1. Rob Eggleshaw

    W201 190e 2.3-16v Electric Windows / Sunroof

    Hello all, After your direction please. A well used 2.3-16v (220k miles) that I've inherited and am trying to get going again. One of the issues I have is with the electric sunroof - it will go back at the press of the button. Every time. A bit at a time. Absolutely no delay. However, most...
  2. B

    Panoramic sun roof

    Hi all new here I have a 2015 c class the sun roof motor is grinding/clicking I have had the motor off with great difficulty and when away from the sunroof it runs perfect and the gears don’t look bad I can manually open it with Allen key and when it gets past the tilt the motor pulls it back...
  3. P

    Fitting vents to W210 e230 sunroof slide panel - advice pls

    Hello all, I'm doing some work to my partner's 1996 W210 E230. Being hot climate car (UK delivery car imported to Thailand) the vents in the sliding sunroof panel have crumbled away. I've sourced two used vents from the US, and I've removed the panel, but i can't see how to get the vents...
  4. idlerider

    W211 electric woes

    Recently purchased E350 wagon which has, I suspect, been sitting on forecourts for some time. Various items not working and I'm wondering if some of them might be down to a single component. Things not functioning include: Exterior mirrors (not folding) Interior lights Sunroof Panel lighting -...
  5. Silver 300te

    W124 sunroof motor problem - just one question (yeah right)

    Hiya, My S124 sunroof motor makes a noise like it's working but doesn't have any effect on the sunroof. However, I can open the sunroof manually, from the boot. My question is, that wee bolt you can turn if you have the right gromet - doesn't turn under electric power, nor does that other...
  6. Silver 300te

    W124 complete sunroof cassette wanted

    Hiya, If you have one, please give send me a message. Ta, Matthew
  7. C

    CL500 centre roof module dead

    Hi all, Just bought my first MB and have some issues. I picked up a secondhand W reg CL500 on 120k miles for what I'm hoping is a bargain, however there are a couple of things that may prove an expensive fix. Nb the car has black leather interior in vvgc, no apparent corrosion, is dead...
  8. JensH

    W124 E280 Auto (Est), Sunroof - Quiz!

    Anyone know what the attached is? A couple of days ago, I was checking the mechanism on the sunroof and this little fella drop off on to the passenger seat... It is approx. 10mm x 10mm x 5mm, rubber with a soft surface finish. Looks like some kind of stop end / buffer for e.g. a track, but...
  9. C

    A Class (W169) Body Coloured Wing Mirrors plus Chrome Strips

    Hello, My local MB dealer says it can't source body coloured wing mirrors - yet they come as standard on some specs. I have a silver 3 door and can see I can buy chrome covers but would prefer silver... any ideas for on line sites? Also, chrome surrounds to the fog lights Chrome door...
  10. S

    Seized Sunroof on 1985 w123 230E

    My sunroof does not work. I did the basics and tried a new fuse, as the old one had blown. Would it be the motor or is it more likely to be a bad connection somewhere? The switch moves, and you can hear the engine tone change very slightly as if its trying to power up, but nothing happens. With...
  11. C

    Problem with interior light/sunroof switch

    Hi I have just bought the car I have wanted for ages and am made up with it. However there is a problem with the interior light/sunroof switch. The lights don't work at all and nor does the sunroof. I've checked the relevent fuses and all's well there, any suggestions? The car in...
  12. S

    500SEC Sunroof problems

    Hi, Please can I have some advise about the sunroof on my 500SEC (91). The sunroof will open and then almost close but when it gets to end it will not lift up into place, it just stops. Any ideas what is causing this and how expensive it would be to fix? It has just come back form...
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