1. M

    SL 350 EPS and ABS lights on after bump. Engine not working

    Hi, Couple of weeks ago, I hit a pot hole on the near side and as soon as I hit it both ABS and EPS messages came on the dashboard and I immediately lost all power. Since then I have not been able to turn on the engine or get it out of park and when I do try the fan starts to run high. I...
  2. P

    R231 SL Rear Windscreen Trim (Black) Fading / Flaking

    Hello good people - hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend! Having given my 2014 R231 SL a good bath earlier, I have noticed that the two rear windscreen trims are fading (see pics). They are gloss black originally. Has anyone come across this / know a good solution? I'm thinking...
  3. S

    SL350 2013 Vario Roof not opening with Error "Boot Separator Not Closed"

    Hello All On a sunny day like today wanted to drive around in the top down but after the kept getting the Boot Separator Not closed" error on the dash Tried to manually press the actuator and sensor atleast 7/8 times nothing happened The boot separator was properly closed Anyone had the...
  4. M

    2006 3.7 V6 SL350 fuel pump replacement

    hello just after some advice i need to replace my fuel pump as its leaking MB want £360 for one and for it to be on back order so looking at aftermarket. I've removed the pump and it's a pierburg pump 7.28143.00 A 000 478 04 01 TYP : PK 0004 I can't find a pump to match the part numbers other...
  5. S

    Service B5 for SL350

    For all of those SL350 owners What is included in Service B5 Key Features of Service B Change engine oil and oil filter (not applicable for electric vehicles) Check charging cable and vehicle socket for mechanical damage (Hybrid & Electric) Check brake fluid level Correct and note down tyre...
  6. Pipemaster

    Water in the rear seat footwell -Roof water drain cover part number?

    I have a 2006 SL350 and have had water ingress into mainly the passenger (left) side rear foot well. Opening the roof half way I used an airline to blow out the drains from the gulley near the c-pillar. On one side there is a metal plate with a self tapping screw fixing it in place. The end of...
  7. Pipemaster

    R230 number plate light units - replacing / access

    I have a 2006 350 and one of my number plate lights out (off side) and the other is a bit dodgy. I would like to replace them which means taking out the whole unit. I have searched on the web and cant find a definitive answer. The font of knowledge that was Television on an old post on this...
  8. C

    Someone Must Know!!!!! Amplifer issues!

    Hi everyone, hoping there is someone on this forum that can help me solve this issue.I have just found that the LHS speakers on my SL R230 2008 have failed and fluff so badly its impossible to listen to the stereo. I had always planned to do a slight upgrade on the sound system in the long term...
  9. G

    Pleasantly surprised

    Just come back from a whistle stop tour of Cornwall in my recently acquired SL350 and must say I loved it! Nice and comfortable to drive, roof down listening to that burble from the exhaust was quite satisfying! I thought the acceleration was lacking but once you built up speed it responded well...
  10. V

    R230 Mercedes SL - new stereo system needed ..

    Am purchasing a 2003 SL350. It has a stereo/basic GPS, Bluetooth for telephone only .. I need a system that has Bluetooth for telephone & music, DAB, SAT NAV (live) ... not bothered about video ... (NO Bose speakers) .... Can anyone advise on what/where/when/how please? many thanks in advance! :)
  11. S

    SL 350 battery light on dash - can anyone help??

    Battery light came on today and I’ve checked both batteries and they’re all okay, although rear battery alternator is charging but isn’t charging the front battery. I have checked F52 fuse in passenger footwell and that’s all okay. Any ideas how to fix this? Is there a fuse or relay that you...
  12. imkaz

    So I broke my SL

    I hope this is the right place to to post this topic, please let me know if it should be reloacted. About a week ago, I drove my SL into a solid pole, no one else was involved or hurt, I am fine too, air bags didnt go off. I do feel really stupid and sad that I've done this to a car, but it's...
  13. N

    SL350 (2013) R231 Test drive: The Dilemma is real

    OMG. I am in trouble now. My wife and I took out a 2013 SL350 today and it was much better than I expected. A lot of buttons and levers to confuse me but it was certainly nippier than I expected. I was torn between finding a higher mileage newer SL350 and the older SL55. The concern is that...
  14. N

    R230 SL350 discoloured rear window side trim panels

    Hi Kids!! This is one of those occasions where a photo would be much better than words, but currently floating across the Irish Channel and the car is back home. My much prized 2009 SL350 is suffering a bit of blight to part of the body work. The two piano black trapezoid panels that sit each...
  15. L

    Finally Signed Up

    Greetings all. I have been a Mercedes owner for quite a number of years. I have enjoyed a '79 SL450 in yellow (just to stand out) 3 c class's the in 2003 went to a 320 e class in Cubanite silver, 2006 Iridium Silver SL350, 2007 a full house e 320 in Obsidian Black (what a car) and still on an...
  16. M

    sl 350 r230 Parktronic Problem and auxiliary battery drain

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so please any help would be much appreciated here. I have a 2004 sl350 which I love and has been running great other than the odd hickup for the past 2 years after the initial water problems were all dried up. I have searched the forum and seen a couple...
  17. D

    SL 350 2002-2004 Issues

    Hi, Ive had my C180 classic for a number of years and love the car but fancy a change to the SL350 or 500. Years 2002-2004. I know the car has its issues but the shaft balance is one I'm worried about. Is there any idications when looking at a used one that this could be on its way out...
  18. G

    R230 SL350 '06

    Hi, Has anyone upgraded/replaced the head unit in their MY06 R230 SL350? If so with what? The rear of the factory head unit has fibre in/out and a molex style connector with three wires. Thanks in advance.
  19. J

    SL350 (R230) 2003 - Electrical Problems.....

    Hi guys, I have an SL350 2003 year and have had some electrical gremlins; the symptoms are as follow:- - SRS airbag continually on the dashboard. - Intermittantly the Air Con unit does not work for sustained periods. - In rain / snow the dashboard shows the 'bulb failiure' warning...
  20. N

    is this a good price for sl350 shocks

    Morning all, after a little bit of advice on the price of some repairs. Just had the sl350 in the garage for a niggly rattle. whilst on the ramps the mechy noted that the rear shocks are weeping. not abc, just normal shockers, the price to repair these is 300 each plus vat. also a...

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