1. R

    Caring owner to an R171 SLK 200 1.8 Kompressor

    **NEWBIE HERE!** Hi Guys! Owner of a 2007 Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor in Metalic Obsedian Black with the Sports Pack Trim and factory fitted AMG body kit. Owned the car since April 2016 and it has been a brilliant drive, and a fun versatile vehicle. Some might call it a “Hairdressers car” -...
  2. bertg

    Driving to Italy for the 1st time.

    Afternoon, I have from new a 2013 B Class W246 with only 26k on the clock and it's been regularly serviced and had all it's recalls done by Mercedes. My questions is, because it's our 1st time driving such a long distance in this car bearing in mind that it's 7 years old what mechanical...
  3. bertg

    HeadLamps For Europe B Class 2013 W246

    Planning a long drive to Italy in our B Class 2013 W246. Any info regarding headlamps etc and essentials i should have in the car would be gratefully appreciated..
  4. bertg

    Garage Recommendations In S.London Please

    After yet another recall for our 2013 B Class, this time something to do with the braking systems MB Croydon have suggested Front Pads 80% worn and Front Disks are 0.4 away from recommended thickness, they did mention in fairness that until the warning light comes on we will be ok. Could someone...
  5. bertg

    Run Flat Sensor

    Could someone briefly explain how the runflat indicator on my 2013 W246 works please? Cheers Umberto
  6. bertg

    Front Tyres Replacement Advise

    Good Morning, I have a 2013 w246 B class that needs 2 new fronts. Currently Bridgestone Potenza 225/40/18 as standard that came with the car. My questions are, 1 - do i have to replace them with Like for Like? 2 - can i go for a different brand? 3 - as long as the tyre ratings are the same do...
  7. D

    Power for bypass relay W246 B180CDI

    Hello all - new here and first post! Just purchased a 2013 B180 Diesel Sport with the 1.5 diesel, and I am going to add a tow bar this weekend. I am not going to use a dedicated wiring kit, but will use a SMART by-pass 7 way relay. My question is, what can I connect to for my main power supply...
  8. bertg

    Apple Car Play

    Good Afternoon, I have a W246 2013 with the Audio 20 Media Interface add on from the factory. According to my local MB dealer Apple Car Play isn't available.. Surely as it's only software can anyone out there shed any light on this please. Cheers
  9. bertg

    USB Charger

    I have a W246 2013 B class, can someone recommend a usb charger that will work for apple devices that i can plug into the 12V socket i have in the back. Cheers
  10. bertg

    Run Flats

    My Red B Class W246 is almost a year old and at the weekend got my first flat, dirty great nail in it. Went to Kwik Fit - they wouldn't touch because they are not allowed apparently even though the nail was dead centre!! Tried indie around the corner, they were only too happy to help. £10.00...
  11. bertg

    Becker Map Pilot Announcements

    Good Morning, Unless i'm being completely stupid could someone please tell me how to turn her volume up. I've checked all the settings and nothing seems obvious. :confused:
  12. bertg

    B Class W246 Airbag Fault.

    A warning popped up last week telling me that's there's a Right Hand Side Malfunction!! Booked in for tomorrow morning at MB Croydon, let's see how we get on!! :(
  13. bertg

    Car Charger

    Can anyone recommend a USB charger i can plug into the 12V socket in the back? i've seen this item below.. http://www.world-of-accessories.co.uk/mercedes-badge-charger-p-1567.html
  14. bertg

    Bike Carrier

    Having recently got my new B Class (W246) my missus has now insisted we need a bike carrier. Can anyone recommend a decent product please. :D
  15. bertg

    Start Stop Technology

    Could someone explain how this works please. What i do know is that when the car is stationary the engine cuts off then comes on again when either the clutch is engaged or the accelerator is pressed. I have also read somewhere that on the new b class(w246) the system is connected to the aircon...

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