just moved to Cambridge. I own a 97 W210 E320 & it's due a service + a few other little niggles which I'm hoping to get fixed. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable garage in/around Cambridge & that knows its way around a W210 please? Thanks! Alan.
  13. G


    Have a E220CDi Avantgarde. Looking into how I can improve fuel economy - after doing all the usual things. Firstly - has anyone any experience of CHIP TUNING Diesel Boxes - which cost between 60-100 pounds - supposedly very easy to fit and give a 20%increase in BHP and Torque and around 15%...
  14. G

    correct oil for high mileage merc

    E220 cdi avantgarde - automatic diesel. Has covered 105,000 miles. One mechanic says with a higher mileage car I should use 15W40 semi-synthetic oil. It is better for a high mileage vehicle than the one specified - which could damage the engine. Another mechanic friend disagrees. He says I...
  15. I

    Servicing near me - and good news on insurance!

    Can anybody recommend a really good independent MB garage for regular servicing in the Crewe/Cheshire area? Also, feeling really chuffed, my comprehensive with business insurance on my 57 plated E280 Sport estate has gone DOWN! Just £250 with LV. Woohoo!!! :D
  16. D

    Any recommended independent Merc specialist in London for serving

    Hey everyone, I've been a Mercedes Benz owner for about 6 years now and unfortunately I've had ongoing problem with my car and appalling service and customer car from Mercedes Benz dealerships - I've tried MANY. Mercedes Benz of Hertford is the worst! Mercedes Benz formally of Edmonton are...
  17. S

    Reliable servicing Dundee/Fife

    Hello, I have a G reg E200 estate, 190000+ miles. It's in great condition and I want it to go on for a long time. I want to take it to a garage that knows its way around these cars and can give it a good service. Does anyone know of a good garage in the Dundee/Fife area? I don't want...
  18. A

    1st post - 1st MB - 05 280CDi Avantgarde Estate 7 seater

    Good afternoon everyone 1st post on this forum - and grateful for some advice. I am about to buy a Dec 05 Silver 280CDi Estate Tip Auto Avantgarde with 7 seats and black leather. I went for it after some research - couldn't quite afford the facelift 06 model, wanted a late old one, a V6, 7...
  19. M

    Service A & B

    Last year I paid £180 for an MB A service. My A Class 170 is now two years old. I have been quoted £480 for B service BUT there may be (many) additional chargeable items. So the cost of B service is likely to be much higher for one year alone! Karamba! Why does MB servicing cost so much for...
  20. M

    Mobilo Service

    Can someone tell me about Mobilo warranty and non MB servicing. My MB is July 2008. Some say that under EU rules one may have non MB servicing ... true or false... what are the conditions. Are the non MB services "collect and deliver" servicing reliable? My car is due a B service and...

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