1. L

    Aircon removal W124 '93 320CE to enable use of cheaper radiator

    I bought a '93 320CE which had been sitting around and had a gunked-up cooling system (the heating wasn't working and the car got very hot) and I had the whole thing flushed around Christmas. It worked fine for a while then started heating up again until I replaced the fan viscous clutch. Now...
  2. idlerider

    W211 aircon leak

    My E350 wagon has a refrigerant leak. Car had been sat for some time (on sales forecourts) and the engineer thinks it's the compressor seals, as it fills and holds pressure happily but loses it as soon as the compressor runs. Even under UV, he can't see a visible leak anywhere. I'm thinking of...
  3. P

    C220Cdi 2007 W204 Air Con and Cooling Fan

    Hi, the aircon on my car (facelift model) ceased to cool and I also noticed that the cooling fan was running all the time even though the engine temperature was OK. Local non-Mercedes garage refilled the aircon but it still didnt work even after a second attempt. They think it might be...
  4. J

    Whine/drone sound when AC turned on. After several replacement compressors (under warrenty) there is a huge whine/drone sound coming up thru the steering column which can be felt on the steering wheel from idle to around 2000rpm. The video above was taken today. Anyone have any ideas of what could...
  5. A

    aircon whistle

    Hi, I am looking for some help in identifying the cause of a whistle in the passenger footwell (RHD car). It is related to the aircon as it only occurs when the a/c is on and stops immediately when the a/c is switched off. The car is a C250TD w202 estate. The whistle starts when the...
  6. G

    Clk240 aircon

    Hi,can anybody recommend a mobile mechanic to fit a condenser and regassing my 2004 Clk. I'm based in Streatham sw16,or recommend a local garage. I also need to connect to a star diagnosis machine as I can't set the time and believe the upgraded stereo isn't recognised !!! Thank you all for any...
  7. Smaltze

    W210 AC Faulty

    When i first bought the car early 2015 i had an uncomfortable summer because my AC wasnt working atall, wouldnt blow atall cold in general let alone with the ac on. I didn't bother getting it refilled. Now its winter and its the opposite, it wont blow even remotely hot. I finally got it...
  8. 5

    Deadlock with dealers

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with 2x dealers regarding a warranty repair to my AU CL500 with T1 warranty. To cut a long story short; -Dealer C services car back in February (B service) -Recently, aircon stops working (stuck in AC OFF mode) -2 weeks ago, Dealer D changes condenser and a...
  9. S

    W124 pressure switch change -

    Hello, Would changing the air conditioning pressure switch, part number A1248208310 mean opening the 'closed system' and loosing gas? I ask as I'd like to change this switch and suspect its an easy think to do, and just want to check with the experts. With best,
  10. R

    2004 e320 w211 intermittent no speedo, direction indicators, air con, windows

    I have an intermittent problem that is driving me nuts. With increasingly frequency my wife's e320 when started has no speedo display, no air con, no direction indicator function or display, no electric window function. All other displays on the central console e.g. air temperature work fine...
  11. P

    Weird Aircon problem, CLK320

    I have a problem with my CLK320 aircon in that, for about five weeks now, I have been getting no air from the vents/outlets. It doesn't matter whether the A/C is on or off, or whether it's on Manual or Auto. The fan runs fine, but there is virtually no air exiting - UNLESS the Recirc button is...
  12. R

    Cooling Fan comes on when car started

    Hi All, Im new to this so please bear with me. Mercedes W203 2001 C180 Classic Recently the cooling fan came on when the car was started and comes on every time the car is started and doesn't stop till its switched off. I have had the car checked by a garage and they changed the fan & the...

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