1. A

    Mercedes R129 Roof Issues

    Hi guys, I recently bought an R129 which apparently had a working roof, when I actually got the car though it won’t go up or down. It seems to look like an issue with the window switches to me as it stops right when it would look to see they’re down. My car has the limit switches fitted...
  2. G

    Wiper failed, indicators stopped, r129

    1991 300SL r129. Hello; I have been having problems with the wiper not working and now the indicators are also not working, the problem has been intermittent but now not. I have been following the advice on the blogs up to this point. The lights are working and I recently installed a new febi...
  3. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Door Stay

    Hi, my door stay on my 1997 drivers door when you open it just closes without the door stay holding the door open, any ideas, the flat bar that goes into the door feels loose. any help would be gratefully received. Are they a nightmare to fit ? Ive seen them for £70-90 on ebay.
  4. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL 280 R129 1997 Model

    Hi Im looking for a replacement front wing for my Sl 280 1997, I don't mind painting one to match the Brilliant Silver (744) panel, my body shop suggested to replace rather than try and cut out rust from the wing. I've found one from a 199 SL 500 and was wondering if the panel changed any with...
  5. JuBe

    Allot of play in R129 steering wheel

    Hello to all as the title says, I have some play in my steering wheel, tomorrow I will be under the car making some inspections, but first I wanted to ask here to maybe get some tips So the problem is like, when I'm on a highway I need to turn allot just to get the steering started, so I expect...
  6. JuBe

    R129 blinker opening

    Hello! i got a pair of used clear glass blinkers, but one of them have broken pins, so i cant put it on without glue But my orange ones are in perfect condition, can i replace just the glass so i can put it back on normal i mean i belive its doable but have anyone here done that? any tips on how...
  7. C

    R129 boot locked and flat battery

    Hi - I've got a 1993 R129 300sl 24v. I only have the valet keys and not a remote/fob - but have had no problems in the 3.5 years I've owned the car. However, I recently hadn't been able to lock the boot and when I was fiddling around in the mechanism I tripped a switch like thing before stupidly...
  8. Justin85

    1999 R129 interior colour - steering wheel retrim

    Hello All, I'm trying to get my steering wheel retrimmed. The colour code for my car is 234A - Nappa Saffron/Java. I assume the seats are Saffron and the upper dash and wheel are Java; I've tried a couple of reputable trimmers, but they haven't been able to source any suitable coloured...
  9. G

    Pleasantly surprised

    Just come back from a whistle stop tour of Cornwall in my recently acquired SL350 and must say I loved it! Nice and comfortable to drive, roof down listening to that burble from the exhaust was quite satisfying! I thought the acceleration was lacking but once you built up speed it responded well...
  10. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 1997

    My Mercedes is suffering from the off-side front wing rust issue, it has been repaired before but I was just looking at the possibility of a new front wing ? is that still possible ? are there any fabricators making patten parts . The rust is mainly by the arch extending to the light section...
  11. r129co

    R129 SL repairs and maintenance

    Hi guys and girls We are now offering a repairs, maintenance, detailing and restoration book-in service, for the R129 SL, at our garage in the southeast, in Kent. More information on that at our website here. I would like to ask - what problems related to the R129 SL have you had, or had heard...
  12. r129co

    R129 SL Repair, Restoration and Fitting service

    Hi there, my SL parts company R129 Co are now offering interior repairs, electrical and engine diagnostics and repairs, and parts fitting, from here in our premises in Kent, 25 miles off the M25. We've been working with the R129 SL and W140 S Class for over a decade and are confident we can...
  13. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Battery Replacement

    Hi Has anybody got any experience of changing the battery in the R129 SL 280, very large oblong type battery which holds its charge but for precaution Im topping her up via trickle charge (CTEX MXS) every 2 weeks which works fine. Im having the intermittent fault in starting the old girl where...
  14. A

    R129 300sl 1991 Harmonic Damper Pulley Replacement

    Hi All I have a 1991 300SL, which has faulty crankshaft pulley. Unfortunately, we also need the pulley with the harmonic damper which MB have told us is no longer made!!! Help. Anyone know where we might get one from please. many thanks Alan
  15. I

    Hello all

    Newbie here, I took ownership of an r129 300sl (1991) last year, and now need to tap into the knowledge of fellow enthusiasts! Seems as these have an array of potential electrical faults, so it will be good to hear what people have encountered and hopefully I feel less bad about my little beauty.
  16. mark.s

    FATHERS DAY OFFER (Driving Experiences)

    FATHER’S DAY Stuck for ideas this year? Purchase a classic Mercedes-Benz hire car voucher from The SL Shop before June 30th and receive 10% discount. See www.theslshop.com/hire.
  17. Justin85

    a new R129 owner...

    Hello everyone, I'm the pleased owner of a new to me 2000 R129 SL500. I already own a 1991 W126 420SEL and several other non-Mercedes cars (Peugeots and Alfas). I picked the SL up from Italy last Saturday. It's a RHD UK car which has spent it's time between the UK and Italy from the looks of...
  18. Justin85

    ADS2 - pump priming/system bleeding

    Hello everyone, Please can you help a noob?! I've just refitted the tandem pump on my 2000 R129 SL500. I didn't lose a lot of hydraulic (ZH-M) fluid in the process - indeed the level in the the reservoir on the front wing barely dropped - it has remained just on the max mark. Does anyone...
  19. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes Sl280 R129 Roof Switch and Roll Bar Illuminated

    Hi, I stupidly let the battery drop down low, I started her with a battery pack but now the Roof Light is permanently on as is the roll bar light. Im praying no permeant damage by using the battery pack, everything else is fine, is it a trip to MB for a STAR plugin and fault clear of is there a...
  20. s5tuart

    R129 door locking vacuum pump

    My refurbished unit has arrived from the USA. I aim to fit it myself but can't seem to find a simple way of removing the vacuum pipe connections from the old unit. I certainly don't want to force anything and break the current pump as I intend to refurbish it with a new motor and sell it on...

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