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  1. C

    Lost my engine power

    I have a c180 from 1995, since I am a young boy (18) and live in Norway make your car look different isn't unusual but I lost most of my engine power and I have no idea why and now I have cleaned the air filter and changed the fuel filter so if there anyone that could give me any more ideas what...
  2. G

    could use some help :)

    i have mb w203 2004 200cdi wagon that have a non digital climate control. i want to change to the digital version. is this plug and play? or even possible? the ones i have attached as images. thanks so much for help in advance!
  3. N

    270 cdi transmission usual fault. Advice

    Hi I recently bought a 2003 270 clk cdi elegance and unfortunately it now seems to need a new gear box. The car presented with a transmission fault that the main dealer diagnosed as a Tcu issue so replaced, with no differencce to the original problem and at great expense. They now say it...
  4. B

    Anyone Local to Wigan area with STAR?

    Hi, is there anyone local to me (Wigan / Ashton in Makerfield) who could nip over with their Star equip and remove the codes from my Gearbox ecu? I replaced my gearbox and Torque Converter as my old box & TC had no drive. Further reading on here suggests I need to have the codes that will...
  5. Alex240

    2009 w212 E-class, with 2007 engine?

    I'd really like some assistance in clarifying this. As some might know, I'm currently looking for a w212 e-class, here in Japan. A friend of my wife is currently scanning the auctions that he attends, to help me find a good one. He works in the motor industry, selling & modifying cars etc...
  6. T


    Ok I'm new so be nice! Think I'm posting this on the right section :/ Oh and don't use mega car terminology, Ok so on Xmas day, the starter fuse blew, so I upped the Amps to a 20a Started fine, then blew, anyways now the starter has completely packed up, a guy come Today to put it on his...
  7. A

    Modifications on W203 2006 non-folding wing mirrors to folding wing mirrors

    I want to improve my car by make mod on non-folding wing mirror by changing it with folding mirror. How could I do this (DIY) and what parts will be needed? I read lots of articles but I couldnt find something that I need. My car is C180 Komp. Elegance W203 2006 Saloon 4D. My wing mirrors are...
  8. J

    Kwik Fit Faults found advice needed?

    Hi, First post and first Mercedes (06 C220 CDI coupe). Have just had a full service done at Kwik Fit as had a voucher code. Surprisingly they have "found" a number of faults which they say requires attention. 1.NSF lower arm dustcover is damaged 2. middle exhaust hanger is broken 3. Ususal...
  9. S

    Help Key Fob Info needed!!!

    Hi I have a W210 E320, My one and only key fob was dropped a while back and has been slowly dying, as in i have to be right next to the car for it to work and today stopped working completely. Not only the doors but for the first time the ignition as well. I replaced the batteries but...
  10. A

    1992 300SL Soft top problem

    Hi there! I have a 1992 Mercedes 300SL, with one major problem! it had an aftermarket alarm system intaled when we bought the car, the alarm system started to play up and we could not turn it off so we took it out and instaled a new one... so down to the point.. the electric soft top will not...
  11. D

    300 ce 1991

    hiya all i have a 91 300ce that starts eventually then cuts out after about 10 mins then will not re start.... i have drained the fuel tank replaced the filter, replaced dizzy cap n rotar arm replaced coil got spark n fuel on all 6 cylinders...any ideas would be most welcome sounds real sweet...
  12. G

    Help, My A140 1999 is Revving itself!

    Hi, I recently bought a A140 1999 reg Elegance. I have noticed sometimes (usually after the car has been left for a few hours) That the engine Revvs itself after i have started it (this lasts for 30secs to 1min maximum). I have watched the rev counter and there is definitely movement. This does...
  13. H

    ML Seats

    I have just brought a ML & want to pack the kids in the rear seats. (Third row) But I can't seem to get the seats to fold foward!:confused: I've got the D shaped handle one side & another lever on the other side of the seat, but all I have managed is to fold the back down so they can step...
  14. A

    help e300td low power

    Hi i,m in need of some assistance i have an 1998 e300td w210 automatic and it seems to have an intermitting fault of the turbo not working, ususally car is fine accelerating upto 60 mph then turbo seems to stop working and car is very flat and does not change up gears at all until you release...
  15. M

    Front Seat Base Cushion Loose - W203

    The leather seat base cushion on my 2000 W203 C200K is loose and rocking up and down on one side of the drivers seat. I found the remains of a broken black plastic bracket (on the floor underneath) which clamps over a round metal bar under the front of the seat base cushion. Also 2 unbroken...

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