1. Kallanberg

    Rear Window

    Noticed the rear window seems to be getting stuck when going back up. Is this the sign of a serious fault I wonder. What if the window switch no longer works. The rear right window only appears to struggle going up not down. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. M

    E Coupe, passenger windows closing

    Hi all Picked up my first Mercedes over the weekend, a 2016 (65) E350 Couple (C207/W207). Lots of reading of this forum and others to help me chose the right one. Among a number of small issues one is when the driver's door is opened the rear window drops a little which is all good. However...
  3. J

    New Member HELP on CL55 2001

    Car was fine when picked up in February, everything was working on the journey home. Have had it parked up for 4 months, the battery went flat from not being used. Put a new battery on yesterday 1/6/20 and have now lost, radiator fan, central locking, key chip not recognised, no movement on...
  4. B

    Clk 2002 All windows and Mirrors stopped working?

    Hi I have a Clk 208 Cabrio, All the windows and the mirrors stopped working, I saw somewhere that removing the positive battery terminal for a few mins then re-connecting it works. And it did, but I got in my car this morning and it has done it again. So I did the battery thing again, again this...
  5. N

    W202 c250D electric windows only work with doors or boot open.

    Hello, Hope someone can help? Windows and sunroof will only work when either doors or boot are open. I recently changed the comfort control module in the boot as I found it in a terrible state when changing the battery. Thought this would sort it but no luck. Car is a w202.125 c250d...
  6. M

    Car broken into at petrol station - windows security film/cover?

    Ah yes. If not already aware the BP/M&S station on Cromwell South Connect, Great West Rd, London W6 9TQ has 2-3 scooter related robberies a week (manager there told me this) after I had my passenger window smashed and a camera bag stolen whilst the car was in the forecourt!!!! And no, CCTV shows...
  7. T

    W124 E200 1995 failed central locking and windows query

    Hi all, posted the query in the intro section but adding it here in case anyone with w124 experience sees it. On the above car the central locking and windows suddenly went - started with windows randomly winding themselves down when parked; it has ended with no central locking working, windows...
  8. TravisMerc

    W123 Coupé Window Scrapers / Seals

    Hi all Restoring a W123 Coupé and have run into a difficulty with window scraper seals (front and rear both sides). Apparently MB have discontinued these: I'm really hoping that someone here knows where we can get some. Anyone have some for sale? Is there a source of these somewhere...
  9. A

    windows don't close on SL500 R320

    I have had problems on several occasions where the windows of my SL would not close after closing the door. After 2 new modules I decided to take a closer look to them. The pins that stick out the casing for the connectors are connected to the print by us of spring tension (a small bent part of...
  10. H

    Convinence windows opening/ closing

    CLC 2010 On two separate occasions I've approached my car and firstly the passengers window was open then secondly the drivers one was open. What I'm trying to figure out is this the convinence opening without me even noticing or is something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. J

    Tinting my windows question

    I have a 2008 CLC Class and I'm going to get the windows tinted. However, a friend of mine has said that I can't touch the front windows as the manufacturer would have already put a film on the windows that is so close to the 70% legal cut-off that I can't add any more. Is this true? Thank...
  12. M

    Center Console Electrics

    I have just purchased a 2002 ML320. The Electric Windows and Door Mirrors are not working. Everything else is working. I have checked both the fuse boards i.e. one under the bonnet and the one on the side panel in the drivers footwell and I cannot find a fuse or relay which is for either of...
  13. A

    Converting Vito

    Hello guys, I own a Vito panel van. I would like to fit windows in the back(black tint) and colour code the bumpers. Could someone tell me whats the best way of colour coding?wether to colour the plastic bumper or buy a colour coded one? And for the windows, does anyone know any good and...
  14. C

    CLS320 Diesel Auto Comfort windows issue

    Model: CLS320 Body: C219 (I think) Year: 2007 Transmission: Auto Hi Guys. Got a problem. A friend bought a CLS not so long ago. I suspected it had rear end damage, but he loved it so bought it. Immediately after buying it he had it serviced by mercedes. Over the past few months he noticed it...
  15. N

    W209 CLK 220CDI Remote window closure

    Hi, I just got a 2006 CLK220 CDI and have a small problem with the electrics. The side windows open remotely but for some reason don't close when locking the car. I press and hold the lock button without releasing but no joy. They work perfectly from the interior switches. I just replaced...
  16. A

    W124 welcome home - water leaks...rusty wings..books/manuals

    Hi all, Not been on the forum for a long while - I'm a "born again" Mercedes owner, having by pure luck just last Thursday come to own a slightly tired 1991 230TE auto - the newest Merc I've ever had. It also came with the three original keys (I've never had a "three key" car before), and all...
  17. D

    Slk 230 door seal

    Hi all Just recently passenger side door closes but the window does not mate with seal all the way round. You end up with a 3mm gap between the window and the vertical seal next to the smaller window ie where the door opens. When the door is shut you can push the window "in" by hand so it...
  18. B

    Boot release, window position, electric seat position falts on CLK430

    Boot release, window position, electric seat position faults on CLK430 The boot release does not work but shows the red boot open light on the release switch even while locked shut. Mechanical key will open and close. Passenger window drops an inch or so when openning the door and does not...
  19. K

    Wing Mirror /Window Problem

    W210 e320CDI Estate 2001 I had a faulty nearside rear window - stuck up, with quiet motor:( the other three working fine. Have been checking window fuses - didnt find any that had "blown". But, now have all windows firmly shut and wing mirrors that swing in and out as they should but mirror...
  20. C

    W210 Windows, Mirror adjustment and Boot Opener Not Working

    Hi, this is my first post. I have a E300TD '99 Reg W210 Saloon with a few problems. The windows do not work via the internal switches, however they go down and up using the key. Also, the Mirror adjustment toggle switch is not working and the internal boot lid opener is not working. The boot can...
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