1. H

    W639 115CDI 2005 with Code errors

    Hey everyone, I bought a Vito that hit a main bearing, everything is fixed tho I now have fault codes I need help with. I need Solutions. List of Codes: P2537 P2041 P2511 P2061 P2062 P2014 P2040 Also I don't know where to find a connector coming from the computer box, but one problem...
  2. E

    Viano (w639) Left sliding door closed message

    Hello all, i got a used 2013 Viano (w639) a month ago. Recently, there is this message (Left sliding door closed) when i try to open the left sliding door from the button on the dash. There is just some beep sound and the message. I have no problem opening the door manually from outside and...
  3. Mish Salleh

    Hello everyone.

    Hello. I'm Mish from Brunei. I own a MB Viano (W639) 2006 (ver '03-'06) CDi 2.2. A couple of months ago I've sent my car to replace the AC's cooling coil & compressor at the local workshop which was leaking bad. Got that fixed but the sad thing is, when I came to collect the car, I found out...
  4. M

    Vito W639- Squeaky bounce when decelerating (in gear)

    My MB Vito W639 Bus (2006) 111 CDI has developed a nasty squeak/bouncy chirping noise when I slow down in gear (below 25mph). (See video) Sounds like bouncy bed springs. First noticed it when slowing down for a speed bump. Took it to a (trusted) garage and the mechanic cleaned up and greased...
  5. I

    Viano W639 Electric Sliding door pops open when driving

    Quite randomly, I can be driving along and the right hand electric sliding door just unlocks itself and pops open a little. Thankfully it doesn't slide all the way back! Initially, I thought it was when I drove over a bump but that's not the case, it happens on the flat as well. It has to be...
  6. M

    Vito 109 W639

    Hi everyone, firstly thanks for allowing me to join this forum. My name is Mark and I live in Jersey C.I. I have a issue with my vito that no one can seem to answer and I was hoping someone may of had the same sort of problem. Up to now it has been faultless in the 10 years I have had it...
  7. A

    Vito W639 body panel replacement

    Hi guys, my dad's Vito/Viano W639 is missing its rear right panel between the wheel and the door (see pics). Does anybody know where to get a replacement for it, or at least contact details? I'm an international student living in Birmingham without a car, and it's really hard for me to go to...

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