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    Hello I have a 2011 Mercedes C300 4matic and today when I started the car and drove for like 2 mins the ABS SRS LIGHT CAME ON on the dashboard It gives me the message BRAKE EBD, ABS and ESC INOPERATIVE Any idea on what’s going on?
  2. I

    W209 Parking Brake Adjustment and Pedal Return Issue

    I've browsed various forums and threads and haven't been able to solve this. First of all is the adjustment. At the last MOT I believe the parking brake was flagged as having no effect and I presume the garage adjusted it. After that it felt like the brakes were binding a little, perhaps it was...
  3. A

    Brakes Sound W205 Coupe

    Hey all, I’m getting this brake sound at very very low speeds (coming to a standstill, parking maneouvres and switching from P to D and R). The pads and discs are fine. Any ideas on what it might be or is it normal sound from the pads still in contact with the discs while moving? Thanks!
  4. G

    Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L Braking problem. HELP!

    Hello Mercedes lovers, Mercedes-Benz C220 2.2L I need your help requiring breaking problem I have. So couple weeks ago my Car went out of brakes. I took my car to Local mechanic which have specialised in Mercedes-benz cars. They Changed Cylinder of break fluid , the pipe at the rear wheel...
  5. O

    Video showing ATE Brake booster seal replacement inside the car

    Hello everyone, wanted to show this video where I replace the leaking plunger seal at the Brake booster without removing the booster from the car. This was done on a Volvo car which uses the same ATE Booster as Mercedes models from around 2000-2012. It can be done with the seal from URO (see...
  6. G

    Brake lights stay on when wet or cold??

    Sometimes my car brake lights stay on and won't go off. I've noticed this only happens when it's wet or cold. For example over summer it happened when I'd just washed my car, then was fine later that day. Now we're in November and it's wet and cold, I noticed when I got to work they were stuck...
  7. jeremy156

    Installing 3rd brake light on w124

    I'd like to add a third (aka high level) brake light to my 124 saloon. I know US spec cars had this from factory, but I believe not so on the European models. My question is whether the wiring is in place or whether I need to tap into the brake lamp circuit on one side or the other? I believe...
  8. C

    W204 intermittent clunk/click noise when stopping

    Hi all, I've searched the forum but couldn't quite find a similar enough post. W204 C250 CGI, 2012 35k mileage - sometimes when the car comes to a stop a click/clunk noise can be heard which sounds like it's coming from the front drivers side wheel arch section. I could be wrong but it feels...
  9. G

    Brake light wont go off. Switch replaced

    I posted about this previously. My brake light will sometimes stay on without the pedal being pressed. I've replaced the switch and the problem still persists. It's so odd. Sometimes it's fine, but then sometimes I'll turn on the engine and the brake light will be on. It will either go off when...
  10. G

    Brake lights won't turn off?

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe, and the brake lights won't turn off. I had this problem about 2 months ago, but it was fixed by replacing the brake switch. Now, the brake lights have been temporarily staying on again. By temporarily I mean they'll be fine, then I'll turn on my car and...
  11. J

    Handbrake issue please help

    Hi, i have a clk 2001 230 komressor, auto. I had a flat tyre, changed with the spare, the car now does not move and the handbrake light keeps coming on (It was moving fine with the flat tyre). I then changed it back to the flat tyre but it still does not move / handbrake light is on. I assume a...
  12. A

    Mercedes W203 C220 CDI - Vacuum/Servo pipe- Limp mode

    Hi Guys, I'm having issues with my car Mercedes Benz w203 C22O CDI. It loses power as soon as the gear shifts up to 3rd,It feels like the turbo doesn't kick anymore and sometimes i have issues with the brakes as well. When I opened the bonnet there were two lose pipes. I successfully put black...
  13. A

    W210 abs bas esp warning lights

    Hi folks - I know this topic is a perennial bug... please bear with me. 2002 E2320CDI estate (if it matters) started a few months ago bringing on the abs, bas and esp warning along with the bulb fail warning. Fixed by bending the fuse tabs to make better contact. Hurrah. Then it comes back...
  14. G

    Brake lights won’t turn off

    Someone driving behind me today told me my brake lights weren’t turning off. When I turn on the ignition they’re on, and they stay on whilst I’m driving even when I’m not touching the brake pedal. I took it to a mechanic and he replaced the switch which didn’t fix the problem. After playing...
  15. Grotbag

    Brake Squeal 2015 C220 Estate

    I have a 2 year old C220 Estate. Whenever I press the brake they squeal. You cannot hear it with the windows up but it it very high pitch with the windows down. I have complained to MB and they took it in. They tell me it is a known problem but cannot fix it. When they have a fix they will...
  16. T

    C200 Brake pedal Juddering while braking (Fathers Car)

    If anyone is able to help that will be fantastic. My father recently had is wheel bearings replaced and a few days later he is now having issues with the brake pedal badly juddering while braking. And when harsh braking the back end kicks out quite badly. There have been suggestions it could...
  17. C

    Front brake discs warped W212 E220

    Well, my first experience of the wonderment that is MB Customer Services. As some of you know I had to have a full brake disc & pad change in the last week of July, 5 months and 5000 miles after taking the car over. MB were unable to book me in and this was 2 days before our French road...
  18. Z

    One's Brake Discs Are Not Shiny!

    How does one polish one's brake discs to a mirror shine? :D LOL Seriously though - I'm sort of used to see brake discs with pretty much uniformed silver shiny working surface. However, my recently (as in 1,650 miles ago) fitted MTEC Drilled and Grooved discs are not, particularly at...
  19. P

    Excessive brake dust

    I'm on holiday with the Mrs at the moment down in the sunny south of France, about 1500 miles driven so far. What this lengthy drive has revealed is that the front left hand alloy has significantly more brake dust on it than the front right - which looks about normal. There is no steering pull...
  20. T

    SL High level boot brake light

    Hi, Has anyone got the instructions on how to remove the brake light on the boot. I've got about 5 LEDs out that I want to try and repair. The seal around it has disintegrated so prob caused by water ingress! Thanks in advance

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