1. Janchee

    W213 Window Bug appeared for the first time

    All, Hope you're doing well during these times and the house is looking lovely and painted ;) Jumped in the car yesterday to go get some shopping. Popped the driver window down a little bit ... then clicked the switch for it go back up ... and it came back down half-way. Everytime. -_- When I...
  2. Razor Burns

    rear side window outer aluminium trim removal, any advice appreciated.. 280ce

    I am just about to work on my 280ce specifically any advice on removal of aluminum outer trim rear side window without damage, tips, clues, screws n glues.. would be appreciated.
  3. L

    R230 SL500 Rear Quarter Window Removal

    Does anyone have any info / documents regarding the removal of a rear quarter window on an SL500 (R230)? Final part of window closure not working, there seems to be quite a bit of play in the passenger side rear quarter window, I've tried resetting the windows etc.., but it still won't go all...
  4. M

    CL leaking window/roof

    A good source of knowledge and advice, I'm hoping you fellow forum members might be able to help me out again. When I bought my CL 12 months ago, there was a green mark on the suede roof lining. This is driver side over the right shoulder of the rear passenger seat, where the roof slopes down...
  5. walshy66

    Removing switches W140 centre console

    My rear blind button has slipped into the void under the console, can reach it and still works, just wondering the easiest way to retrieve it and fix it properly. Mines a 98 car so wood is one piece. Thought I may be able to get it from rear if I knew how to get the bottom container tray out of...
  6. E

    CLS Heated Rear Window

    Hello, my first post! New Forum member with his first Mercedes, who's been looking through various threads from way back on various subjects, the people here seem to know a thing or two. Most refreshing! My heated rear window doesn't appear to work, the button indicator comes on for about 10...
  7. B

    W220 window wierdness

    All my windows work fine from the buttons, both on each door and the drivers door switches. However, when I start the the engine the passenger window opens itself :confused: Could it be a high resistance Canbus wire to the passenger door window controller? If I have been driving for a while...
  8. L

    W203 prefacelift - Shortcircuit heated mirror, now what?

    My car: C-class w203 200cdi 2001 My problem: Rightside mirror got nailed at the parkinglot. I removed the broken parts, and left the wiring hanging :(.. Obviously the wiring carried electric power and thus shortcircuited, more specifically the connectors to the heated mirror. They ended up...
  9. A

    fault regarding the adjuster for the windows before opening or closing door

    I would like to ask if anyone has an idea of what the fault would be regarding the adjuster which has to operate before and after the door handle is operated is not working. Thanks :D
  10. S


    Hi there everyone, well I'm a newbie to this site and quite a newbie to my Mercedes w202 C280 Sport and I'm loving it I only bought it as a cheap run around but have been bitten by the MB bug. I have been looking at everyone cars to get an idea on what to do and update and what to spend my hard...
  11. M

    ML 270 - Electrics Issues - Wiring / Two Lights & A Window Aren't Working

    Hi, I joined hoping someone with good Mercedes knowledge might be able to help with a few electrical problems I'm experiencing with my Mercedes ML 270 4x4 Diesel. 1) The front near side, side light isn't working - The problem doesn't seem to be the bulb or power problem. Perhaps the bulb...
  12. P

    W202 electrics problem - help!

    C200 Elegance auto 1997 I have had an escalating series of electrical problems. First symptom was an intermittently working blower. No pattern to it failing - sometimes worked straight away, other times came on unexpectedly during journey. Other times would not work at all and is now...
  13. D

    W211 Heated Rear Window Question

    I have recently bought a 2008 W211 E-Class and have a question to put to other owners. I have been told and have read on forums that the top of the heated rear window is used as the radio aerial and isn't part of the heated rear window. But my question is, _exactly_ how many of the heater...
  14. N

    Lubricating parts

    The passenger side electric window makes a scrapping noise when going up and down, but there are no scratch marks on the glass. Is it advisable to spray some lubrication and if so, is silicone spray or PTFE spray the best option. And also, is it just a case of spraying on both sides where the...
  15. J

    W124 300CE Wiper and windows

    Hi, Has anyone got an idea. The front wiper and washer stopped working yesterday (snow, slush & salt - great) and, at the same time, the windows stopped working. When stopped, and the motor not running, the windows work fine. When running, not. If it was just the wiper I would look at...
  16. C

    Passenger Window Seal

    The front passenger window seal seems to be on its way out. If you open the door and close it the window (the glass) finishes on top of the rubber seal and you need to lower the window and then close it to re aline. Does anyone have any suggestions. Is this is a simple fix? If so where to I...

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