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  1. I

    Mercedes A160 won't start

    Car won't start when cold, starter and battery are fine. I can start the car with some brake cleaner in the air intake, i need to keep it running for 30sec with the brake cleaner before it runs When the engine is warm it runs like normal My guess is a sensor or something, but I'm not sure...
  2. R

    CDI 220 W203 Difficult to start.

    2003 W203 has become difficult to start, the colder it gets or the longer i leave it between starting the more difficult it is to start. Until very recently there have not been any fault codes, then a couple of days ago after being particularly difficult to start, I ended up having to crack...
  3. H

    W124 keeps turning off after a few seconds

    Hi all, Could I ask for some advice, Since today my w124 starts up but the engine stops running after a few seconds, I then start it again and same happens as a loop. any idea what the issue could be? Is it the OVP or fuel pump ready?
  4. MercPassion

    Any ideas? W124: Cold start issue

    Hello! Can anyone help me identify what the reason(s) might be for my 1991 W124 200E to give starting problem? Please see short video here: Merc 200E start Only happens on a cold start. Once warm - it starts fine. If you could list possible aspects to look at, so...
  5. D

    2011 Vito 116cdi only starts on 2nd crank ?

    Hi guys, hoping to solve this mystery with the help of this amazing knowledge pool. My 2011 Vito 116cdi will only start on second key turn or second crank. Turns over but won’t fire ,, Second key turn , fires and runs normal every time . Has new injectors Fuel system is all good , no errors...
  6. J

    Starting issue

    Hi all I am new to the forum and was hoping for some guidance. I have got a 2003 110 cdi vito and it has got a hot start problem. When cold it starts fine every time but the glow plug light stays on for around 60 seconds. When warm it struggles and have to turn it over for a while and...
  7. MattyH

    Strange noise from glow plug relay -- car won't start

    A strange noise appears to be coming from the glow plug relay on my 1996 C Class 250D. Various lights on the dash board are flashing and the engine won't turn over on the key. Recently the battery started going flat and I resorted to using the trickle charger overnight. Not sure the two problems...
  8. R

    problem with cold start! W211 320 CDI

    For almost a month I am having a problem with the cold start of the engine of my W211 320 CDI. When the car is cold in the morning, the engine must turn about 10 times before it starts. In the past, this was not the case. There is no message / light on the dashboard. As well there is no smoke...
  9. A

    270 CDI failing to robustly start after injector seal replacement

    Hello All. I would appreciate some help. I few weeks ago - I replaced injector number 5 copper seal because it was blowing gases and partial combustion tar. Before this - the vehicle started every time, even it is was a longer crank than originally known. To remove the injector, I used a...
  10. R

    W124 230TE Starting Problem (1991model)

    Hi folks. After a long drive I stopped my w124 230te '91 outside my house and let the engine run on idle. Suddenly the engine stopped and I cant get it started again. I have searched forums for what it could be and the fuel relay + fuel pumps was suggested to check out first. An easy way to...
  11. D

    S320 CDI W221 intermittent starting problem

    Hi All, This is a great site and I thought I would write my first post to get some help from the experts on this forum. I am experiencing intermittent starting problems with my S class. Eight times out of ten it will fail to start first time. After turning the key in the ignition (and...
  12. K

    My Mercedes E-200 Won't Start

    My Mercedes E200 1997 car starts with the turning of the key but does not get to the kick-on point - just draining the battery. Attempts were made to jumpstart it with the power pack but still it did not start. The car is now located in a yard along Shepcote Lane, Sheffield. I need it sorted...
  13. U

    Engine and some electrics cut out without notice

    I have an automatic car (ML270) and when driving my engine will cut out, power steering fails and the indicators no longer work. No lights light up on the dashboard. I can press the button for the warning lights to come on and that works. I can put the car into park and restart the engine...
  14. J

    Mercedes Intermitent non start after new ECU and Battery

    Hi, Has been to 2 garages and checked for all the obvious, the ecu was rebuilt and battery changed. But every time it goes to the garage it starts working again!!! So they cant fix without there being a problem. Any suggestions welcome. Is a A class 1998 A160 Elegance. Thank you in advance...
  15. C

    Random Start Problem

    I have a 1987 Mercedes 250 diesel [MO 602] 5 cylinder engine, which currently and randomly will not start on initial fire up. Continuous battery draining rotation eventually achieves success, so far. Suspected air-lock or water in fuel. [Crossed fingers on this continuous rotation bit. So far...
  16. S

    Sprinter struggles to start when warm

    Hi all, I thought i had solved this one last year, but now seems to be back with the warm weather. The engine starts perfect when cold or has cooled down. But when I try to start the warmed up engine, the engine just keeps turning over for about 30 -60 secs before it will start. I have...
  17. A

    Engine won't start!!!

    Hi guys, I need your help! I have a clk 320 petrol, 2002 with approx 84000miles. I went to start the car today however it didnt start!!!! Never happened to me before? any suggestions as to what the problem could be?? Thanks in advance
  18. H

    95' S-600, Start Problem. Please help.

    I have bought a 95 S-600. I drove it home fine. after that I drove it around the block, and never had any problem. But for the last 2-3 months I am having starting issuee. It starts up fine, but after driving for 2-3 min(or even sometimes less than that) it just stops. And then you won't be able...
  19. C

    1977 230 wont start

    So a strange thing happened... My 1977 230 had been starting very well, but suffered from a hunting problem when hot, so I decided to change a few parts just to make sure they weren't causing the problem. I changed the Ignition Coil, Distributer Cap and Rotor, plus the spark plug wires...
  20. L

    Starting problem ??????????

    :confused: HI my c240 2.6 petrol w203 from 2001 didn´t start in the morning. Called the AA's and they couldn´t find anything wrong with the car. :( 2nd time called them to tow the car to a garage but another AA mechanic said that there´s a fuel problem or either the pump or possibly another...

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