1. R

    Stereo speakers not working

    Hi all... After cleaning my car before test, the SRS warning light came on (squib I think) , but more puzzling,the speakers made a loud buzzing feedback noise, then stopped working all together.... The stereo head and cd changer in the glove box still work, but zero sound from any speakers...any...
  2. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    I bought one of these from eBay as suggested (Genuine Mercedes A001827004 Media Interface) Unfortunately, it didn't connect to my iPod lead in the glove box (which was factory fitted). It was completely the wrong plug. So, I then bought one of the these ....3.5mm AUX Audio Jack Cable to 30 Pin...
  3. I

    Viano 2010 monitor

    Hello, I need a monitor from China for Mercedes Viano 2010, what monitor do you think is the best monitor? Please help
  4. D

    A class 2019 stereo

    Can anyone tell me which stereo will come with the new A class amg executive a180d, and will it have a subwoofer in the boot, If not how would I go about adding one ,,,ie where If I have one is the amp... Thx in advance
  5. V

    R230 Mercedes SL - new stereo system needed ..

    Am purchasing a 2003 SL350. It has a stereo/basic GPS, Bluetooth for telephone only .. I need a system that has Bluetooth for telephone & music, DAB, SAT NAV (live) ... not bothered about video ... (NO Bose speakers) .... Can anyone advise on what/where/when/how please? many thanks in advance! :)
  6. N

    S Class 2007 Entertainment System

    Hi all, Wanted to ask if anyone knew of a place in the UK that did entertainment systems for the S Class W221 2007 model. I saw a link online however they are based in America. Link provided below. I am looking for something which can connect my phone via Bluetooth to play music and...
  7. Sarah Garratt

    Audio 20 Stereo

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and slightly thick when it comes to techinal aspects of cars. I have an audio 20 in my CLK 2007 model mercedes and wondered, 1. If i wanted to add a CD changer, is it expensive? and how do i go about doing it? i have a cd holder. Is there wiring already in the...
  8. H

    AUX vs new stereo

    Hello crew, Just got my first Merc recently - which is an old clunker (2001 C180), although in quite a fantastic shape for the age. But, as you would expect, the stereo there, despite being a cool kid 5 CD changer monstrosity doesn't have any native MP3 capabilities. Let alone USB or AUX...
  9. L

    C Class 220 CDI 59 plate DAB question.

    Hello Everybody. I am now the proud owner of my first MB and i love it!! one question. Can i get DAB on my stereo. I am sure i tapped into Rock FM and 5 Live but cant seem to navigate my way to it. was it a dream? Cheers MB fellow owners.
  10. M

    Stereo problem a190

    hi I bought a a190 the other day, everything is great. Although I thought I'd try my old stereo from my ML in the a class. As it was not working before but been in loft for a year. So I thought I'd take a look The a class has an after market Sony CD player, which was working fine. But it...
  11. I

    Stereo code for MF2910

    Hi everyone. I am at the end if my tether trying to find a code for my stereo. Tried a few websites and none recognise my ser no? . If someone could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Model MF2910 Serial no AL 2910 3 08 66245 Thankyou
  12. R

    Fitting a tevion cd stereo - help please

    the merc cd stereo has died and to replace it have got hold of a tevion cd player, stereo etc, but apparently so that the controls on the steering wheel work i need to get a link wire kit to change the tevion stereo wiring to fit the merc wiring, however I dont know what i am trying to find...
  13. 2

    Stereo cd error

    My 2004 c180 kompressor is reading cd error. Now I don'twant to disconnect the battery yet and lose radio completely as I don't have a radio code for it. Just wondered do these stereos come as a standard plug and play or do they need a code for them?
  14. M

    Mercedes CLK200K - year 2001 - W208 - Stereo & Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have just managed to upgrade my stereo for my CLK, which involved a lot of research before all completed. However if you know what you are doing it is maybe just 10-15min work, which I could do now as well. Fitted a Pioneer UB-1500. Anyway steps involved: 1. Remove old unit, using...
  15. A

    Stereo choice for W124

    Hello all. I recently bought a lovely 1994 E320 Coupe which i am very, very happy with. I've wanted one ever since I sat in my Mum's when I was, sadly, much younger. One small problem I have is that that stereo is broken, both a faulty head unit and a non-ejecting cd cassette in the boot...
  16. B

    W210 Stereo - Daft Question

    Hello forum, I'm about to demonstrate my ignorance when it comes to ICE. I have a 1997 W210 E320. It has a Blaupunkt Paris radio/cassette in there. I'd like to replace it with something more modern & in particular, something with iPod connectivity. Can I buy ANY head unit & slot it...
  17. S

    C180 W203 Stereo

    Hi all - really sorry if this post is in the wrong place :( My dad recently bought a C180 W203 2001 (Y) Saloon (2.0L) and it came with a sony explode CD Player and a tray underneath. The stereo has been linked to the cigarette lighter for the ignition (even though who ever had put it in had...
  18. T

    Mystery connectors beneath my Stereo..?

    Hi folks! I've discovered two mystery connectors underneath the Stereo in my old 300TE 24. Here's some pictures :-
  19. R

    Vito Van Speaker change

    Hi All, Can anyone help me I have bought some new speakers for my vito mk2, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the old ones Thanks

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