1. JackCLK280

    Oil in my coolant

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have a clk55 on a 54 plate (July 2004). I regularly check my fluids - when I do the weekly wash. Last week I noticed some oil in my coolant. I dipped a rag in to get it out and it came back. My car doesn't overheat. It has white smoke on start up but only...
  2. K

    W208 CLK55 AMG Passenger Power Seat Not Working

    Hello all, I purchased a (W208) 2001 CLK55 AMG a little over a year ago. It had a multitude of problems that I have fixed and addressed (with plenty of raging moments). As of recent, I've decided to try to fix the power seat issue with the passenger side (*Driver side has full functionality*)...
  3. JackCLK280

    Keyless Go

    I have just bought a CLK55 amg on a 54 and it has the keyless go buttons on the doors and the button on the gear selector but none of them work. The guy who sold it said all 55s come with them but the option was not always selected and so was not hooked up to work. I hope this makes sense to...
  4. JackCLK280


    Hi All, I test drive a 2005 CLK55 cab today and for the most part it was beautiful. Engine and gearbox felt tight and strong but when I put the roof up i could hear a really annoying buzzing coming from the dash. It wasn't the parking brake cable sound and it wasn't the clicking of the fan on...
  5. D

    Please Help - Giving Up Hope - CLK 55 W209 Not Charging

    Hi All I am desperate for some help - I am losing the will to carry on. Brought an 03 CLK 55 W209 with 67k for £4000 a few months back. 4 weeks ago I was driving and got the battery warning message in the cluster. Battery went flat and had to get car recovered. Got car home up on ramps...
  6. D

    CLK 55 clunk, play and knock

    Hi All I brought an 03 w209 CLK55 a few months ago on the cheap as it needed some work. One issue is that there is a noticeable clunk from the rear if you shift from park to drive or park to reverse. When driving the gearbox changes are smooth. How ever if you accelerate hard there's always a...
  7. Sasha94

    Project CLK55 AMG

    Hi everyone, my name is Sasha and I'm 22 from Bangor in sunny North Wales. Not sure which section to put this in but this is my recently acquired CLK55 AMG which is my second car and project. My daily is a 12 Volvo V50 DRIVe as I have a 140 mile daily commute!! The first...
  8. P

    W208 CLK55 Gearbox Oil

    Hi All I seem to remember reading that although the Gearbox was "sealed for life", it is now recommended that the oil is changed. If this is the case, does anyone know at what mileage intervals this should be done and also what the oil specification is ? Thanks in advance. Phil
  9. B

    Excessive oil consumption of CLK55 AMG

    Hi all. I need some help. I am using approx 1ltr of engine oil every 100 miles. The crankshaft seal was replaced some time ago, which didn't resolve the problem. Recently a lot of checks have been made in an attempt to find the issue. The crankshaft still has a small leak. The right rocker cover...
  10. B

    CLK55 AMG cabrio w209 front bumper

    Hi all, Does anyone know where to find a new (or used but in good order) front bumper for a 2003 CLK55 amg? Mine has cracked just below the fog lights so many times it's just not worth repairing it again. But on the other hand don't want to pay just under £1k for a new one. Thanks
  11. B

    CLK55 AMG engine change w209

    Hi all. I have a 2003 CLK55 cabrio, the car is great, other then the long list of faults that keep appearing quicker than I can get them fixed, but the major one at the moment is an oil leak. However yesterday my friend was behind me (he's an ex mechanic) and he said when I put some power down...
  12. E

    New CLK55 AMG owner

    Hi all, Just drove the 150 miles home in my new (to me) CLK55 AMG convertible W209. So happy with it. Decided to see what happens when the ESP is turned off, wont be doing that again in a hurry. Never had an auto/tip before, was like dropping the clutch !! So much car for the money. Couple of...

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