1. P

    A Class intermittent sticking thermostat

    Is there such a thing as an intermittent sticking thermostat? I brought a 2013 A Class from an approved dealership two weeks ago. The next day the engine management light appeared. Sent car back to dealership to be looked at. The engine management light didn’t appear with the garage until a few...
  2. Z

    Mercedes W203 2002 C270 CDI thermostat change

    Hey guys, My Mercedes W203 2002 C270 is not getting to 90 degrees celcius, even after a long drive. I ordered a new mercedes thermostat but I have some questions before I get to changing it. Do i need to drain the coolant? Or can i just put a cloth beneath it? I read on different forums that...
  3. N

    Mercedes E350 CDI 2010 Starting, Temperature issues.

    Hi All, I've been having a few issues with my recently purchased 2010 e350 coupe OM642.83 (93k miles). No codes showing. 1) The car struggles to start on first cold start but then remains fine for the rest of the day. Glow plug lights go off straight away as they should, and both plugs and...
  4. A

    1998 C250TD not reaching operating temperature

    Hello all, my 1998 W202 C250TD benz at the moment (winter in the southern hemisphere) only reaches a "running temp" of around 62-65°C on the highway and when driven hard gets closer to about 70°C, but never reaching 80°C. The same is true even when it was warmer earlier this year only reaching...
  5. M

    Dpf issue? Black death c200 2005

    Hi all i have bought a mercedes c200 coupe from 2005. Its got 232k on the clock. I was hoping some kind soul could give me a helping hand with my issue with this car. So i started off with what i now learned is the black death, one of the injectors was leaking fuel. Any how that got fixed and no...
  6. onefortheroad

    mb thermostat or after market.

    A lot of talk about thermostats on here lately ,I checked mine last night and its barely reaching 50 degrees . so do I go with mb or aftermarket ?? Anyone with exp of both . Also do I need to buy the whole housing or does the old stat pull out and new one fit in .
  7. J

    sprinter overcooling

    just got a 2001 sprinter 313cdi luton on 120k and having a few teething problems. at the moment the van is lacking a bit of power but i have narrowed that down to a blowing injector seal on cylinder 3. the other problem im haveing (that im sure is unrelated) is that the van does not get up to...
  8. PovertySpec

    W211 E220 Thermostat Only?

    Anyone have a part number for the thermostat for W211 E220, without the housing? Seems a bit of a waste to change the whole thing. I have the part number for the stat with housing etc but can't find a part number for just the thermostat :confused: VIN is WDB2110082B214302
  9. zedmeister

    CLK320 petrol W208 Thermostat

    Hi Need a new thermostat on my car. ECP do a Circoli for only £7.20! I have read a lot of threads about the diesel thermostats going and having temp sensors. Does anyone know if the petrol cars have similar? Is the Circoli one okay or should I ring up the stealers? Thanks.
  10. B


    Hi, So Mercedes has always been my dream car and now ive finally got one!!! :) So ive purchased a e220 cdi auto 2006 prefacelift! its amazing and terrible :( For a start, I noticed the gear changes at higher revs. this can be annoying so i got the gearbox oil and filter change (amf i...
  11. Seeker_UK

    W211 - 6 Months on and Some Problems - Help

    Well, I've now enjoyed the W211 E320CDI A/G for 6 months of ownership but there are a couple of issues which need sorting although one may mean big bills ahead and time to get rid. Firstly, engine temperature - currently it runs at about 60 degrees. I assume this is not the correct running...
  12. W

    Thermostat W169

    Has anyone changed a thermostat and/or Temperature on A Class A150 W169 2005 on series and can advise on the job DIY please? Have noticed that the tepmerature is not always going as high as it used to to what used to be a standard reading after a short distance, wonder if the stat is sometimes...
  13. T

    E320CDI (2003) No Heating

    I recently had a flat battery and managed to jump start the car - according to the handbook of course. The car is running fine except I now have no heating any longer. The car warms up to normal temperature and even after a 200 mile drive the heater is still only luke-warm. The local MB dealer...
  14. M

    Sprinter 311 CDI Heater Problems

    Hello. I am having some issues with my 2002 LWB Sprinter 311 CDI at 160k miles. Basically the cab heating will only work when the engine is running at over 1000 rpm, at idle it just blows cold air. Even when coasting it just blows cold. I am also concerned about the pressure in the...
  15. Chrishazle

    W203 C270 Thermostat Change DIY

    Found Post #17 on this thread - I think it should be in the DIY to make it readily available.

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