1. M

    Tyres crabbing jumping in slow turns, plus rear wheels spin in any conditions with such a powerful car pulling away

    I just bought the S63 AMG V8 biturbo COUPE used with only 15000 miles 2017 model & one owner with almost new Pirelli zero tyres 255/45 & 285/45 ZR19" on standard AMG 10 spoke wheels & it is a 2 wheel drive model only available in the UK. The vehicle had been MOT`d & all wheels tracked (by...
  2. I

    All Terrain Tyres for GLE

    Hi folks, just bought a GLE 350de. Its going to be based in Cumbria will be doing a lot of farm track / fields. i would ideally like to fit all terrain tyres to the existing multi spoke rims but Mercedes are not saying if this can be done. Does anyone have experience of this please? Did you get...
  3. H

    Tyre Wear and Handling Question (CLA220d 2018 ShootingBreak)

    Hello, CLA220d AMG PLUS Night (68) I've had my vehicle for over a year now, still factory Tyres but my nearside front (over 20k miles). My offside front Tyre seems to be scrubbing the outer shoulder bald, there is still quite a bit of meat left on the rest of the tyre (see images). I did...
  4. S

    Staggerd Tyres or not? (Tyre Size).

    Hi all I recently purchased a C Class 2014 (W205) Bluetec Sport Premium. I've just noticed that the tyre sizes on the front are the same as on the back?! They're both 225/50 17 Y. I thought rear wheel drive vehicles had bigger/wider tyres on the back as was evident in my last C Class...
  5. Ali Ayman

    EcoContact6 or ContiSportContact5?

    Hi guys, I have a 2018 C200 coupe which currently has two Jinyu front tyres, one EcoContact6 left rear, and ContiSportContact6 right rear. This is how it was when I collected it from the dealership. The rear tyres are wearing out and will need changing in the next 1000 miles and I was...
  6. E

    Major tyre wear at the very inner part of inside shoulder

    Hi, i have had a look at some of the threads on this but couldn’t see one that covered my exact problem (if there is one that I’ve missed, I’m sorry!). My e250 cdi amg (2012) estate goes through tyres incredibly quickly 5-6k miles). The wear is on the innermost part of the inner shoulder front...
  7. C

    A class tyre wear

    Hi I’ve got an a200 amg 2015 plate. I bought it around May from a private seller. I had two new tyres put on and the tracking done. Also two suspension parts. Tyres were nearly bald on the outside. 2 Pirelli tyres and 4 wheel alignment. The car is still making a creaking noise when driving. Is...
  8. R


    apologies if this as been asked before I'm new to the forums, I need to replace 2 rear tyres on my Eclass 275/35/19, they are currently run-flats however im wondering if i need to put run-flats on or not as there is a huge difference in price so im wondering what are the pros and cons of...
  9. sidevalve

    W124 estate tyres

    Hi all I have just joined the forum after buying my first ever Mercedes, a 1995 220TE with 108000 miles and a remarkable amount of history. I am a retired Lancia restorer and rust specialist (now, what makes you think those two things might go together...? :)) and I like beautiful quality (stay...
  10. L

    Sorry guys

    I know it's been asked before but what rear tyres do I need for a september 2007 r230.Curerently its on Conti Spec 3's 285/35 ZR18 101Y Car is in Spain and local tyre company is reccomending Pirelli at 215 euros Hankook at 190 euros Kumho at 160 euros Fedemal ?? at 135 euros. They say they cant...
  11. R

    New member in N.E. Hampshire, UK

    Hi all, I'm looking to pick your brains from time to time in order to keep my 2010, E250 W212 Saloon on the road. I would also like to bring to your attention the LandSail brand of tyre that I had fitted in January was so bad in the wet it nearly caused a number of accidents as the car's grip...
  12. B

    Struggling to find Z rated tyres for 560SEC

    Can anyone help please as i am struggling to find tyres for my 560SEC at the size of 215 65 R15 that are z rated. Should i be looking at a slightly different size to be able to open up the choice.....well, i say choice but currently i cannot find any. Where can i find some please? Thank you.
  13. G

    GL63 P Zero picks up nails

    I've had my GL63 for 5 years and in that time I've had well in excess of 10 punctures from nails including one today. I have 2 other cars that travel the same routes/go to the same places but get none. I don't believe someone has it in for me either! Anyone else with the same issue? Could a...
  14. C

    AMG alloys on 2002 SLK Kompressor

    Will 18" AMG monoblock alloys fit on a 2002 Merc SLK Kompressor and if yes, any idea what tyre size should you use?
  15. N

    SL55 -- update and RIM/TYRE question.

    It's been 2 months so far and I've done 2k miles -- and I LOVE IT! It's so powerful, it's insane! I still worry about the possible maintenance costs, but I got Alex Crow to take a look at it, and change the ABC fluid and he's ace. It's taken a little while to get used to the power and...
  16. Petemayz

    Wheel sizes

    Hi all. New to forum. Own a 2014 C220 coupe. Just after some advice on wheel sizes. Currently have 18's with winter tyres but looking to buy some new rims for summer tyres. Does anybody know if 19's or even 20's would fit without any issues ? If so what tyre size i would need. Thanks in advance...
  17. McDonald

    Michelin Pilot sport 4 Tyres

    I'm planning to buy 4 new tyres for my SL500. I want the best tyres for the car, and then the best price for those tyres. Any advice welcome.
  18. E

    W211 Tyres

    Hi. Looking for recommendations for tyres for an 2006 E280. Just bought the car last week and drove it in the rain for the first time today, it was scary on roundabouts even at very low speeds (unless you really enjoy losing grip obviously, my wife didn't appreciate it much!) the tyres fitted...
  19. Hans Solo5

    280 SL 1997 North Devon New Memeber

    Hello This is my third Mercedes but my first SL, I picked up a one owner SL280 1997 with FMBSH and only 52,000 miles on the clock in great condition. Over the next few months I will be looking to change the tyres to a better grade and possibly uprated pads and discs as Im driving her to...
  20. bertg

    Front Tyres Replacement Advise

    Good Morning, I have a 2013 w246 B class that needs 2 new fronts. Currently Bridgestone Potenza 225/40/18 as standard that came with the car. My questions are, 1 - do i have to replace them with Like for Like? 2 - can i go for a different brand? 3 - as long as the tyre ratings are the same do...

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