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  1. M

    Gearbox advice

    Hi All, The gearbox has finally given up on my automatic 07 C220 CDI sports edition 5 door estate. I believe it is a 7.226 gearbox. Does anyone know of anyone reputable who supplies quality replacements? I would prefer to go through someone recommended rather than take a chance with ebay. Any...
  2. R

    Issue with W204 2008 C220 CDI Glow Plugs.....Help!

    Hi folks, I have a 2008 C220 CDI, last month a glow plug light came on during a cold start(stayed on for approx. 1 minute after driving away) and I changed all 4 glow plugs(to Lucas), however since then during a cold start, the light is staying on for the same amount of time. I put a diagnostic...
  3. A


    Just need a quick thing answering I’ve recently purchased a c220 amg front end damaged its a w204 facelift and am wondering if i could put a w204 facelift saloon front end on it and if it would fit thanks
  4. M

    Mb c220 cdi hard start and poor running

    Hello, i am new to this club and i am looking for some expert advice. Problem: had had of black smoke coming out even when easy on the throttle. At first thought it'd be an easy fix with some gasket changes and inlet pipe or smth. Worse things happened and turned out to be a warped head, well...
  5. R

    W203 c220 cdi screech HELP!!!

    Hi i have a w203 c220 cdi. When first started theres a horrible screech when revved stationary or moving hot or cold but it does go after a few min but if you slow right down or stand still for a bit it comes back. Firstly thought it was turbo so i have had that refurbed but still no joy. Any...
  6. Z

    Advice on buying an estate Merc

    Hello I have been looking at a c220 Cdi 2007 with 80k miles, automatic Price £5.5k Looks very tidy and well looked after. (Is the price about right?) Haven't had mercs in the past onle BMW but they where always newish. Anything I should be aware off? Does Black Death apply to...
  7. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C220 CDI Remapping

    Hey guys, A little write up on a Mercedes C220 CDI! This was Yianni from Yiannimizes top man Bert who had a rubbish tuning box on his which kept throwing the little beast into limp mode due to rail pressure limiters being exceeded! Was running 170bhp stock! (Less in limp mode) now running...
  8. J

    Just bought a 2006 C220 CDI Estate - need some advice :)

    Hey! I hope everyone is well. I just bought myself a 2006 C220 CDI Estate and have a few questions about it as I have no hand book with it. It's automatic and is the Avantgarde model. I've searched Google a bit today but cannot find any reference to what I want. Ok so it is to do...
  9. B

    C-Class Coupe Newbie

    Evening everyone, just thought I'll post a quick message introducing myself :D I've had my C-Class coupe(62plate) now for around 10 months and absolutely love it. Main reason I've signed up is to try and find some cool little add ons and really the inns and out of the car.. Looking forward...
  10. C

    Audio 10 BE 6019 replacement

    Year: 2001 Model: C220 CDI Type: W203 Hey guys. I have a Type: Audio 10 Model: BE 6019 MB Part#: A 203 820 16 86 [07] Today whilst cleaning the car.. i got carried away and pulled out the centre console because i wanted to see if i could add an aux in for a 3.5 mm jack. Before...
  11. S

    Newbie thinking about a W203...

    So it is time to replace my current car. And after comparing A4, 3-series and W203 it seems the MB W203 is the best value for money. There seems to be loads on Autotrader, and prefer a facelift model, although I can't argue with the prices of the pre-facelift models. Here is my question...
  12. rolfy

    Leak on PAS

    Morning all For the last month or two I've had to top up my PAS fluid every so often (the steering gets noisy as the fluid runs low). There's a stain on the drive that roughly corresponds with the driver's side, level with and about 6 inches inboard from the front wheel. Any ideas as to...
  13. E

    C220 CDI Coupe Electrical Problem

    Hi Guys. I just bought a 03 Plate C220 CDI Coupe yesterday as I have always wanted one. It worked fine last night but when I started it this morning the Speedo, Rev Counter, fuel gauge, Window Wipers and Indicators wont come on. The engine starts fine and it drives ok except I don't know how...
  14. U

    Advice on purchasing a C220 CDI Sport

    I am looking to purchase a 2008 Mercedes C220 CDI Sport - it has 96k miles. Just looking for someone who is clued up with Mercedes and if they would let 96k Miles on this car put me off? cheers Joe
  15. G

    Radiator fan 203 500 0193, 203 500 0293, DIFFERENCE?

    Hey Guys Wonder if you could help me I need a new radiator fan and the model number I need is Radiator fan 203 500 0193, but I found 203 500 0293,. Will this work they look the same... Let me know guys Any help would be great
  16. L

    W203 Wing mirror complete removal/refit

    Hi this is my first post on here and hope someone can help me. I have a 2003 C220 CDi W203 pre facelift model. Last week some $@&# :mad: hit my near side wing mirror off and smashed the casing and mirror. i managed to pick up a complete replacement on ebay :D. I've managed to get the damaged...
  17. J

    mercedes W204 c220 cdi sport rusty wheel bolts

    why cant mercedes coat there wheel bolts with something that lasts longer then 2 years?? I've just had my wheel bolts off my 2007 mercedes c220 sport Zinc plated, i'm sick of the rusty bolt look that you find with many newish mercedes on the roads. If your interested in replacing yours...
  18. C

    Want to buy a C220 CDI Coupe Need Advice

    Hi, i'm 24 now and looking to upgrade from my small Polo to a Merc. My dads always had mercs as has my grandad and i'm overly attracted to the c class coupe evo panorama auto. The reason i want a diesel is i've got a new job which will see me doing a 60 mile round trip every day (90%...
  19. R

    Ex-pat with C220 CDI issues

    Hello, I’m a long term reader, first time poster which I appreciate makes me look slightly selfish when I ask for your help, the truth is I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to cars, mechanics or any sort of technical issues. If I had some worthy to share with you nice people I would be...
  20. C

    C220 CDI W203 External bonnet release catch snapped

    Hi Guys. I have a C220 CDI Auto 2001 (W203). The other day i was going to service the car before a trip to Scotland, i released the bonnet from inside the foot well, i then went outside to pull on the catch and it snapped. Does anyone know what the part number for this is? Also does...

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