1. I

    Poor acceleration CLK200 m111

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here, this is my first thread. My problem with my car is, if I push the gas pedal over ~60% the car is not accelerating like it should, but if below ~60% it accelerates like a charm without any problem, it can hit the rev limiter also. But if I push it too hard the magic...
  2. H

    Mercedes E350 w212 Upgrade to 350HP?

    Hi, I’m new in forum and I’m from Germany. My car is W212 Mercedes E350d 4matic 2015 (OM642) with remap and dpf off 285hp. I want to make my car 330-350hp. I will make my turbo hybrid. I need to upgrade my intercooler and i search downpipe but i don’t have idea someone can help me?
  3. B

    Help Needed

    Help desperately needed please. Car in question: A150 Elegance Se Cvt/2007/1498cc I am a single mum on benefits and I was gifted this car by a family member who was getting rid.. I think I now know why. Lately I’ve been having issues with the acceleration on the car. I don’t know what causes...
  4. A

    Mercedes w203 2001 Undervoltage Consumer Defective

    Greetings, First, I apologize if any similar thread already exists. I have a Mercedes-Benz model W203 Year: 2001. Diesel, Automatic. CDI 220. 2.2 Lately, I'm receiving a message about Undervoltage Consumer Defective, after 2-3 minutes, when I start the vehicle in the morning. It is not a red...
  5. awlast96

    Noise when starting car

    Hello, I've had my car for just over a year, it's recently had a full service with no issues. I've recently started to notice a sound coming from the front drivers side when I start the car and I'm unsure what it is. The noise isn't constant and it can only be heard when first started for...
  6. pmnunes

    OM639 Fuel System Nightmare

    Afternoon gentlemen, Bought a car to fix it up, came with some problems i fixed them all except this fuel issue. The car fuel economy is very low. When going uphill or merging highway it turns off. Basically any situation that you need to accelerate its a problem. The codes are 2634; 2637...
  7. BestHeadhunter

    Weird Tail light problem - a complete mystery

    I'm hoping for a miracle. My 2007 CLK Cabrio has a tail light problem. The lights all work, but they dance. For 10 seconds they are normal, then they flick to the backup mode, all bulbs replaced with Bosch bulbs. Inside, the error message has always been the same, even when the lights were fine...
  8. L

    My C220 engine feels like it wants to keep going when in drive with the foot or parking break applied.

    My C220 engine sounds and feels like it wants to keep going when in drive with the foot or parking break applied. It sounds like I'm accelerating to go when the break is on! Any ideas why? Any help appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  9. A

    Mercedes smelly smoke when starting

    Hello, I have a 2011 Mercedes c300 gas with 115k miles And lately when I start it in the morning or when I start of after the car has been sitting for a couple of days it has smelly dark grey-ish smoke I wonder if there’s anything wrong??? Thanks in advance
  10. C

    Mercedes A180 Lack of Power/Glow plug/engine management light

    Hey guys, Reaching out for some advice/help if possible regarding a Mercedes a class A180D 2016. 80k miles. Out driving on Saturday and noticed a severe lack of power, large amounts of white smoke as well as the engine management light come on. Drove 2 miles home and called the AA out but the...
  11. M

    Advice pre purchase - Mercedes owners

    Hi guys, I’m new here and hope this is the right thread. I need some advice, having had poor experiences with my previous cars. some background: I love cars, want to get an automatic next because I am often in London traffic and can’t deal with the back and forth manual (love manuals but it’s...
  12. A

    C63 Buying Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a C63 Saloon (2012 - 2014) soon. I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone has on buying/owning these cars. I've done some research and am looking for a car optioned with the performance pack/LSD, but please let me know any other info I should know before buying...
  13. G

    could use some help :)

    i have mb w203 2004 200cdi wagon that have a non digital climate control. i want to change to the digital version. is this plug and play? or even possible? the ones i have attached as images. thanks so much for help in advance!
  14. FBF

    W221 radio upgrades?

    Well it would seem my s63 has the dreaded amp rot, stereo and phone options say unavailable and despite how beautiful the car sounds im missing mr vine, its got so bad im even missing the awfully annoying Zoe ball!! So i dont want to invest in a new kardon amp, is there any other aftermarket...
  15. A

    Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI leaking?! HELP!

    Good Evening Folks New here, apologies if this is in the wrong place. Recently inherited this camper van. Doing it up but hit a snag! Just noticed this leak, any thoughts what it could be due to the location under the van. Lost powersteering as well. First thought is corroded fuel lines, and...
  16. G

    W213 Coupe Rear Emblem Removal

    Hi guys, I'm going to be collecting my W213 E coupe soon, very excited!!! I'm looking at purchasing a black rear mercedes emblem to install on the back of the car. However, I cant find anywhere (videos or other threads) that shows how to remove just the star off the rear camera cover unit...
  17. R

    Mercedes c300h 15 playe

    I have a c300h hybrid car. I had a problem with it before as well that i rarely went to the batteries and stayed mostly on the engine. I got it fixed from Mercedes, they said it needed a software update. After some time i got a letter from Mercedes for a recall and when i got my car back it...
  18. M

    Looking for a used Mercedes Benz C Class C180K

    If you got any used cars, do let me know, looking out for this model or maybe any in the sedan class
  19. N

    2010 C180 Blue Efficiency Engine/Timing Chain Problems

    Hi, This is my first post regarding my first Mercedes :( My car is a C180, year 2010 with about 70k on the clock. One day I was driving it and it suddenly had the engine lights on and lost all power completely. AA came, looked at it, said it lost compression, could be a timing chain issue...
  20. Acid@MSL

    My Genius with Custom Remap Group buy

    Update: we currently have 16 people signed up so would need another 9 to proceed. Please read carefully! We are offering you guys the chance to do a group buy in order to receive a and . We can only offer them at these discounted prices if 25 or more of you buy. The price is all in and...

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