1. D

    W203 Blower control module - faulty? MB part number?

    Hi The blower fan is behaving erratically and uncontrollably - speed varies, runs full speed, sometimes behaves itself, runs then stops approx 60 seconds after turning EIS key to "Off". Questions: 1) Is this caused by the Blower control module resistor? 2) What is the MB part number for this for...
  2. Liamski

    A few W169 questions (HELP!)

    Hello, everyone. A new owner of a 55 Plate W169 A180CDI Elegance here. I have issues. But enough about me, back to the car: The Heater/AC blower doesn't work at all. It's the soft-touch 12 position controller one, so I think it's safe to say it's not a resistor pack and must be a bit more...
  3. R

    Medesed ML 270CDI 2003 Facelift W163 Rear heater/blower stays on even when the car is turned off

    On my Mercedes ML 270 CDi 2003 (facelift model) the rear heater remains on after the car is switched off and the key is removed. I’ve tried looking for the fuse for the rear blower but been unsuccessful as the heater is constantly draining the battery therefore I’m disconnecting the battery...
  4. Cobra44

    W211 Air Con blowing warm when idling.

    Hi, I've read several posts similar to the issue I'm having with my W211 but not exactly the same. My 4-way climate control blows slightly warm air when idling in traffic on particularly hot days, even when setting all the controls to LO, although it starts off ok, the longer I sit in...
  5. W

    V220 Heater/Blower Probs

    Hi Guys, sorry if this has been asked before. V220 Heater/blower used to work on all 4 settings, but over the last year. I lost blower on 1 & 2 and tonight I lost 3, and 4 keeps blowing fuse. No Idea why? Heats up fine just the blower. in this weather not good. is this a simple fix? I...
  6. M

    W215 cl500 blower out

    Can any one advise me on how to change out the blower motor on my cl 500 yr 2002. I have been told by merc Newport that it is seized although I have no climate controls operational lights on climate controls either. So I will remove blower and test it unless its possible to put voltage...
  7. A

    W169 A Class 1.5 2005 Heater Blower Resistor, where and how?

    Hi Im just trying to find instructions to 'find' and 'fit' a Heater Blower Resistor in my W169 Merc. If anyone can help Id be most grateful as Ive had no luck so far. I need to do it this weekend if possible. Cx
  8. S

    1996 c250 heater not working

    Hi, First of all I'm new to mercedes benz forums. I have a 1996 blue c250 turbodiesel which up until recently has been fine. The problem is that when I turn up the dials for hot air, there is only cold air still coming through. I have spoken to a mercedes benz dealer and they said (although I...
  9. S

    1996 c250 heater not working

    Hi, First of all I'm new to mercedes benz forums. I have a 1996 blue c250 turbodiesel which up until recently has been fine. The problem is that when I turn up the dials for hot air, there is only cold air still coming through. I have spoken to a mercedes benz dealer and they said (although I...
  10. M

    W124 E200 blower stopped working.

    Blower stopped working over the space of a week, heat still comes out but no air. Have searched forums and people suggesting 30amp fuse either behind speedo or under bonnet near left wheel arch cannot find either of these nor anything connected with blower in fuse box next to relay. I have...
  11. P

    W202 electrics problem - help!

    C200 Elegance auto 1997 I have had an escalating series of electrical problems. First symptom was an intermittently working blower. No pattern to it failing - sometimes worked straight away, other times came on unexpectedly during journey. Other times would not work at all and is now...
  12. O

    Heater/blower motor failed

    Hi all, I washed my C250 last Sunday after owning her for 1 week and jet washed the area under the windscreen wipers to remove leaves, I then found water inside the driver foot well, this has not happened when it's rained so I presume it somehow got in through the vents, the windows were...
  13. C

    W210 Blower Speeds/heat not responding

    I have a problem with my blowers on my E300 TD. It is a 98 model and has the manual rotary controls. The issue I have is that it seems to have a mind of its own! No matter what speed I set the fans to they generally do not change from what can only be described as asthmatic, also they do not...
  14. J

    Location C240 sport Heater Blower

    Hi all, I have V reg 1998 V240 and have a problem with the heater blower not working. It was running intermittently according to my wife, who kept this secret to herself. Fuse is ok and I suspect a brushes problem. The rub is I cannot work out where it is, unless it is behind the tunnel...
  15. I

    removing the heater blower motor

    hi just joined, i have a 2000 clk320 that i have had for the last 4 years, bought it of ebay and it's still working! although the heater blower motor is playing up, worked intermittantly for a while and has now completely stopped.followed a few threads to see the best way to take the motor out...
  16. M

    W208 - blower no longer working

    Hi all, I've got a problem with the blowers on my 2000 CLK. They are no longer blowing out any air (other than when moving which is just natural airflow). The air the is coming through when on the move is still as set on the temperature dials. The blowers have been a bit intermittent over...
  17. J

    1997 C280 (W202) Heater Blower Motor needs replaced

    Hello there I recently posted a query looking for advice on why water was pouring in from under the passenger dash after heavy rain. bigasotonuk & television responded with excellent advice, and television actually provided me with guides on how to unblock the drains behind the heater...
  18. M

    V class heater blower replacement

    I have a P reg V class 230. The blower motor has packed up and Im hoping someone can tell me how to remove the dash and replace the motor please. Little Ella my 3 yr old complained about the cold all the way home last night so I have to do something...Is there a Haynes manual or something...
  19. M heat

    My heater/ac blower has packed up ..checked fuses under the seat and all ok...Has anyone had a similar problem and is it complicated to replace..?
  20. H

    S-500, AC/Heat not working!

    I have a 95' S-500. The AC/Heat does not work. It does not even blow any air. Can anybody help please? Thank you.

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