1. Altamar

    When is a free MOT not a free MOT?

    I don't know if anyone else has come across this but when I had the car serviced last July the dealer said my next MOT would be free (i.e. included) but when I tried to book it in today that offer has now become "you'll have to pay for the MOT sir, but we will then allow the MOT cost against...
  2. D

    CLK320 MOT Failure Question

    Hi Everyone! My CLK320 on a 53 plate has just failed the MOT on a few things. That's as to be expected for a car of this age, but the garage who tested it quoted me £850 to get it through the MOT. Would anyone mind giving their opinion on what it costs to fix the following failure points as I...
  3. Smaltze

    MOT day

    Righto, just had my first mot on my w210. Various thing to report, unfortunately its failed.... BUT only on some pesky lamps and indicator problems. My straight pipe exhaust (described on the advisories as 'heavily modified':lol: ) has passed. The upper cat and one of the two lower cats...
  4. A

    w124 coupe fuel line leak

    i'm trying to get my w124 coupe mot'd but one of the fuel lines has completely rusted through and is leaking at the rear of the car before the arch. nowhere seems to sell fuel lines specific for the car, only flex hose or metal that has to be cut to size, can anyone advise me on what my options...
  5. D

    W123 300 emmissions tips

    Hi there, MOT time here in the UK and I was wondering what tips you all have to get smoke levels down. After fixing all the issues from the first MOT it missed the retest cut off and 140 miles later failed its second full test on emmissions. It failed at 4.93 M -1 with 3.00 M -1, it's an...
  6. A

    Passed my MOT and saved myself £400

    Hi Just wanted to share I passed with flying colours and just to encourage people to do those small repairs themselves. This is a great site for information and without it I may not have even tried. Also how did we ever live before youtube! Now just have to find a garage for...
  7. JBell

    Had my MOT done, question for you all

    Last week my car had it's MOT, it passed as on the Thursday it had the following done: New front near side lower suspension arm (Lemforder part fitted from ECP £69 plus fitting) Front Xenon self leveller replaced (only OEM available for £141) Coil Pack 2 replaced (ECP £11) So that...
  8. S

    Hand Break Stuck on RED

    Just had MOT done on my w126 300se (passed - no problems) but they probably pulled hand break really hard and now I can not unlock it! I am trying all the ways and light (BREAK) is on all the time, I can feel when I release it that breaks are no longer applied on wheels but light is on all the...
  9. A

    W124 E220 estate - MOT fail - emissions

    My 1994 W124 E220 auto has just failed it's MOT on a few points, front bulbs wrong colour, rear brake pad below min thickness (1.5mm) and emissions, which is the one that is biggest worry: Fast Idle test CO 0.96% HC 217ppm Lamda 1.20 2nd Fast Idle test CO 0.89% HC 224ppm Lamda 1.21...
  10. scotsboi

    National Service Network (NSN) - would you?

    I'm a member of the Civil Service Motoring Associate (CSMA) and they partner with the NSN. As a member I get a discount on both service and M.O.T - which is pretty competitive. My CLK is due an M.O.T soon and I wouldn't mind combining that with a full service for about £230. To be honest, and...
  11. S

    R107 Blue smoke on acceleration - MoT fail?

    3 litre 1988 model 109,000 miles just failed it's MoT due to blue smoke on acceleration. Is there an interim solution to get me through the MoT, like Forte engine oil additive? I understand that my valve stems may need replacing, and the valve guides. However I'd prefer to do the job in a...
  12. television

    MOT Statistics For All Cars

    VOSA has been forced to release the details of MOT failures. This could be useful as a check list before you go for an MOT. The Mercedes Benz pages are 525 to 694 in this link, ( Please allow it to load 6.8mb )...
  13. robertjrt

    Mercedes-Benz and my MOT

    As many of you will have read about my ongoing dispute with Mercedes-Benz, three and a half years and counting, my appointment last December for an MOT was declined by MB Chelsea, I was expected to take my car elsewhere, which, of course, would mean my car would no longer be the responsibility...

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