1. J

    Oil misting on 19 plate a class

    Hi everyone. I am the owner of a200 class Mercedes amg 1.3. It is 2019 plate and has 40k. I bought it with 26k on one owner before. Had car a year. I had a service a month ago at a reputable garage and they have found oil misting on top of engine that must be coming from the cam. It’s a very...
  2. B

    A200d - 2017

    Hey I have been having EGR issues in my car, I have done 32000 miles and its a 2017 cars. My engine light has been coming on a fair bit. I have the car under a PCP from Mercedes, the more i think about it the more unlikely it is that I will give it back to Mercedes. I am just wondering has...
  3. awlast96

    Noise when starting car

    Hello, I've had my car for just over a year, it's recently had a full service with no issues. I've recently started to notice a sound coming from the front drivers side when I start the car and I'm unsure what it is. The noise isn't constant and it can only be heard when first started for...
  4. J

    A class indicator flashing purple

    Hi there, i’ve just recently brought a used 2017 a class and had to replace the driver side headlight unit. However the problem is that it all works fine but the indicator flashes purple and i have no clue why. The left indicator functions as normal and i made sure to buy the exact same part...
  5. L

    Electrical Noise Feedback

    Hello, i'm getting a constant electrical noise coming from the driver side of my car,i thought it was the accelerator at first because it changes frequency when pressed but it also happens when stationary and in Park. Its been back in the garage i bought it from three times for various...
  6. A

    Hi Folks! - New A220d Owner!

    Hi, I thought I'd say hello and try to gain some useful information/knowledge on the a220d. I've had the car a few months now - Pretty Happy with it (A220d - AMG Line Premium - With night pack) - Pic Below.
  7. T

    New A Class owner of this little blue beaut

    Hi again, Had a bit of a moan about my dealer and asked for opinions from lovely people here last month. Everything went all well in the end so thank you! I have received my A200 AMG Line today via click and collect which went smoothly like a breeze. After 10 mins, I was like is this car mine...
  8. T

    Skeptical about my dealership’s transparency and intention!!

    Hi, First of all, I’m in a process of getting my own new Mercedes 2019 a200 AMG line with one of the dealerships in the southwest (I do not want to name names) which was recommended to me by a couple of friends who had a good experience dealing with them. I didn’t really plan at first to...
  9. J

    Pre-Glow Instrument Cluster Light

    Hi, My A180d Sport Pre-Glow light appeared on the dash and has stayed on for every journey I’ve made in the last week. I took my car to an independent garage this morning and they’ve run some diagnostics for me and said that the error is showing as an internal electrical fault with one of the...
  10. A

    A220d 2017 - W176 / Auto - Steering lock?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to owning a Mercedes. Currently have an A220d W176. Still getting used to it and familiar with the car. The car has this keyless-go, oddly when I turn off the ignition and open the door the steering wheel does to lock (everything else however turns off, radio etc), previous...
  11. G

    Chirping gearbox

    Hi everyone. New to the website and new to Mercedes. I just bought a 1 year old a220 AMG line and I love it. One slight problem I have is that when putting the car in to sport mode I can hear a chirping noise when the auto gearbox downshifts?? Not when going up through the gears only going...
  12. D

    A250 Dangerous Auto Box Fault

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing a fault with their new-shape A-Class slipping into neutral. My dealership (Taunton) are aware of this fault and have told me it's a software issue they don't currently have a resolution for. Their suggestion was that I don't drive...
  13. Stuartjw80

    A class door handle come off in my hand!

    Hello all, can any one out there help... My 2018 A class door handle come off in my hand. Nothing appears to be broken and the handle along with a black block came away from the car. Has anyone else had a similar problem and is it an easy fix?
  14. E

    Service B5 Overdue by 20 days

    Hello, I’m new to car forums. But I thought this would be worth a try before I take a trip to the local Mercedes garage. I recently bought my A250 2015 22.000+ miles on the clock. I had the B5 service done but it seems they never reset it, so wondered if anyone knew a way I’d be able to turn...
  15. M

    Navigation Module Not Compatible

    so i have a Mercedes A180 had around 8 months now sat nav has always worked fine until this morning it comes up saying module not connected so i took the module out replaced turned it off and on these kind of things and its tried to load a few times but still results back to not connected it has...
  16. M

    Stereo problem a190

    hi I bought a a190 the other day, everything is great. Although I thought I'd try my old stereo from my ML in the a class. As it was not working before but been in loft for a year. So I thought I'd take a look The a class has an after market Sony CD player, which was working fine. But it...
  17. G

    A Class Starting trouble and rattle

    I have a 2011, A160 1500cc, with less that 11,000 miles. The last two days I've had trouble starting the car and there is a rattling sound that appears to come from under the car. The noise is the same whether or not I'm in gear. It's going for it's first service in two days but I'm worried that...
  18. S

    W169 A-Class Air Conditioning

    I have a 6 year old A-Class MkII 160CDI. I don't think the air con is working. The red light illuminates but I don't hear any evidence of a compressor coming to life. Certainly no chilly air but I wonder if it is more than just a re-gas. Do compressors fail on this model - or is a blown fuse...
  19. J

    Mercedes Intermitent non start after new ECU and Battery

    Hi, Has been to 2 garages and checked for all the obvious, the ecu was rebuilt and battery changed. But every time it goes to the garage it starts working again!!! So they cant fix without there being a problem. Any suggestions welcome. Is a A class 1998 A160 Elegance. Thank you in advance...

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