1. C

    W212, M274 engine, E-Class 2013 petrol, Misfire P008992, P030085, P030185, P030385, P030485, P06DA00

    Hi folks, Having some real trouble here, E-Class 2013, petrol, M274 engine, 85k mileage, regularly serviced / looked after. Mostly used in town driving. History: 3 weeks, as I was parking, the engine bay started to shake/jerk as if it was going to stall. Left it, came back 7 hours later...
  2. M

    P0302 cylinder 2 misfire detected

    Hi all thought I’d give this forum a try to see if anyone can help me out with a problem I’ve been having for over 6 months now as no one is being able to find the problem. So my car which is a 2014 Mercedes a class a180 1.6L with around 88000 miles when the problem started, it had started to...
  3. JamesW204

    If it ain't broke... M272 Misfire after changing spark plugs

    Hi there Any advice appreciated! So this afternoon, I changed all 6 spark plugs on my C350. It's on 88000 miles and as I had no evidence to suggest they have ever been changed I decided to do them. I changed all the plugs for some new NGK PLKR7A, which are listed as OE equivalent design on...
  4. A

    Help - M271 Engine Rough Idle, Misfire Codes P0301-303, P0325 Knock Sensor, P0341 Cam Pos Sensor

    Mercedes C180K - 2006 (W203) Engine M271 100,000 miles My C180K will not start and if it does it sounds like a diesel tractor and runs rough. Can anyone help me detect the reason because due to Covid 19 i can't take it to a garage and i need the car to use to shop etc. It all started the one...
  5. Mazin Bayoumi


    Hi, i'm a bit dumbfounded!! My W204 C320 cdi sport started "misfiring" at around 2000 revs when driving in auto mode. It was OK up to 2000 and over 2500 revs. I took it to a garage, they plugged it in and it showed no fault codes. They checked the injectors and "calibrated", cleaned the egr...
  6. S

    PLEASE HELP! Engine Juddering harshly when idle.

    Hello all. Firstly, I've only just signed up and I apologise if I come across as a noob. I really require some expert advice/opinion on some issues I'm experiencing with my Mercedes 2004 C180 Kompressor SE Sport (Automatic). 82000 miles. Long story short. I recently just had the spark plugs...
  7. P

    W204 2008 C class, misfire .

    So, i've got this 2008 C220 CDI that has been at the workshop for about three months now. It all started when i went to get a leak on the second cylinder injector fixed. It should've been an easy job, but when i came back later that day my car was just shaking at startup, but i tought it was...
  8. B

    560 sec changed on kickdown but no power

    Hi, Hopefully someone can assist: My 560sec is lacking power. Now, it has stood for 7 years and i am only 300 miles in to blowing the cobwebs out of it and this includes using fuel additive to clean the injectors but she is v sluggish and on kickdown, she changes gear but then just hangs there...
  9. Graham couch

    SLK200 sudden misfire?

    hi my SLK200 suddenly started misfiring as though it was only running on two cylinders, also the engine light came on, however when I turned off the engine and restarted it, it started running fine, although the engine light is still on and has run ok ever since, any ideas guys?
  10. A

    2002 C200K Estate - Misfire under load - jerky gearbox

    Hi All, I bought my first Mercedes two weeks ago - a 2002 C200 Kompressor Estate. As I bought it from a garage, I've got a 3 month warranty. Sadly, it's already gone wrong after a week of driving. If I use more than 50% of the throttle, the car starts misfiring and then won't stop...
  11. 2

    W124 Misfire on one of four cylinders

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for fixing a misfire I'm experiencing on one of the four cylinders in my 1991 230CE. Checked all the plugs and they are all providing a spark. Thought it was a clogged fuel injector as my car was sitting for a few months. Replaced the...
  12. L

    2001 C240 auto engine warning lamp, loss of power

    Recently the engine management orange warning lamp appeared on my dash and the car suffered an immediate loss of power. My local garage diagnosed a coil pack problem and replaced this to no effect. Their diagnostics suggested that the cyclinder bank 1,3 & 5 was showing a misfire and Cat...
  13. B

    W210 E320 V6 Petrol 1997 - Electrical Trouble?

    Hello forum. So...I own a W210 E320 V6 saloon - R Reg (1997) Auto. Last night, totally out of the blue, the engine wouldn't start. Starter motor turned, but not fast enough or for long enough to get the engine to fire up. No obvious reason for battery to be flat - not the middle of...
  14. S

    SLK230 Mis-fire :( Thoughts please?

    Apologies for the length of this mail! My SLK 230 1999, 46k, intermittent use but regularly serviced and always reliable UNTIL after 5 weeks non-use and flat battery, restarted by mechanics jump leads and driven back to their (non Merc) garage for a service. My opinion after 2 secs of...
  15. J


    Hello my c180 1999 has a misfire after a long journey or run up the motorway you turn engine of and restart runs ok no code that I know of
  16. C

    Excessive engine vibration & lack of power

    I have a C200, automatic, which - together with some bad advice - has been giving me an increasing deal of trouble in the last three week. The problem, in a nutshell, is this: The engine is vibrating excessively, particularly when moving in slow traffic (for instance, when stopped at a...
  17. C

    CLK280 A209 Engine Management Light Poor Running

    CLK280, registered Dec2005, 82000 miles. Went on long drive round France, started 'misfiring' under acceleration. Following morning started car and engine mgt system light flashed then stayed on and engine started running really rough/lumpy. Let car warm up, stopped, restarted, engine running...
  18. H

    C220 cdi, Misfire / Manifold Fault

    Hi Guys, wondering if you can help. I have a C220 Cdi on a 2004/04 plate, bought the car recently and every so often when revving it was making a screeching noise - loosing air and then going into limp mode. Disovered one of the manifold bolts was missing, have had the manifold taken off...
  19. Y

    300ce-24 m104 engine misfiring

    I have a misfiring problem in my 300ce-24. I have narrowed it down to cyl 4 only. I have replaced the distributor and spark leads but to no help. If I leave the car undriven for a few days and start it up, the misfiring is really bad.... I can step on the accelerator and the car is bogged...
  20. S

    E200 misfire and power loss

    Hi everyone. W124 E200 TE 3/94 This is my first post so forgive and missing information etc please. Where to start.. There are two issues, they may be related they may not, but would like advice on where to start. 1. The car on warm restart drives normally and then the power will...

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