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  1. R

    A220 all warning lights on after flat battery

    Hi guys. Recently, just before Xmas, my missus was about to set off for work and all the lights come on the car (A220 2014) and it wouldn’t start. Long story short, was a flat battery. So that got changed, cut to week later lights back on dash and wouldn’t move. So then alternater got changed...
  2. A

    Atego 815 Brake Wear Warning Light Issue

    Hey Folks, I have a 2004 Atego 815, and recently the Brake Wear Warning Light has started showing (see photos below). Thing is, this lorry has been stood still for a little while now - the warning light came on one of the times I was starting her up to tick her over, but she hadn't moved at...
  3. P

    Warning lights on 2003 C200 Avantgarde

    Hi, I have just bought my first Merc. Near the speedo, a warning light has come on- looks like the outline on an engine and is illuminated in brown/orange but working my way through the menu its says no malfunctions. There is also a strong smell as if the engine is running too rich. Could this...
  4. L

    Electrical Issue?

    I have had my C220 for 3 years now it's an early 2012 model and normally a dream to drive. I've had an intermittent issue on start-up where all of the safety/warning systems show a fault. Vehicle locks in park with no function on wipers, indicators, radio, internal lights. Engine fan is...
  5. S

    SLK350 Rebuild

    Hi all, Almost completed a rebuild of a 2005 SLK350 that was written off in an accident a few years ago. I have an electrical issue or two to resolve but happy to help anyone else with queries if I can from what I've learnt along the way. I'm not a mechanic, just a keen amateur. Likewise, if...
  6. S

    C180 'Check Engine' Light but no fault

    I really need some urgent advice please. I have a C180 Estate 2011 Reg (W204) and get the amber 'Check Engine' light which comes on intermittently. Took it to main dealer and ran a diagnostic test which shows no fault. The car does not drive very smoothly and feels misfiring but very...
  7. Arkay

    SLK seat restraint warning lights

    Hello My SRI warning light / message is coming on intermittently (!) stating I must see a dealer immediately. The problem is the seat restraint fixings and belts appear to be fine, and as I say, it only comes on occasionally. I have an MOT next week and although I have confidence in the...
  8. H

    SL 500 Roll Bar SYNC..

    Hi Guys, Having not used my SL 500 over the winter very much I went to put the roof down . The roll bar moved to the up position at the start of the cycle and locked. I could not move it one way or another. Eventually I found my way to this site and followed the advise on the forum . I held...
  9. M

    ML320 Brake light switch

    Vehicle details: 2002 ML320 Can anyone advise me on the following warning lights? Occasionally while driving the vehicle the BAS/ESP/ETS and ABS warning lights come on with an audible warning, there are no other symptoms. I can reset this by stopping, placing into park and restarting. I...
  10. T

    Red triangle

    Hi All Car still will not start found a fuse had gone so have the dash lights back. I have a red triangle in the centre of the dials that stays on, can anyone tell what this telling me. Is this why it won't start. I have no book to look in. Thanks to anyone who can help
  11. O

    W124 1995 220TE Master lighting switch problem ?

    Hi this is my first post and im not sure if i have posted it in the right place so please go easy on me. I have had my car for about two months now and a warning light has started to come on for a few seconds and then goes off again, I found out it was the master lighting switch symbol what...
  12. 2

    W208 CLK430 Cabriolet 2001

    Came to start my wife's CLK430 today and all the lights to the left of the instrument cluster came on (BAS/ESP, brake warning, etc) as did the Central triangle warning light and the "engine" light. I could hear the fuel pump start but nothing further happens as the ingnition switch is moved to...

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