1. S

    ServiceCare Issue

    Hi, just wondered if anyone else has experienced this ServiceCare issue. Received email from Mercedes highlighting my next service is already covered (see screenshot attached). Thought great I still have a service available on my plan. So made the booking online with my local dealer, who have...
  2. M

    [Wanted] W115 Service Book

    Hi all, hope you are well. Does anyone have or know of anywhere I can get a service book and book pack for a 1972 W115 200? Thanks Nik
  3. J

    What oil W202 99' 70k Miles

    As title says, which oil should I use for my w202, 1999, c180 70k Miles.... Thanks in advance!
  4. P

    A35 three years free servicing anyone had any problems

    Anyone bought 2019 Amg a35, have you got three years free servicing ?
  5. anyweb

    digital service record, what is it exactly ?

    hi i got my E400 serviced yesterday at an indie (of course !) and he said that in addition to doing the A2 service that he filled in the service data on the web, i assume that's the digital service record as he printed off his service plus the 2 previous services carried out on my car. So, he's...
  6. C

    New Owner - Best Garage North West/ North Wales

    Hi all, Well I finally treated myself to a Mercedes in the form of a C Class! Now wondering if there's any recommendations for independent Mercedes garages to get it serviced at in the North West/ North Wales? Its done 58k miles and is 8 years old but has never had the auto gearbox oil done...
  7. E

    Service B5 Overdue by 20 days

    Hello, I’m new to car forums. But I thought this would be worth a try before I take a trip to the local Mercedes garage. I recently bought my A250 2015 22.000+ miles on the clock. I had the B5 service done but it seems they never reset it, so wondered if anyone knew a way I’d be able to turn...
  8. M113K

    North Wales Indie Recommendation ?

    Hi, New to Mercedes so am unfamiliar with which garage is considered a ‘Go To’ one that isn’t going to charge the earth while still knowing what they are doing etc... Now I’m in North Wales on the far end of Anglesey. So about as far as you can get. Even the Llandudno Official Mercedes...
  9. Ted Schrecker

    Best M-B service in Tyneside

    Hello all, New to Mercedes-Benz ownership (2003 SL500) and wondering what took me so long, I am now looking for the best dealer and independent service options in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, although I'm willing to go farther afield for the best work. I have seen a number of postiive...
  10. Ted Schrecker

    New to Mercs - service in Newcastle area?

    Hello all, I am new to Mercedes-Benz ownership (2003 SL500) and wondering why I waited so long. I'd appreciate recommendations for service in Newcastle area. I have seen a number of posts recommending Staithes Garage, but they all seem a few years old. Does anyone have more recent...
  11. Grotbag

    CLK - Service A

    Hopefully a simple question... My 2005 CLK will require a Service A in 4 weeks time according to the dashboard. I have it booked for an MOT in 7 weeks time. What happens if I ignore the service warning and wait for the MOT?
  12. M

    Mercedes Specialists In Swindon

    Hi I am new member. I got 2013 Mercedes E350 Blue Tec. I use to get my car serviced from main dealer but now thinking to get it done through Mercedes Specialist. Searched on google found someone in Reading, Newbury and Cheltenham but no one is Swindon. There are lots of garages but no one is...
  13. G

    Sprintshift Gearbox Service

    Hello All, We just bought a campervan based on 316CDI MWB Chassis and the infamous Sprintshift Semi-Automatic Gearbox. The van has 27K miles on the clock.Everything seems to be OK (touch wood ). Going thru the service history - Mercedes recommends that the 716.6 Sprintshift needs an oil...
  14. S

    Next Service: Digital Service Report vs Assyst

    Hi, I’ve just bought my first MB - 2013 C-Class Coupe 250 AMG Sport Blue-Efficiency AUTO, 31500 miles. The last Digital Service Report (at 17256 miles) says the next service is due at 32250 miles but the Assyst Service indicator says the next service (A7) is due in 7100 miles so, 38600. Which...
  15. MBWill

    B3 service due?

    Hello, I'm brand new having just joined, I currently have a 2014 C220 SE Executive Benz, which is due a B3 service, from what I can see looking around the price of this service varies from £250-£450 which seems enormous considering, as my understanding is, a "B" service is a minor service...
  16. R

    Mercedes-Benz Nightmare

    I bought this MERCEDES-BENZ GLA 220 4Matic AMG in May 2015 - eventually. The original car that I wanted to purchase was sold to two different people by the same franchise - Hamilton in Scotland. After having the car for one month, the automatic stop/start failed while I was waiting to turn...
  17. F

    [Wanted] Service instruction hand book

    For my 2002 Ambiente V220 CDI automatic 01271 858354 we are North Devon EX37 9ED
  18. W

    Servicing a 2500 mile a year C220cdi (OM611)

    Hello, I'm new. I'm after some advice from people with more MB experience. I have owned a 2007 c203 for about 15 months, no big issues in that time (new battery, new tyre) Last service (DIY) was oil change (MB229.51), fit new genuine MB oil, air, fuel and cabin filters, plus inspect...
  19. Smaltze

    Fabrication Startup, we want to make things for you!

    Hi all, We (myself and a friend) are looking to begin a fabrication business. We are allways making things for ourselves, and are looking to start selling the service! We have to our disposal an extremely well equipt workshop, ready to make whatever anyone desires. Machinery includes, CNC...
  20. M

    CL600 Service

    As ever I return here for some impartial guidance, as opposed to the confusion that reigns and the far from impartial garages who seem to want my money! My CL600 is showing "Service B" required in 500 miles. I've called Mercedes, who tell me the service will be £408, and I've also called an...

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