1. J

    Cold air from vents

    I have a w124 and all in good condition. I recently haven’t had time to use it much over the colder months (owned the vehicle since December 2019) I have now noticed the air vents dont blow out any hot air. I have moved the temperature gauges on both sides and moved the blower position dial as...
  2. MercPassion

    Any ideas? W124: Cold start issue

    Hello! Can anyone help me identify what the reason(s) might be for my 1991 W124 200E to give starting problem? Please see short video here: Merc 200E start https://bit.ly/Merc200EStart Only happens on a cold start. Once warm - it starts fine. If you could list possible aspects to look at, so...
  3. B

    190E 3.0

    So long sotry short I started a restoration project on a 1990 190E that was laying around for around 20 years. Pretty much finished the restoration in 1 year but now having a small issue with it. For clarification the car is a japanese import 1989 2.6 190E. Had to replace the engine and...
  4. M

    w124 e220 viscous fan question

    Hi, first ever post here, been trawling threads diligently for a year since buying an S124 '96 e220 (so M111 motor) wagon here in Germany where I now seem to live. 250kms on the clock (after my 10), runs beautifully at speed but has the dreaded idle shake n stall problem and have been slowly...
  5. T

    M104 fast rattle/clicking under high load

    My e280 s124 generally runs very smoothly. I've put 500 miles on it since I first noticed this issue, without incident. However, there's a peculiar noise that emerges only above 4k RPM and at full (or nearly full) throttle. It's a rapid clicking or maybe rattling sound. It sounds like it could...
  6. G

    Help Needed - W124 Starting Issues

    Hi all, I'm hoping that somewhere within this pool of knowledge, there might be an answer, or at least a clue to point towards the root of my problems. I've got a 1996 W124 E280, with 200,000 miles on the clock. I've had it for two years and in many ways it's been great, but has had some...
  7. S

    Are W124 manual transmissions reliable?

    In a previous thread, someone said that w124 manual transmissions are very bad and they break down all the time. Is this true? I recently bought a W123 with a 5 speed W124 transmission.
  8. S

    What type of transmission do the W124 have?

    So i recently bought a Mercedes 240D. The owner said that he swapped the old iron-case 4 speed transmission to a W124 5 speed transmission. Does anyone know whether the transmission is Iron-case or Aluminum-case? Its a manual
  9. JuniorMechanic

    What is it? Clutch, Flywheel or what?

    Hi, it's Juior Mechanic. I have been seeking a solution for my problem, and haven't found it. And I have no idea where to look, where to begin. My car is a 1991 w124 230CE (catalytic converter) five speed manual gearbox The engine is smooth, drives and runs ok, it also starts ok. Problem...
  10. Londonrat

    Control arm set W124

    I’m thinking of replacing the control arms. Does anyone have any recommendations of what type of set to use? I need good quality ones, but I’m obviously on a budget. Has anyone used Febi Bilstein parts before?
  11. Apex Seal

    Knackered W124 260E/300E (2.6) Sportline M/T purchase

    Hello people. I am currently looking for purchasing advice on a Merc I found for sale in my country (Argentina, South America), and hence resort to MB forums for oppinions (after having read several posts previously). Here´s the thing. I found a '92 W124 260E Sportline for sale (300E 2.6 for...
  12. sidevalve

    W124 estate tyres

    Hi all I have just joined the forum after buying my first ever Mercedes, a 1995 220TE with 108000 miles and a remarkable amount of history. I am a retired Lancia restorer and rust specialist (now, what makes you think those two things might go together...? :)) and I like beautiful quality (stay...
  13. R

    E280 Engine Judder

    Hi, My 1995 E280 S124 started juddering from the engine ( I think) at the end of a short journey last week. I have just tried to drive it again. I topped up the oil as it was on the low side (but still above minimum) and drove for 3-5 mins at it seemed completely normal but then the juddering...
  14. H

    W124 Genuine Alloys or Refurb Monoblock

    Hello guys, My 1994 W124 Coupe started to loose pressure in the tyres quick and checked that it was due to some corrosion on the inner lip. It currently has 18” monoblock replicas, which came with the car when I bought it. 2 of the alloys have the problem, so should I get them fully refurbished...
  15. L

    W124 wagon SLS and cuting springs

    Hello :-) Just got my vert first mercedes, W124 230TE 1989. And planed to lower the car by cutting the springs, i know it is a bad idea, but my wallet won’t allow any lowering springs. But since the car has SLS i wounderd if that should be disabled somehow for the cuted spring to have any...
  16. W124131

    W124 1995 E300D Suspension

    Hi folks, Just bought or rather rescued quite a nice car as above. Above the suspension upwards all round the car is in decent condition, the suspension is quite corroded and N?S rear knocks over the slightest bump. I've ordered a full set of the rear suspension arms ( 4 each side ) but I...
  17. J

    W124 E280 4-speed auto Estate ('95)

    Hi everyone, I have the following intermittent problem, possibly link to a cold start issue. On ignition. I don't always get the automatic idle surge up from ca. 800 to about 1100, to warm the engine. Later W124s do not have specific cold start valves, so start injection is an EMS controlled...
  18. H

    W124 Sportline convertible - hello

    Hello all, I have joined the forum as I have a 1994 E320 convertible that, after a bit of thinking, have decided to keep. London is, as you know, introducing an emmissions zone in which my car will no longer be driveable withut paying - but as it is a sunny day car, and no-one likes driving...
  19. V

    w124 glow gauges

    Hi friends I have a w124 and I would like to make the gauges glow , make only the letters glow instead of the whole dashboard . I found such gauges on internet but they are all for petrol engine (7000 max rpm) but I have a diesel one (6000 max rpm). So I want to make my stock gauges glow. How...
  20. B

    west london driving a old school w124 e220

    Hello friend I am new to this and I am driving my father's E220 w124 that has a window problem never had this before (front) The G fuse I think keeps blowing I had the switches changed Oh yh the rear and sunroof windows work I can put a new fuse in and drip the drivers window and...
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