1. P

    R231 SL Rear Windscreen Trim (Black) Fading / Flaking

    Hello good people - hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend! Having given my 2014 R231 SL a good bath earlier, I have noticed that the two rear windscreen trims are fading (see pics). They are gloss black originally. Has anyone come across this / know a good solution? I'm thinking...
  2. G

    W213 Coupe Rear Emblem Removal

    Hi guys, I'm going to be collecting my W213 E coupe soon, very excited!!! I'm looking at purchasing a black rear mercedes emblem to install on the back of the car. However, I cant find anywhere (videos or other threads) that shows how to remove just the star off the rear camera cover unit...
  3. Richie Livo

    Whirring noise

    good afternoon guys, my 2006 Sl350 seems to make a slight whirring noise at speed coming from behind me? Maybe as I’ve recently got it I’m picking up on anything.. possible the cheap tyres! Only seems to happen after 40mph and it’s not loud I just know it’s there.. Sounds like it’s coming from...
  4. G

    Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L Braking problem. HELP!

    Hello Mercedes lovers, Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L I need your help requiring breaking problem I have. So couple weeks ago my Car went out of brakes. I took my car to Local mechanic which have specialised in Mercedes-benz cars. They Changed Cylinder of break fluid , the pipe at the rear wheel...
  5. I

    Accident Repair BodyShop Recommendation - Rear Collision

    Hi, My local take away driver has rear-ended my 64 plate c220 and now i am in need for a body shop that any one can recommend in the Bradford area. I was sat stationary in traffic going no where and then bang this guys comes in to my rear. Anyways, I thought i would come here see if anyone can...
  6. R

    Medesed ML 270CDI 2003 Facelift W163 Rear heater/blower stays on even when the car is turned off

    On my Mercedes ML 270 CDi 2003 (facelift model) the rear heater remains on after the car is switched off and the key is removed. I’ve tried looking for the fuse for the rear blower but been unsuccessful as the heater is constantly draining the battery therefore I’m disconnecting the battery...
  7. anyweb

    W212: 2009 e350cdi how do I replace the rear springs ?

    hi, one of my two rear springs has a broken bit right at the bottom coil, and of course they'll fail me next February for BilProvning here in Sweden (MOT for you lot), so I was wondering how difficult of a job is it to replace these myself, is it very hard or very doable, any youtube videos or...
  8. walshy66

    W140 S-Class I need to remove a rear half shaft. Any Help Please?

    Noticed the ABS light on and a quick inspection revealed the problem. The ABS 'reluctor' ring had split on the rear drivers side. No easy fix I presume apart from getting the half shaft out and replacing the ring. Just looking for some tips on how to do this and is a special press tool...
  9. S

    A209 CLK320 2003 roof not quite closing correctly by rear windscreen

    My roof closes fine but at the very last moment when the fabric tucks into the rear windscreen, a small section of material about the size of half a golf ball bunches up and sits as a clump on the outside edge of the rear windscreen on the lower right hand corner. If I stop the mechanism from...
  10. TheGaffer

    W124 / C123 /S124 E Class Coupe

    Hi People, so over the weekend i decided to attack the rot on my E Class Coupe (C124) that yes you guessed is the rear sub frame front mounts. If you did not know and own these models i suggest you whip of your wheels and have a dig with a screw driver, although your see the rot easy enough if...
  11. R

    Rear windscreen wiper motor - is their any alternatives???

    Hi there. This is my first posting. My rear windscreen motor has broken. I can't believe how much a replacement is. Does anyone know of an alternative for the motor from another manufacturer. Ie using an Audi part? As other parts seem to be so so much cheaper. I have looked on eBay and these...
  12. D

    Verio 614D/814D Rear axle differential ratios

    Hi, I've just bought our family camper conversion project bus! It's a 2004 Vario 614D 4250cc/140ps minibus. It's an ex-disabled passenger vehicle and as such was fitted with a town-ratio rear axle, or low ratio diff. It's no good for long journeys/touring and motorways are almost painful! She...
  13. G

    GL63 brake pads wearing out fast

    I know it's a big fast car but it's driven quite sensibly by my wife. The car is one and a half years old and has done 21,000 miles. I have had to replace rear brake pads twice and front once.not cheap! To be this seems strange?? It does a lot of short low speed journeys on school...
  14. E

    CLS Heated Rear Window

    Hello, my first post! New Forum member with his first Mercedes, who's been looking through various threads from way back on various subjects, the people here seem to know a thing or two. Most refreshing! My heated rear window doesn't appear to work, the button indicator comes on for about 10...
  15. A

    W169 A Class 1.5 2005 O/S SeatBelt Anchor how to fit it??

    Hi Does anyone have detailed instructions or know where I can find them to fit my new rear seat belt anchor as the clip doesnt work. Thank you so much. Cx
  16. V

    Auto dimming mirror

    Hello Does anyone know if the auto dimming mirror is adjustable (via STAR) - to say darken more than it does already? At night, it works ok, but during early morning half light it does not seem to darken appreciably, especially when someone comes up behind me with Xenons. My car is a 2008 C...
  17. C

    W124 Rear Brake mystery

    Hi all Looking for some help on my 1992 200e A/T. It failed it's local roadworthy test (MOT) today due to the rear brakes not working properly. All seems fine when driving and reversing as the brakes stop the car with no shudder, judder or any other "udder" :), the pedal does not feel...
  18. A

    E280 2000 s210 rattle from rear when going over bumps and potholes

    I have a 2000 e280 avantgarde estate s210. I am getting a rattle from the rear when I go over bumps. I had Merc specialist look at it who still can't diagnose the problem. I am not happy with them because they told me to change the sub frame bushes and charged £150. Have been reading some stuff...
  19. W

    W169 rear brakes

    Do you remove the whole caliper to replace the rear pads on A Class? ie Is it the two large nuts which hold it to the backplate? A150 W169 2006 Thanks for looking.
  20. D

    W220 Rear Air Vent Removal (Center Console)

    Greetings all, hopefully someone can help with the following... I had a rather unusual accident in my W220 S320 CDI in that the coins in my wallet dropped out and two 1p pieces fell into the two central rear air vents that are attached to the center console!! I managed to get one out with...

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