1. G

    VITO / V Class.... are Euro 6 OM651 engines as bad as Euro 5 OM651 engines?

    Hi all, I expect I am opening a can of worms here, with this but I'd like to get some feedback from people with real world experience. My 200,000 mile 2006 E Class Estate, which I love, just isn't big enough. So I am looking into getting a Vito / Viano / V class. I'm not in the money for a...
  2. Arnison XXVI

    OM651 Timing Chain?

    Hi people new to the forum, let me know if I've posted on the wrong place, I'm 21 and just bought a W212 E250 CDI, I remember I was 10 and my dad bought one out the showroom and I lusted after one since that day. I read before buying about the timing chains, but can't find any answers as to how...
  3. T

    Dishonest Garage? Or they might be right...?

    Hello all my friends! Hope this thread finds everyone well! Last Monday, I was driving my C220 CDI COUPE (2011 Reg, C204) on the motorway. The car was all fine until the moment I was trying to overtake a car and hardly depress the gas. As soon as I depressed the gas and rev hit 3000 RPM, there...
  4. R

    Refilling coolant?

    2012 om651 c250 Ive changed the coolant thermostat housing cos it was leaking and obviously I lost coolant, my question is when I refill it is there a procedure as I've read that the housing opens up at a temperature. Cos as I've refitted it the coolant level hasnt dropped even with the engine...
  5. R

    What is this pipe, its leaking air.

    What is the pipe with the sleeve over it. When I turn ignition on but without turning over the engine this pipe hisses then stops after about 20 seconds. I have these codes showing and am trying to locate the problems without paying for help as I lost my job from the covid lockdown.
  6. S

    Engine Failure on Mercedes C220 2.1l diesel OM651

    Hiya i am a new bee? i am after some technical help. i have a 2012 c220 2.1diesel om651 witch had an engine fault i removed the engine and striped it down no inspection found the big end bearings seized to the crankshaft so the engine was sent to my local machine shop were they polished the...
  7. M

    W204 2011 OM651 Engine Mounts Question

    Hey Guys, I got all brand new engine mounts and gearbox mount from my dealer. I was reading over WIS document explaining the whole procedure of what needs to be taken out etc. It looks like there is a lot to do it. You have to unbolt alternator and also A/C compressor and also document is...
  8. S

    OM651 MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

    I spent ages searching on line for the location of this sensor and also got some unhelpful advice from an independent I did not know about my error code (P0109 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Intermittent) not making sense. There is a YouTube video of someone changing...
  9. M

    New member - Help with service record please

    Hello all, my names Matt and I'm a new member here! I don't actually own a Merc yet as my username suggests, but I am looking for a W447 114 Vito, and I'm close to pulling the trigger on one. The only thing that I'm not sure about is a couple of aspects of the service history. The vehicle I'm...
  10. M

    W204 C200 OM651 Intake Manifold

    Hey Guys, I have the car for over a year and drove it around 40 000km through the year. Currently car has 140 000km. From time to time was throwing error code PA200A21. Recently it went into a limp mode also. At home it showed me: P200A21 - The charge movement flap (cylinder 1) has a...
  11. simonlondon24

    E250cdi om651 engine metalic noise when hot

    Hi everyone. As I have probably search everywhere and could find anything similar, I'm having to ask the question myself. Have anyone come across this metallic poping, pinging background noise? It only happened when the engine is warmed up. I have took the drive belt off to test it, and noise...
  12. hod05

    OM651 rattle

    Hi all OM651 has rattle at start up I heard it for about a week on start up a rattle that is loud and dies down after about 2-3 seconds since its done an incredible outstanding milage of just 76,000 I presume its the chain thats stretched and possible sprockets and tensioner too. I have...

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