1. O

    S211.222; Automatic tailgate not opening

    The automatic tailgate does not open. It starts to open, but then stops just after a few centimetres, as if the motor is not strong enough to open it completely. Any suggestions what might be the problem? Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LKcnq327TCk5enu2GOQ_RCr1E5qBJqeU
  2. O

    Heater booster fault code; S211.222

    Have a S211.222, E320 CDI, 2006. There is a fault code on the Heater booster: It is not active, but it reappears after reset. Could it be connected to that the battery went low and I haven't recharged it properly after that?
  3. G

    Front passenger head rest wiring termination? - 2005 E Class Elegance S211 Estate

    Hi, I wish to regularly remove the front passenger head rest so that I can lay the interior as flat as possible for long loads. (Windsurf boards to be exact) The head rest stops the seat from going flat, it just over laps the the top of the back seat when folded down. I have removed the...
  4. E

    Does this E320 (2004 S211) have air suspension that can fail a-la-Airmatic?

    Hello, I have read here and there that S211 have rear suspension leveling, even if they don't have the airmatic option. Is that true? And if yes, does it fail like the Airmatic suspension? Is it as expensive to fix? If that is the case, it means that it is really not interesting to buy...
  5. H

    S211 E320 2007 Facelift - gearbox conundrum....

    Ok Fellas, My beloved E320 is behaving strangely. Occasionally (twice in the last three weeks and once at Christmas) I'm losing kickdown mid journey. Car will only then accelerate very slowly and not much past 50mph. Switch off and switch on and bingo - normal service resumed. She's...
  6. M

    Loading skis in an Estate

    Hello, first time on forum having just brought a 2006 E280 Estate (S211) I am looking at loading skis in and despite the cavernous boot I need more room. I did see a thread on "Option 287 through loading feature" ie being able to put skis (or any long object) through the rear arm rest...
  7. L

    Auto transmission sometimes not changing gear.

    For the last couple weeks my car hasnt been shifting gear property. the following happens intermittently. 1. Drive car. Gears shift normally. 2. last week whilst driving, the gear some times stays in gear and wont auto shift up or down. 3 On one occasion whilst at lights the car wouldnt...
  8. grahamperrin

    estate buying advice (W123, W124, W210, W211), auto diesel preferred

    https://www.diigo.com/list/grahamperrin/list-2014050319222211 there's a list of cars that I have in mind. Mostly Mercedes-Benz. The list will change over time. Overall preferences at the head of the list, to the left. General comments at the foot. My budget for initial purchase is...
  9. E

    Mercedes E220 W211 Brake Warning

    Hi everyone, I am new member to this forum. 2 Weeks ago I purchased my first ever mercedes, an 2003 (53 Plate) E220 211 estate. It has 124k on the clock. I have noticed that when I put the car into reverse, a warning message appears on the dashboard. This only happens when I put it into...
  10. S

    W211 / S211 E220CDI Prop Shaft - HELP!

    I have just bought an early 2008 E220CDI estate to replace my rusting 2001 version. The new one has a terrible vibration which I think comes from the propshaft as I had a similar issue with the old one some years back. I cannot find out what propshafts will fit. Mine is a 5 speed auto tip...
  11. B

    S211 rear suspension stuck at full height

    I have a late 2006 E Class 280cdi elegance estate with 125,000 miles. The back end is stuck at its fullest height after it had passed over a series of speed bumps whilst lightly laden. No amount of coaxing will return it to normal height. It is jacked up at a comic angle and the tyres leave...
  12. T

    W211 lower control arm (caster arm) DIY?

    I had my front balljoints and n/s/f lower control arm replaced by an indie a few weeks ago. Parking up in the garage last night, child#1 says "Daddy, your car's leaking oil". A brief inspection confirms that the o/s/f lower control arm fluid-filled bush has just let go and shed its fluid over...
  13. T

    W211 loose driver's seat

    My driver's seat always seems to have a bit of fore-aft play in it, no matter where it's positioned — as if the "teeth" on the rail have too much gap between them. The movement is only around ¼" (6mm for the youngsters). As the seat movement has some friction in it, this doesn't cause an...
  14. T

    Removing stuck brake discs - tip (W211)

    I've just replaced the front discs on my S211 with Pagid ones from ECP (great price & service btw, thanks!). One of the discs came off with no problem, but the other was firmly stuck to the hub. Most of the internet seemed to be advocating the use of successively larger hammers to remove it...
  15. S

    My New E Class S211

    Hi All, As some of you may know I am a regular on this forum. Sadly I will be giving up my w202 (c class) via ebay/autotrader this week. (If anyone is interested PM. The car is a 250TD esprit 235000 on the clock) Following advice on the forum I have purchased a S211. 320 cdi avangarde...

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