1. A

    Mercedes R129 Roof Issues

    Hi guys, I recently bought an R129 which apparently had a working roof, when I actually got the car though it won’t go up or down. It seems to look like an issue with the window switches to me as it stops right when it would look to see they’re down. My car has the limit switches fitted...
  2. J

    2013 SL 500 R231 Stage 1 remap, anyone tried this?

    Has anyone mapped their SL 500 R231 with what kind of driving improvement results, from what I see below on performance increases with Quantum tuning, the performance should be very close to an AMG?
  3. S

    Sl500 key fob wont do anything. Will start car.

    Hey, apologies if this post is not in the correct place. I have an issue with my sl500 2003. The key starts the car perfectly fine, it will not do anything else, the indicators do not flash either. I have tried with both sets of keys and have even had them tested so I know the infared etc...
  4. P

    R231 SL Rear Windscreen Trim (Black) Fading / Flaking

    Hello good people - hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend! Having given my 2014 R231 SL a good bath earlier, I have noticed that the two rear windscreen trims are fading (see pics). They are gloss black originally. Has anyone come across this / know a good solution? I'm thinking...
  5. B

    R230 ABC struts

    Does anyone know if I can replace just the sleeve of these units? The sleeve of rear offside unit on my SL500 has developed 2 small splits in the "bellows" part.
  6. JuBe

    Allot of play in R129 steering wheel

    Hello to all as the title says, I have some play in my steering wheel, tomorrow I will be under the car making some inspections, but first I wanted to ask here to maybe get some tips So the problem is like, when I'm on a highway I need to turn allot just to get the steering started, so I expect...
  7. K

    SL 500 Tot Rod

    Hi, I have a rear SL500 Tot Rod which was sold at Harrods in early 90s possibly for around 20k. Trying to establish a value of it now. Im thinking of selling it on ebay but what do you guys think? Thanks.
  8. L

    Excited to be here

    Hello all, I'm the original owner of a 2005 SL500. I'm really hoping to find wisdom here on ways to help me save money (DIY-ing) diagnosing and fixing the many, many issues this car is throwing at me these days. Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated! Really looking forward to participating here.
  9. RyanSL500

    Headlight randomly came on, on my R230 hours after use.

    Evening all, I hope you’re all well. A bit of a weird one this evening with my R230. So in light of all the rain we’ve had over the last couple of days, I’ve checked my SL500 for any water ingress and couldn’t find any damp in the main areas. However, as I was about to go to bed, I did my...
  10. RyanSL500

    Changing my daily car from a 6 year old diesel to an 18 year old V8

    Afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all well. so after recent events and finally getting my SL500 R230 fixed, I have made the decision to sell my 2014 C220 coupe to We buy any car as the trade in value is pretty decent and probably not much less than what I would get selling it privately (plus I...
  11. RyanSL500

    R230 roof not going down

    Evening everyone! I recently picked up my 2003 SL500 up from the body shop which was in there for a month. Before it went it in, everything was fine (besides the rusting arches!). I picked up the car this weekend gleaming and when I tried to put the roof down, nothing... well the roof button...
  12. Ted Schrecker

    Identity crisis ... not!

    In London at the weekend, I had a conversation with a good (non-petrolhead) friend that turned to cars. This is someone who once devastated an acquaintance who drives an Aston-Martin by not realising that the marque is a car, not a motorbike (‘a hyphenated name like Harley-Davidson’). As the...
  13. A

    Buying an SL500

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an SL 500. With my budget it will either an 2003 or 2004. I've had a 2000 S class before and, while lovely to drive, it had constant faults, particularly the air suspension. Is the SL500 similarly unreliable? I think it looks great. I haven't driven one yet...
  14. RyanSL500

    ABC problem?

    Evening everyone, I arrived home this evening in my W204 coupe (needed more seats) and saw my R230 SL500 sitting like this. I last drove it on a Friday (with no issues) and it’s now like this (Sunday). There are no leaks under the car, it’s had new struts in the last year and until about a...
  15. RyanSL500

    Opinions on having an SL500 R230 as my daily car.

    Hi all, I’ve recently become a member of this awesome forum (my introduction thread can be found here: I’m the recent owner a 2002 SL500 R230(picture in the other thread) which has been in the family for many years. This...
  16. McDonald

    I thinking of buying some Alloy wheels

    At present I have 17inch wheels but I've seen some 18 inch wheels. Front alloy: 8J X 18H2 ET45 Rear alloy: 8.5J X 18H2 ET48 Part number: A2074010000 I don't know if they'll fit my SL500 (R230) and if any function will be lost. Advice please.
  17. N

    R231 SL500 -- or SL63 -- reliability/comparison

    So, I sold the SL55 -- I wanted to keep it forever but reliability worried me and I needed the cash for an investment (which is currently paying off, hence my new questions) I am now daydreaming of an R231 early SL500, or possibly the SL63 - But the first question my wife asks, what about the...
  18. K

    SL500 R230 2003 - speed limiter

    On a couple occasions recently my SL500 has lost power. The car appears to have gone into some sort of 'Limp Home' function. I was able to drive the car up to a max speed of about 20 mph.On both occasions the roof was folded away and unfortunately due to the glare of the sun I couldn't see...
  19. McDonald

    Glass cleaning

    My R230 has a section of glass on either side of the rear window. It seems to have some surface material that's deteriorated - as though a tint was once applied and has worn away over the years. It's the only thing marring a very clean, shiny car. I've read elsewhere on the forum that glass can...
  20. K

    SL500 R230 Rattling Catalytic Convertor

    My SL500 has recently developed a metallic rattle/tinkle which rises and falls with engine speed. I've taken it into my local exhaust specialist who has identified the problem as being the cat which is located midway along the system on the nearside pipe branch. Whilst the car is 15 years old...

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