1. M

    Intermittent power loss on W169

    Hi all, I have a A180 (W169, 2006 1992cc diesel automatic). Recently I replaced an injector seal. Since then the car has an intermittent fault - it will be going fine, and then there is a sudden drop in power and white/grey smoke out of the exhaust. When I stop the engine and restart it's all...
  2. I

    W204 2010 C200 CDI Loss of power after injector seal change (No fault/error codes)

    Hi, I just had my injector seals changed (due to seeing a leak on my drive and my mechanic diagnosing it to be that) and now my car has a drastic loss of power. Before the injector seal change the cars power fine - engine spools up properly and boost wasn't an issue. When driving the car...
  3. M

    250 cdi W212 Can someone help me with injectors

    Hello, i own a E class W212 2009 250cdi with Om651 engine but since cold weather started i have a injector knocking noise until it warms up. So my question is what injector do i need i mean part number or is there really a need to code it. Injectors that i have have this P/n A6510702887 So my...
  4. Mazin Bayoumi


    Hi, i'm a bit dumbfounded!! My W204 C320 cdi sport started "misfiring" at around 2000 revs when driving in auto mode. It was OK up to 2000 and over 2500 revs. I took it to a garage, they plugged it in and it showed no fault codes. They checked the injectors and "calibrated", cleaned the egr...
  5. K

    Ml270 injector popped out

    I have a problem with my 270. One of the injectors popped out and stripped the threads. Tired m6 helicoil but the original bolt holes to big for m6. Can i go m7 or even m8? Is there enough surround metal to be able to drill n tap an m7 or m8 helicoil. All help appreciated
  6. H

    ECU or Injectors? Cutting off under Acceleration W212

    hey guys, got a 2013 w212 saloon E250 77k on the clock and after a week I got this problem. When it accelerates hard, the car would completely cut off. When it restarts it, the car would violently vibrate then shut off again. My mechanic said the fault code was the Injector, got 2 changed as 2...
  7. G

    injector screw/bolt broken ML270 CDI

    Hello, I'm new here but have read a lot on this subject. I have had this ML for about six months now, it is very clean and did run extremely well and everything works, but has quite high kilometers (340k). The car has a near complete service history by MB. I'm in rural France, and called a...
  8. J

    Pool of Diesel on top of Injectors.

    Hi guys, great to be a part of the forum. Just looking for abit of help and advice. This morning my Mercedes cdi c220 2011 was turning over but not firing up. I tried a few times then stopped. When I looked in the engine there is a pool of Diesel over the injectors? But when I turn the car...
  9. V

    W368 starting problem

    Hi, I recently bought a vito W368 112CDI, It had the 'Black death' problem.. So I took out the injector that was leaking, cleaned every bit of it very well, for allot of hours, and put it back. The vito started up normal again after that (still took like 3sec to start up each time). But after...
  10. J

    2001 sprinter 313 cdi injectors

    got an injector blowing on my sprinter. did a leak off test just before starting disassembly and found that the blowing injector is fine but injector 2 lifted about 6 inch of fuel in the test tube so i assume its shot. im hoping number 3 (the chuffing one) will survive. but at the least i need...
  11. J

    2001 sprinter 313 egr and cat?

    just bought a 2001 sprinter luton 313 cdi on 120k. not owned a sprinter before and dont know these engines. noticed it was probly a bit slower than it should be (though still much faster than my transit) so started investigating. thought this may be egr valve related but there doesnt seem to...
  12. M

    Injector blown out, taking helicoil with it

    Well i think i`ve found my rough running problem, the very 1st injector popped out yesterday , inspected today it has took the helicoil with it, looks like a bad repair by someone, the injector itself has a long crack on the bottom section , i`m guessing this has been the cause of it running...
  13. B

    S210 E320CDi Injector leak / spitting?

    Hi I am a newbie, so not sure as to the format of these forums. I have a s210 which looks like it has an injector (s) problem. It's noisy and seems to be spitting. Any advice or ideas?
  14. M

    The knock/tapping noise !

    Hi All , Just to say hello first to everyone. My name is Mark and I operate a 2003Sprinter 311 CDI LWB Beaver Tail with 88K, which I recently purchased. Have been a long time member of the Iveco Daily Forum with over 600 posts , but due to Payload have bought a Sprinter. I hope I can get...
  15. D

    W163 ML270 CDi Injector refitting problem

    Hi Everyone I recently bought a 2003 ML 270cdi with 160,000 miles on the clock and it had a couple of blowing injectors (three and four if counting from the front) - the dreaded "black death"! After reading the threads already on here (Very useful too, thankyou!) I decided that the removal...
  16. 6

    Status of Blue efficiency injector issues

    What is the current status of this problem ? Has the fix for the 2010 & 11 cars (blue efficiency engines) with the faulty delphi injectors been fixed permanently ? Or is the verdict still pending ? Are you guys still getting decent mpg from your cars after the latest fix, which seems to be to...
  17. R

    Injector problem solved on new cdi engine?

    Hi everyone, Im planning to buy a 2011/2012 used e250 cdi or e350cdi. But I am afraid of the injector problem after I saw lot of threads discussing abt the faulty injector of cdi engine of C or E class. Just wonder has this problem been solved on the relatively new E250/350 cdi model...
  18. R

    Injector Leak Off - ML270

    Evening all, I have a 2002 ML270 which I have had the smooth running values of the injectors checked and they are well within values (+/- 0.5) on all injectors. I still have an issue where it can be a little difficult to start when hot, so I am having an injector leak off test performed...
  19. W

    Loose Injector

    Loose Injector I have a e320 cdi 2005. Sent in for service and been told that one of the injectors had come loose and carboned up the surrounding area. How can this happen? Should the injectors have been examined at the last service (mileage now 109,000)?
  20. B

    Injector use or not to use?!?!

    Hi, For SL500 2003 79k miles, can we use the attached injector cleaner? Any harm to the engine? Has anyone used this before? Also im told for best results to only mix with half a tank of fuel rather than full? Is that so?
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