1. B

    Mercedes me connect: battery monitor – charge status critical

    Model : MERCEDES-BENZ GLC 300 4MATIC AMG LINE 5 door Estate Petrol Automatic 1991cc I have bought this car in Octiber 2020 as brand new from a Mercedes dealer. Within 30 days of purchase , the car started giving the warning "Mercedes me connect: battery monitor – charge status critical "...
  2. V

    C350 e hybrid 2016 battery range

    Hello everyone. I have just bought a used Mercedes-Benz c350 e plug-in hybrid. After being fully charged it shows range of 13-14 miles but while using it in the E mode the range quickly reduces and finishes in 4-5 miles or so. Is something wrong with my battery? Or someone else experiencing...
  3. JustinN

    Battery Conditioner - GLA45 AMG

    Hi All I'm looking to buy a battery charger / conditioner for my 2015 GLA45 AMG to keep the battery topped up and conditioned. I'm looking at the CTEK MX5 or MX7 but I'm unsure whether the MX7 is worth the price jump from the MX5. Anyone have any experience of them? Also, I know in my car I...
  4. S

    Indicators Problems

    I have been having problem with what I thought was the battery. I was told it is the battery, not realizing the car has two battery's. Problems CD going blank whilst driving comes back on after a second or two. Air conditioner doing the same. Gear stuck in first, everything is fine then bam...
  5. H

    Main or aux battery causing niggles?

    Hi I have a 2012 w204 c class. I have started getting more and more electrical issues that have started intermittent and now become permanent. 1. start/stop has not worked for a year or so 2. Automatic door unlocking no longer works, the doors lock when I start driving but do not unlock when I...
  6. C

    Voltage/Amps causing ABS/ESP fault but only during first minute of starting

    This happened every day for a week, then nothing for 500 miles, now it came on again so I was determined to record it because it's always been so quick that I don't see the exact message. (occurs about 1:04) the A also drops too, not sure what should be normal. It drops to -50A when starting...
  7. A

    Starter Motor Problem

    The car doesn’t start occasionally. The battery was changed 2 weeks ago, everything was working perfectly fine until the problem occurred again. You can hear specific noise while trying to start the car, additionally dashboard doesn’t light up while starting the car. Can it be the starter motor...
  8. S

    Rear consumer battery dying overnight

    Hi everyone! Car: 2005 SL500 75K miles. Prerequistes: Excellent condition. Recently, 'Consumer' battery dies overnight. CTEK Mercedes charger only gets to 3 lights overnight. Battery is tested good and 1 year old. Front seats have sealed vacuum lines and DO NOT cause PSE pump to constantly...
  9. D

    Deposit paid but furry auxiliary battery

    Hi, I need some non-jargon help! I have just put a deposit down on a 2011 a class a160 even though I spied fur on one of the auxiliary battery’s terminals. When I test drove the car the start/stop didn’t function but since then the car has been taken for a drive, the batteries both checked...
  10. idlerider

    Battery charging

    I've read that a battery charger can be fitted permanently to the car and just needs plugging-in put the vehicle on charge. I'd like to use a portable 5 amp charger on my s211 wagon, which is continually losing charge due to lack of use, but the charger instructions insist that the battery must...
  11. Janchee

    W213 Window Bug appeared for the first time

    All, Hope you're doing well during these times and the house is looking lovely and painted ;) Jumped in the car yesterday to go get some shopping. Popped the driver window down a little bit ... then clicked the switch for it go back up ... and it came back down half-way. Everytime. -_- When I...
  12. T

    Flat Battery, can't open vehicle

    Hi, Just returned today from 6 weeks away, and went to start car, but battery is completely flat. Key, and spare, both indicate that they are sending signals, but doors do not unlock. When I look through the window at the dashboard, I see that the clock has stopped. Tried the emergency (blade)...
  13. A

    battery disconnect

    I have to change washer /indicator stalk on my c class coupe 1.8 compressor 2003. So have to disconnect battery first . Will this create issues after reconnecting ?, ie computer settings etc
  14. S

    SL 350 battery light on dash - can anyone help??

    Battery light came on today and I’ve checked both batteries and they’re all okay, although rear battery alternator is charging but isn’t charging the front battery. I have checked F52 fuse in passenger footwell and that’s all okay. Any ideas how to fix this? Is there a fuse or relay that you...
  15. M

    Battery Drain with odd symptoms SLK 200 1.8 2006

    The alternator was 'leaking' and has been replaced. This reduced the drain to 1.7A when locked. Curiously, when unlocked, after 30s, the drain drops to 0.5A. But, after 20 minutes, it increases to 1.7A. The battery is good and even after 24 hours will just about start the car. The temporary drop...
  16. R

    W204 SAM Fault? Power issues

    Hi currently, have W204, the car appears to be blowing front sam unit. No heated seats, auto lights, wipers or horn not working. Replaced front sam, worked for a week. And it stopped working again. Could this be a fuse or relay? The main thing I would like working is the wipers. If I...
  17. Grotbag

    CLK 209 No electrics and blade not working

    Hi all you helpful lot. My CLK was completely dead this morning. I cannot open the doors even. I have tried the spare key. Clearly an electric or battery issue. Problem is I cannot get into the car. I have tried the Blade but it doesn't 'pop' the lock. The car is 13 years old and the lock has...
  18. T

    Hybrid: How to disable pre-entry climate control?

    I have a c350e. Does anyone know how I stop the car automatically turning on the heating every time I unlock it with my key fob? Every time I go to unplug the charging cable, I unlock the car and it's starts heating up using up my precious battery juice. Any clues? On the Mercedes Me portal...
  19. M

    Has jump starting my car fried the electrics?

    Hi all I have a 2000 CLK 320 Auto Convertible that suddenly wouldn't start last week. I decided it might be a flat battery so I tried jump starting it from my wifes car. I DEFINITELY connected the jump leads red to red and black to black but after about 30 seconds the heavy duty jump leads...
  20. I

    Alternative jump start points on a 2003 W211, E270

    Hi folks, I thought I'd drop by and post this here in the hope it helps someone else. My own search for answers brought me through these forums time and time again but I happened to find the answer on an obscure video elsewhere after hours of searching. Apologies in advance if this is in fact...

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