1. M

    W220 Keyless Remote Not Working

    I have bought W220, 2001, S500 last week. It have 165k Kilometers on the clock and works perfectly fine beside only one issue. It does not lock or unlock from the key. I have to align the key to the door handle to get it lock/unlock. I got the car scanned but there were no errors displayed. I...
  2. S

    [Wanted] Front Wings, both sides for W220 Black

    I'm in South West Scotland if any UK members have spares or you're breaking a W220. I'm prepared to travel some distance, so let me know where you are if you have any. Mine are badly rusted around the rims.
  3. K

    W220 wont go into first gear on its own

    Hello, new around here so not quite sure if this is the right spot, but am grateful for any help. So I bought a mercedes w220 some time ago and ever since the car has been dying at stops, not allways but sometimes, I think I have narrowed it down to it not going into first gear on its own, I...
  4. S

    W220 3.2 CDi - Reverse Mirror/Rumble at 70mph/Rough idle

    Hi, New here, been a serial lurker for a while and thought i would jump in and register as my enthusiasm level is 10/10 and mechanical skills are -10/10! i have my S W220 3.2 CDi, owned her for nearly 7 years. Shes done 120k miles Daily driver with the usual faults of air suspension, air...
  5. JRH

    Vehicle 2005 w220 s350 Watford £3600

    Reluctantly selling my mint condition w220 as I have too many cars at home. it has a full advert on eBay which I’m sharing here and any interest I’d greatly appreciate a message through there as I don’t tend to check messages on this forum. flexible on price to a point. No silly offers and no...
  6. lordgaz

    No ECU after flat battery

    Hi All - Our S320 3.2 petrol 2002 went off for some new parts at the local garage.. It was there a while, and when we picked it up, the battery was only just strong enough to start it. At home, it sat for a while (3rd utility car) and the battery was totally flat when I came to start it. To get...
  7. T

    W220 no boost after 5 min

    Hey, I have a 2002 s320 cdi, w220 automatic. The car starts fine, idles fine, revs high and everything seems in order, however, after driving a few minutes (1-5min) the car looses all boost pressure. I have icarsoft mb v2.0 where i can retrieve some data, such as maf sensor values, and inlet...
  8. M

    Charcoal Filter airflow direction?

    Yesterday I changed the charcoal filters on my W220 S500. The filters I removed were Purflux (AHC394-2) and the airflow arrows printed on them pointed toward the passenger door. The new filters are UFI (54.141.00) and the airflow arrows pointed towards the centre of the car. Both these filters...
  9. J

    2005 S-Class W220 boot won't open, door switch inoperative

    I know, I know...this old chesnut... - the fob LED flashes but boot stays resolutely shut - the key blade from the fob turns so far but, even operating the lid push-switch at the same time as turning has no effect. Lots of advice to *really* turn the blade but I'm scared of breaking it. - the...
  10. O

    W220 - Engine Coolant and Transmission Problem

    Hi guys i have a mercedes W220 (S350) Ive recently noticed that my transmission was acting weird, in terms of gears shifting feeling a bit gerky and taking longer to shift. Ive checked my transmission fluid level and there is oil in it. Ive also noticed that there is anti freeze liquid from...
  11. O

    W220 Tranmission Problem and Oil In coolant

    Hi guys, I have a Mercedes W220 (2003, 3.7l, S-class, s350) On my way back from work. I noticed that when I put my car in drive there was a slight delay in a sense of the gear clicking in place to move off, I also noticed that when I try to put it in N or R also slight delays. Once I pulled...
  12. moj91

    Headgasket failure W220 S320 CDI - Thoughts...?

    Hello all, The head-gasket appears to have failed in our W220 S320 CDI. Quite a shame as it has been maintained regardless of cost and happily racks up 100 miles a day. Does anyone know what I should be being quoted for repair? Common failure points to consider? Other items which should be...
  13. V

    Methanol for S600 biturbo?

    Hi all I wondered if anyone has fitted methanol to their turbo Mercedes? I have the W220 S600 bi turbo and thought meth could make a decent improvement on the running/power? Maybe help to cool the chargecoolers better!?
  14. S

    W220 Trunk Springs

    Hello, I have a 2000 S320 (W220), and I’m having a really hard time un-hooking the springs from the trunk that help swing the trunk open. On the left side, the spring is set to maximum tension, while on the right side it is not. I would like to increase the tension on the right side as the...
  15. moj91

    Hard-line Rear brake line replacement W220 - Experiences?

    Hello all, Our W220 2005 S320 needs its rear brake lines replacing. One has split/burst from corrosion. They appear pretty well corroded along their length. We are getting wildly varying quotes for the work, £250 through to £2k. From what I can gather, the rear subframe needs to be dropped...
  16. SteveB73

    Airmatic query

    Hi All, I have like so many w220 owners some airmatic issues. I have an old snap on Ethos diagnostic box, which reads the air suspension okay, however, when i look at 'live' data for suspension it only displays info for left front level and body accelerator. The box also picked up trouble...
  17. N

    First merc!

    My first merc and what a car! I can't wait to soak up some knowledge, share my experiences and become part of the family. Cheers!
  18. moj91

    Can anyone recommend good Auto Gearbox specialists in/around Northamptonshire?

    Can anyone recommend good Auto Gearbox specialists in/around/near to Northamptonshire please? Our W220 has decided to loose drive, however the 722.6 gearbox will toque load well when stationary. No noticeable clunks or clanks and it was working perfectly fine when driving before drive was...
  19. C

    W220/ W215 COMAND 2.5 & other issues, & some solutions

    Well ladies & gents, after some time away from doing things to cars I have sat down and worked out a few solutions to my carious CL-based issues. The main ones are, in no order of importance: 1. Satnav does not work. 2. Phone calls via car kit can have significant noise at the other end. 3...
  20. The Barge

    W220 COMAND Not Working

    Hi folks, I've recently bought an early W220 but the Stereo/Nav/CD/Phone isn't working. It is the early version of COMAND, so far as I can tell the fuses are OK however the fuse diagrams are missing. Head unit/phone/nav - not working at all. CD changer - eject button tries to eject CD cassette...

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